Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PLL 3x24

Oh Pretty Little Liars, I applaud you for being able to top yourself finale after finale. Seriously, just when you think it can't get any better, crazier, or buckwild, they step in and mind f*** the crap out of you. My hat goes off to I. Marlene King for this one.

Let's check in with our favorite pretties:

  • Spencer: 
    • Spencer finally got out of Radley, decided to brush her hair, put on all of her preppy clothes, and starting being herself again. It's about damn time! Why is she suddenly "all better now," you ask? Oh, just because Toby's still alive and actually good and was trying to protect her the whole time. No biggy. 
    • Pause. WAIT WHAT????? That's right, folks, Toby is officially back, 8-pack and all! This was Spencer's reaction to him telling her he was only trying to protect her:

    • And this was mine:
    • Dying, crying, you get the picture. 
    • But anyways, now that team Spoby is reunited and back doing their usual detective work (after a longgg reunion in a hotel room of course- seriously I am surprised this is allowed on ABC Family but I was too happy to care). They trick Mona into thinking that Spencer is with them and that they lured the girls to her family's second (third?) home to make them pay, all in the hopes of finally de-hooding red coat. But more on that in a bit. Let's turn to sadder couple news:
  • Aria:
    • Ezria is no more, sadly. I have always been sort of meh about these two, but it was sad seeing them break up. Realistic? yes. But still sad. Ezra is teaching at Rosewood High again, and they finally faced the music and realized they are in two completely different places in their lives. Their scene at the window completely mirrored that of the pilot and I thought it was all very well done. 
  • Hanna:
    • Hanna also had scenes with Ezra this week, trying to get a job babysitting his kid just so she could try and find out who kidnapped him. Malcolm tells her it was actually Spencer that took him to the carnival, which makes Hanna and the other girls freak for a bit. However, these girls always have a plan, and they tricked Spencer into proving that she was innocent. Makes sense, no? (I dunno.)
  • Emily:
    • Emily had a swim meet this episode (Go Sharks!) And conveniently, Shana (girl from costume shop) is also a swimmer and is in Rosewood for the meet. We learned a lot about Shana tonight, such as she is secretly dating Jenna, who may or may not be going blind again, and the two of them are working with Melissa to bring down the girls. But none of them are A, so are they some other rebel group against A and the girls? Are they going to call themselves B? My head hurts. 
Anyways, the girls go to Spencer's third home and confront Mona while Team Spoby is outside trying to glimpse Red Coat. Meanwhile, the B group (I think), goes up to the house, locks the girls in and sets the whole damn place on fire. Because, why not? The girls and Mona try to bust out, but Alison ends up saving them. Yes, you read that correctly, Alison is Red Coat! The arson survivors weren't the only ones who saw her, either. Spencer did as well. Oh, and Toby got framed with the lighter. Crep. 

Now they did a similar storyline in the books to this, and its great. I will not spoil it for people here; but I hope they follow a similar path. 

So the girls discuss Ali being alive and, on their way back into town, find the cop car that someone (Red Coat, the B team) magically lifted from the lake. They go, get a text from A (Mona is apparently one of them now too and is getting A texts), and then open the back of the trunk. This happens: (sorry best image I could find)

Cut to black. Of course. 

So that's it for last night. Can't wait for June! 

Here's some of the top tweets:
  • @andyswift: Am I crAzy, or was "A" just InstagrAmming?
  • @jennhamel13: Emily's face and Spencer's face in the bathroom when they were talking about Toby did things to my heart I didn't think were possible.
  • @spobyismylife: Spencer cried, Toby cried, I cried...
  • @KellyCddLovatic: So basicly Mona,Toby, and Spencer were the fake A team, who thought they were the real A team... Wow

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hart of Dixie: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

You know an episode's going to be a doozy when the title is a Taylor Swift song. Oh boy, here we go.

  • Previously on Dixie, sad Zade times; world is upset.
  • Apparently Zoe has been eating her feelings. And not just her feelings, but others too. You know its bad when you wake up with a lollipop glued to your face. 
  • Awww she smelled his shirt. This is just depressing.
  • Awkward kitchen times. 
  • And of course Lavon makes it even more awkward. 
  • In other news, Sister pointed out how good Wilson looks in red. Niice.
  • Brick's woman wants to redecorate the Breeland household. Lemon doesn't like this. Catfight!
  • hahaha Magnolia. 
  • At least Magnolia is honest; Lemon is just being two-faced. 
  • Ahh, her name is Shelby. Gotcha. 
  • The entire town is Team Zoe and random townies are coming up and yelling at him.
  • George is upset and no one cares.
  • Townies making Zoe pies. WTF? This isn't a wake people.
  • Awwww everywhere she looks holds a memory?! Precious. 
  • Zoe feels empowered and goes to work. 
  • Hot doctor is there and hott, but he is not Wade so we do not like him. 
  • Jonah, go jump in a humpback whale where you belong. 
  • Shelby and Brick want to co-habitat. I see Magnolia reacting well to this. 
  • Priest on a bike. Because, why not?
  • Tansy and Zoe, new bffls? Hmmm. 
  • Ahh drinking, solving problems now, but creating worse problems later. 
  • I have to say, this is sad but I am loving how sad she is because it shows how much she loves him.
  • Lily-Ann is at the bar and singing an anti-Wade song. See Zo, you can't always run from your problems. 
  • Lemon concocting evil plans with Jonah about Shelby. 
  • Doesn't Lemon have another apartment now? Why would she care so much?
  • Magnolia got paid off? 
  • The Exes of Wade clique is swapping war stories. 
  • Why doesn't Wade ever wear a shirt? Umm because when he is shirtless America rejoices?????
  • Zoe decides to rise above petty singalongs. You go girl. 
  • Dang, Wade had a lot of stuff at her house. 
  • Rose has a bf; precious. 
  • The townies took it to a new level with a Wade voodoo doll. 
  • I want a Wade doll. But a shirtless one that's not a voodoo doll. 
  • Magnolia a cheerleader. Because Dixie hasn't used the blonde popular cheerleader cliche yet. 
  • McKayla Maroney is back and slutting it up. Zoe thinks its Max cheating on Rose, but I bet it's not. 
  • Lemon bribing George with pie to dig up dirt on Shelby. 
  • Yes Lemon, the odds of Shelby being a Russian spy are high. 
  • