Monday, October 14, 2013

Hart of Dixie: Friends in Low Places

Blogging is the only way I get through this show these days. Leggo.

P.S. Zade better get back together yesterday.

  • Joel is weird. Go away. 
  • I still can't believe he's met her mother. And they say the l word to each other. Barf. 
  • Dude you can write anywhere. Stop being a whiney douche and go away. 
  • Seriously Meatball and Lemon are more appealing to me than Zoe and Joel.
  • Turning to the section of Bluebell I could care less about, it appears George and Lavon's cuz did it. 
  • LemonADE. hahhahahha
  • Lemon is so classy. She won't kiss at her place of business. Good for you, Lems. 
  • I can't wait to see this LemonADE fight. I bet its gonna be hilar. 
  • I've decided that everytime Zoe and Wade kiss someone else, a fairy loses its wings. 
  • Meatball is about to be heartbroken. #teamLemonmeat ? #lemonball? I dunno.
  • Tom, you aren't allowed to like this guy. 
  • I still can only tolerate Lavon when Annabeth is around. 
  • Okay, Lavon, you're actually relevant today. Convince her to be back with Wade and I will actually watch your scenes. Maybe. 
  • Hey Lavon's cuz, being a one night stand means you're supposed to sneak out while he's sleeping, not chill on his houseboat all day. Now you've made things uncomfortable for everyone.
  • Hooking up with people in a small town must be exactly like hooking up with people at a small liberal arts college. Awkward when you see them everywhere. 
  • Yes, Wade is rugged. Wonderfully so. 
  • Oh, Brick is not happy about LemonADE. Dude, Wade, relax, I think you could take him. Doesn't he have a weak heart or something? 
  • Also, should Brick really be giving out love advice when he's dating someone who I believe is about 10 years older than his youngest? 
  • "Why write inside when you can write in nature?" -Trailswoman Zoe. 
  • I'm sorry but these two have no chemistry. I know I'm totally partial to Wade, but seriously Joel and Zoe suck. 
  • WHO IS THIS????? Now, chivalrous son of a business woman is someone I could get on board with. 
  • Helloooo Carter!!!
  • Apparently Zoe knows this hott guy. Because all of the hott people of the South know each other. 
  • Joel is such a weiny. 
  • Sister says Carter is an acceptable guest character. I concur wholeheartedly. 
  • Personal anecdote- I got bitten by fire ants at a soccer tournament once when I was like 14. And I cried less than Joel. 
  • I don't see why Lemon and Zoe are sworn enemies. They really need to hang out. 
  • Ah, Zoe has cracked the LemonADE code. 
  • This dinner party is about to be GREAT! 
  • This might be the most awkward guest list ever. 
  • What are the odds that this dinner party is just a ruse to get Zade back together? Le sigh, if only. 
  • Wait why is Brick here?
  • I seriously can't handle Joel. This actor better not find himself around any hardcore Zade fans. He'd die. 
  • ONE STAR! suck on that Joel. 
  • Awwwwww, wounded Wade. America is crying for you, buddy. 
  • Joel is just one walking accident. 
  • Keep telling her that, Joel. She loves Wade. You'll be second place forever. In her heart, and in America's. 
  • Once again, Joel and Wade have zero chemistry. And I'm pretty sure he's gay. 
  • Bye Bye Carter. Lemonball forever. 
  • I am totes team LemonADE friendship. But that's it. 
  • I get butterflies everytime Zoe shows up at Wade's house and says hey.
  • Here's an idea: coexist in bed? Yes? Great. 
  • I need a pandora playlist of songs they play during Wade scenes. It makes my heart melt. 
  • "Two people named after foods were secretly doing it." - I credit the writers with that hysterical line, not Joel's stupid ass. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mel's Fall TV Preview

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's almost fall shows premiere time!! Yayy! Since everyone is giving their TV preview, I thought I'd give mine. However, it will only have the shows I watch, not every show that is premiering. Let's do a night by night breakdown, shall we. Minor spoilers for current tv shows (one's that I watch anyways).

Once Upon a Time, Returns 9/29, 8pm on ABC.

  • Kudos to my buddy, Kate for getting me into (and obsessed) with this show. I used to not have anything to watch on Sundays (until Downton returns in Janurary), but now I have lovely Once to enjoy. I've always been a Disneyophile, and love this show for all of the twists on the fairytales. My favorite storylines are the ones involving the Charming family (Snow White, Prince (David) Charming, Emma, and Henry- seriously this kid is the cutest), but I also enjoy all of the other characters as well. This season begins with Emma, Snow, Charming, Mr. Gold (Rumple), Regina (Evil Queen), and Hook journeying to Neverland to save Henry. Can't wait!

How I Met Your Mother, Returns 9/23, 8pm on CBS.
  • I have been lucky enough to have watched HIMYM from the beginning. Seriously, I remember when my dad and I watched the pilot and Ted said "Aunt Robin" and my 14 year old self was confused and annoyed because I already loved Tobin. (Still, do. Still holding out hope, here people. I may be a dreamer, but I'm not the only one). It will be bittersweet when it ends this year. Apparently the entire season takes place over Barney and Robin's wedding weekend, with standard HIMYM flashbacks and forwards, of course. Can't wait!

Hart of Dixie, Returns 10/7, 8pm on The CW.
  • Ah, Dixie, I go back and forth with you. Between the ridic storylines and Lavon, I sometimes can't handle you. However, lucky for you, Zoe's adorableness, Rose's cuteness, Annabeth's wonderfulness, and Wade's general Wadeness (especially shirtless Wadeness) keep reeling me back in. Plus Sister will watch, which means I will, too. This year begins with Zoe returning to Bluebell after a summer-long stay in NYC. Word on the street is that she comes back with a bf, but that just won't do. Get her back together with Wade ASAP, writers, please and thanks. I need to see more of this:
...And this:
Yes, this would be good. 

New Girl, Returns (THIS) Tuesday, 9/17 9pm on Fox. 
  • I heart NG and am so excited for this season. The wonderful will-they won't-they of Nick and Jess is finally a will-they, and I am pumped to watch the hijinks ensue. The season begins with them in Mexico on vaca from Loft 4D, and somehow Schmidt and Winston end up across the borders as well. Can't wait to laugh my ass off on Tuesday!

Modern Family, Returns 9/25, 9pm on ABC.

  • I just love this show so much. I can't pick a favorite character, although if I had to, I guess I'd pick Lily. That kid is hilarious. But seriously, can't wait to watch this lovely Fam when it returns!
The Big Bang Theory, Returns 9/26, 8pm on CBS.

  • Have loved this show since season 2. Can't wait for our favorite 7 nerds to return. Leonard's scheduled to return from the North Sea and word on the street is that he comes back and doesn't tell Sheldon. I'm guessing that will go over well; can't wait!

Grey's Anatomy, Returns 9/26, 9pm on ABC.

  • Another classic I have been watching for about 7 years. Last season's cliffhangers included April telling Jackson she wants him (who wouldn't), and the Chief lay motionless after presumably being electrocuted. Oopsie. This season we have the adorable Grey-Shepherd family with their new addition, Bailey. Precious. Also, Alex and Jo finally got together, and, in the most stupid storyline ever, Arizona cheated on Cali with Peyton Sawyer. Le sigh. Can't wait for season 10!

So that's it for right now. I am also going to try some new shows this year, so I'll keep y'all posted on that. Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mel's Muse on The Office

So recently I decided to venture into the land of The Office (US version) and I instantly fell in love with it. I started watching back in March and have seen almost every episode (still haven't finished all of seasons 8 & 9, but I've watched the highlights).

Those who know me know I am a sucker for a Will-They Won't-They, and Jim and Pam provided an excellent one for me to follow. I will be doing a complete blog post on them, mirroring my one on Ross and Rachel soon, but I thought I would wet your appetites with a little blurb tonight.

I give you: Mel's Thoughts On Jim & Pam While Watching Each Season of The Office (in 5 sentences or less).

**Warning: spoilers and excessive all caps to follow.

Season 1: This show is funny, and the receptionist and salesman flirtation is adorbs. WHAT THE FRACK WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE IS ENGAGED TO SOMEONE ELSE??? I instantly dislike Roy. Ah the Will-They Won't-They Tension is brewing. Wait the season's over already?

Season 2: Wow they are really beating the Will-They Won't-They thing over our heads, (and I'm okay with that). Freaking Booze Cruise, ruining lives. Aw, but Michael told him to never give up; precious. OMG CASINO NIGHT! He tells her he cries, he kisses her, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??

Season 3: JIM IS IN FRIGGIN STAMFORD. Le sigh, this is going to be a long season 3. They talked on the phone; he comes back; nothing is the same. Go away Karen. OH DEAR LORD HE ASKED HER OUT!


Season 5: She's in New York? HE PROPOSED YOU GUYS. Aw she came back because she missed him! Still adorable. OMG THEY'RE PROCREATING GUYS!

Season 6: Pregnant, adorable, and happy. All is well. Well that was pretty much the BEST WEDDING EPISODE EVER. I'm in love. Cecelia Marie Halpert- enough said.

Season 7: Okay Cece is adorbs. What a sweet, happy family they are. I don't care what anyone says this isn't boring it's wonderful. The Valentine's Day episode is hilarious. Sigh, I love them.

Season 8: Pregnant with a Boy! Still Adorable. Aw Jenna Fischer is on maternity leave for awhile. She's back and now he's off to Florida-boo. Look at that adorable family.

Season 9: Looks like they're still good. Wait, Jim, tell her; don't keep this a secret, Jim. TELL HER TELL HER TELL HER! See now you waited and she's upset, and now we have to deal with a whole season of her being upset and you being in Philly. WAIT HE'S BACK-the hug, the cute flirting, the video, the happiness, the resolution. I'm a happy fan, cya in Austin!

Go Jim and Pam!

OMG Moments We All Experienced From Television

So I recently got into New Girl. And naturally, by got into, I mean, became obsessed with. Seriously, Sister and I watched season 1 in 10 days and season 2 in 6 days. WATCH IT IT'S SO GOOD! The Season 2 finale ended with Nick and Jess getting together, resulting in me happily exclaiming at my tv: THEY UNCALLED IT!

So, in honor of this moment I decided to look back at other such moments, that caused me to exclaim in happiness at my television. (Spoilers from Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie and The Office) Let us begin:

1. SHE GOT OFF THE PLANE!- Friends, The Last One

  • Everyone better know what I'm referring to here. I'll never forget the excitement I felt when Rachel uttered those wonderful words at Ross in the last few minutes of the Friends finale. (Side note, I also won $2 in a bet with my Dad over this). We all knew she was going to get off the plane, but it did not stop America from rejoicing when she did (Seriously the finale monopolized conversation the entire next day in my 7th grade class). Bravo, Friends, once again. 
2. HE WAS TRYING TO PROTECT HER ALL ALONG!- Pretty Little Liars, UnmAsked
  • How many of us were jacked when Toby admitted he wasn't actually bad and joined the A team to protect Spencer? That's right, EVERYONE! Then they spend the whole rest of the episode making up in a hotel room. Le sigh, all is right with the world again. 

  • There is a God. After multiple years of gettting sh*t on by Julian Fellowes, Anna and Bates finally obtain happiness when he gets released from prison. The most adorable man in the world is free, people, we can go on being happy. 

4. LUKE AND LORELAI ARE BANTERING AGAIN!- Gilmore Girls, It's Just Like Riding A Bike
  • Don't even get me started on how pissed I was when Lorelai slept with/dated/married Christopher. Seriously, I am still in the bitter barn about it. But, words cannot describe how thrilled I was after she divorced Chris and started frequenting Luke's Diner again. It was awkward at first, but they pushed through it and began argue/bantering like only Luke and Lorelai can. We'd been waiting all season for this, and it was so worth it. 

5. SHE ASKED HIM TO BE HER BOYFRIEND!- Hart of Dixie, Blue Christmas
  • Love Zoe and Wade. Love, love, love. I frequently compare them to Luke and Lorelai (similar banter and cuteness- see other blog post for more details). So I was of course pumped when in the Christmas episode last year Zoe asked Wade to be her boyfriend and he accepted and we got this: (swoon). 

  • We all knew Jim and Pam were eventually going to get it right. But that didn't prevent me from cheesing hardcore when he finally asked her out. Her expression afterward pretty much says it all. 

Of course there are many more moments when I shouted happy things at my television. I'm only human after all. But I will leave you with these today, in the hopes that it will inspire you to watch all of these shows. Because you should. Because they rock.

Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Anatomy of a Will-They Won't-They: Ross and Rachel.

I have been wanting to look at my favorite Will-They Won't-Theys for awhile now, and Sister and I decided to watch When Harry Met Sally tonight, so I figured this was the perfect time to start.

In this series of posts, I will examine 4 different Will-They Won't-Theys on television. I plan on delving into various couples that I believe are benchmarks of the Will-They Won't-They criteria. I chose the couples based on the following criteria:

  • The couples had to be picked from tv shows that have ended
  • The couples had to be ones I was very familiar with, so I could be fully schooled in their journey over the whole series. 
  • The couples had to be Will-They Won't-Theys and not just be a couple that was together the whole series. 

I decided to begin with Ross and Rachel, Friends

The couple to base all Will-They Won't-Theys off of. I have loved Ross and Rachel ever since I began watching Friends, which was around age 9 or so (Yeah, my parents let me watch Friends at age 9. Thanks Mom and Dad!).

  • Pre-Relationship: 
    • Pre- Show. Ross has been in love with Rachel since the 9th grade but was always unable to confess his feelings for her. 
    • 1x01 "Pilot." Rachel stumbles into Central Perk after running out on her wedding right as Ross says he wants to be married again. Enter fate. Also, he confesses he had a crush on her in high school and she admits that she knew and he kind of mentions asking her out. 
    • 1x02 "The One With The Sonogram At The End." Ross and Rachel console each other over their respective failed relationships. 
    • 1x05 "The One With The East German Laundry Detergent." Ross helps Rachel do laundry and she kisses him; after which he promptly runs into a washing machine. 
    • 1x18 "The One With All The Poker." Ross lets Rachel win at poker because he knows she needs the money and it will make her happy. 
    • 1x22 "The One With The Ick Factor." Ross gets jealous when Rachel has dreams about Joey and Chandler. At the end of the episode she has one about Ross and he overhears and they almost kiss but Carol goes into labor.
    • 1x24 "The One Where Rachel Finds Out." Ross buys Rachel a thoughtful birthday present and Chandler lets slip that Ross is in love with her. Rachel realizes that she has feelings for Ross too and goes to meet him at the airport. 
    • 2x01 "The One With Ross' New Girlfriend." Ross comes home from China with a new girlfriend, Julie, and Rachel is upset and jealous. 
    • 2x02 "The One With The Breast Milk." Rachel gets jealous of Monica hanging out with Julie. 
    • 2x04 "The One With Phoebe's Husband." Rachel gives Ross bad relationship advice hoping it will break him and Julie up. 
    • 2x07 "The One Where Ross Finds Out." Rachel tries to date another guy and drunkenly leaves Ross a message saying she was over him. He realizes she has feelings for him. They kiss!
    • 2x08 "The One With The List." Ross tries to decide between Julie and Rachel and ultimately chooses Rachel because Julie "isn't Rachel." But Rachel finds the list and becomes angry with Ross and they don't date. Le sigh. 
    • 2x09 "The One With Phoebe's Dad." Ross lets Rachel make a list about him but then gets upset at what she says. 
    • 2x10 "The One With Russ." Rachel dates someone who looks and acts exactly like Ross (played by David Schwimmer). 
  • Finally Get Together: 2x14 "The One With The Prom Video."
    • Rachel realizes that Ross was going to take her to prom and how he has loved her since the 9th grade and kisses him. 

  • Broke Up: 3x16: The One With The Morning After. 
    • A terrible day for everyone in America. Ross and Rachel fight over Mark and her new job and she suggests they go on a break and he sleeps with some ho-bag copy girl. Boo. BREAKS ARE NEVER A GOOD IDEA GUYS! NEVER!
  • Got Back Together: 4x01 "The One With The Jellyfish." 
    • Realize they still have feelings for each other. Um, duh. 
  • Broke Up: 4x01 "The One With The Jellyfish."
    • Realize they still disagree about the break thing that broke them up. Also, drama ensued from Rachel's letter: 18 PAGES FRONT AND BACK! 
  • The Story Continues:
    • 3x19 "The One With The Tiny T-Shirt." Rachel goes on a date with Mark from her office, prompting Ross to ask for his things back. However, at the end of the episode he decides to let her keep her favorite shirt of his. 
    • 4x23 "The One With Ross' Wedding." Rachel flies to London to stop Ross' wedding, but after seeing him with Emily decides against it. 
    • 4x24 "The One With Ross' Wedding." Ross says Rachel's name at his wedding, but still gets married to Emily. Alright. 
    • 5x24 "The One In Vegas." They drunkenly get married. Drunk words are sober thoughts, guys. 
    • 6x02 "The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel." Phoebe is convinced (rightly) that Ross still has feelings for Rachel because he is reluctant to divorce her. 
    • 6x14 "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry." Rachel is jealous that Ross is dating her sister. Ross decides to not date Jill because he doesn't want to ruin a chance with Rachel ever again. Chandler cries and wonders "why those two just can't work it out." Echoing the thoughts of America, dude. 
    • 7x01 "The One With Monica's Thunder." They decide to have a "bonus night" but end up not doing it. 
    • 8x02 "The One With The Red Sweater." It is revealed that Rachel is having Ross' baby after they ended hooking up a few months back. 
    • 8x18 "The One In Massapequa." Ross and Rachel pretend to be married to appease his parents and spend the night telling stories about their elaborate fake wedding and Ross tells the story of how he really would've proposed if they had stayed together. They share a significant look at the end of the episode. (Side note- this is probably my favorite episode of Friends ever). 
    • 8x22 "The One Where Rachel Is Late." Ross and Rachel almost hook up to induce her labor. 
    • 8x24 "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby." Rachel has their daughter, Emma. 
    • 9x09 "The One With Rachel's Phone Number." Rachel and Phoebe go out and she gives a guy her phone number but later regrets it when she realizes she may want to be with Ross. The guy calls Rachel and Ross answers the phone and doesn't give her the message. 
    • 9x13 "The One Where Monica Sings." Ross gets jealous after Rachel kisses Gavin and they realize their situation isn't working and Rachel moves back in with Joey. 
    • 9x14 "The One With The Blind Dates." Phoebe and Joey realize that Ross and Rachel are meant to be and set them up on bad blind dates. 
    • 10x02 "The One Where Ross Is Fine." Ross acts like he is okay with Rachel and Joey dating but it is apparent he has some issues after he gets wasted on a double date with them and Charlie. 
    • 10x13 "The One Where Joey Speaks French." Ross comforts Rachel after her father has a heart attack in "Rachel Green's room!" She tries to sleep with him but he won't let her. She admits that the subject of the two of them will never be "off the table."
    • 10x14 "The One With Princess Consuela." Ross is jealous because Mark takes Rachel out to dinner to discuss a job offer, which prompts Chandler to say one of the best lines of the series: "Its 7 years ago! My time machine worked!" Ross is then shocked and upset after Rachel says she is moving to Paris.
    • 10x15 "The One Where Estelle Dies." Ross tries desperately to get Rachel her job back at Ralph Lauren because he doesn't want her to leave for Paris. He eventually convinces her to move to Paris because he realizes it will make her happy. 
    • 10x16 "The One With Rachel's Going Away Party." Ross gets upset because Rachel says goodbye to everyone but him. They fight and Rachel later tells him she didn't say goodbye because it would've been too hard and he meant more to her than anyone else. They kiss. 
    • 10x17/18 "The Last One." Ross and Rachel sleep together and he realizes he doesn't want her to leave. He goes to the airport and tells her he loves her and she leaves anyway. Later he finds a message from her on his answering machine where she says she loves him too. She gets off the plane. America rejoices. 

  • Status At End of Series: Together. Finally. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why My Sister Needs to Watch Downton

Dear Sister,

I am determined to make you watch Downton Abbey with me this summer. It's amazeballs, wonderful, and you'll love it. Here's why you (and anyone else) should give it a chance. (slight SPOILERS)

1. The Upstairs-Downstairs Dynamic

  • I love watching the staff interact with the Crawleys. Lady Mary and her maid Anna are practically besties, and Bates and Lord Grantham are pretty tight too. While these relationships are most likely extremely unrealistic, they make for damn good television. 

2. The Downstairs People

  • While it is so interesting to follow the exploits of the Upstairs Crawley family, I am more partial to the Downstairs servants. Don't get me wrong, I love me some aristocrats, but the Downton staff are all so endearing. Don't even get me started on my obsession with Bates, just don't.  #hesadorable:
3. The Will-They-Won't-They(s)
  • Yes, Sister, there are multiple. AND THEY'RE SO GOOD!
  • We have the Upstairs versions:

                                     Matthew and Lady Mary

                                    and Edith and Sir Anthony

  • And we have the downstairs versions:
             Anna and Bates- GAH. Mine (and everyone else's) favorite. They are so adorable. SISTER YOU WOULD LOVE THEM!

                 And the awkwardly adorable Daisy and William. (kind of).

4. The costumes, the setting, the time period, and everything else of the sort. Seriously, this show will make you want to go back and live in England during the 1910s. At the very least, it will make you and your roommates talk in British accents (and yell things at the TV when the show doesn't go your way- seriously, this happened.)

Morale of the story: If you are watching this show, you understand my obsession. If you aren't watching this show, you need to. Like right now. Drop everything you are doing and play episode 1. Word on the street is its getting taken off Netflix July 1st. SO HURRY! Run to Downton; you won't regret it. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PLL 3x24

Oh Pretty Little Liars, I applaud you for being able to top yourself finale after finale. Seriously, just when you think it can't get any better, crazier, or buckwild, they step in and mind f*** the crap out of you. My hat goes off to I. Marlene King for this one.

Let's check in with our favorite pretties:

  • Spencer: 
    • Spencer finally got out of Radley, decided to brush her hair, put on all of her preppy clothes, and starting being herself again. It's about damn time! Why is she suddenly "all better now," you ask? Oh, just because Toby's still alive and actually good and was trying to protect her the whole time. No biggy. 
    • Pause. WAIT WHAT????? That's right, folks, Toby is officially back, 8-pack and all! This was Spencer's reaction to him telling her he was only trying to protect her:

    • And this was mine:
    • Dying, crying, you get the picture. 
    • But anyways, now that team Spoby is reunited and back doing their usual detective work (after a longgg reunion in a hotel room of course- seriously I am surprised this is allowed on ABC Family but I was too happy to care). They trick Mona into thinking that Spencer is with them and that they lured the girls to her family's second (third?) home to make them pay, all in the hopes of finally de-hooding red coat. But more on that in a bit. Let's turn to sadder couple news:
  • Aria:
    • Ezria is no more, sadly. I have always been sort of meh about these two, but it was sad seeing them break up. Realistic? yes. But still sad. Ezra is teaching at Rosewood High again, and they finally faced the music and realized they are in two completely different places in their lives. Their scene at the window completely mirrored that of the pilot and I thought it was all very well done. 
  • Hanna:
    • Hanna also had scenes with Ezra this week, trying to get a job babysitting his kid just so she could try and find out who kidnapped him. Malcolm tells her it was actually Spencer that took him to the carnival, which makes Hanna and the other girls freak for a bit. However, these girls always have a plan, and they tricked Spencer into proving that she was innocent. Makes sense, no? (I dunno.)
  • Emily:
    • Emily had a swim meet this episode (Go Sharks!) And conveniently, Shana (girl from costume shop) is also a swimmer and is in Rosewood for the meet. We learned a lot about Shana tonight, such as she is secretly dating Jenna, who may or may not be going blind again, and the two of them are working with Melissa to bring down the girls. But none of them are A, so are they some other rebel group against A and the girls? Are they going to call themselves B? My head hurts. 
Anyways, the girls go to Spencer's third home and confront Mona while Team Spoby is outside trying to glimpse Red Coat. Meanwhile, the B group (I think), goes up to the house, locks the girls in and sets the whole damn place on fire. Because, why not? The girls and Mona try to bust out, but Alison ends up saving them. Yes, you read that correctly, Alison is Red Coat! The arson survivors weren't the only ones who saw her, either. Spencer did as well. Oh, and Toby got framed with the lighter. Crep. 

Now they did a similar storyline in the books to this, and its great. I will not spoil it for people here; but I hope they follow a similar path. 

So the girls discuss Ali being alive and, on their way back into town, find the cop car that someone (Red Coat, the B team) magically lifted from the lake. They go, get a text from A (Mona is apparently one of them now too and is getting A texts), and then open the back of the trunk. This happens: (sorry best image I could find)

Cut to black. Of course. 

So that's it for last night. Can't wait for June! 

Here's some of the top tweets:
  • @andyswift: Am I crAzy, or was "A" just InstagrAmming?
  • @jennhamel13: Emily's face and Spencer's face in the bathroom when they were talking about Toby did things to my heart I didn't think were possible.
  • @spobyismylife: Spencer cried, Toby cried, I cried...
  • @KellyCddLovatic: So basicly Mona,Toby, and Spencer were the fake A team, who thought they were the real A team... Wow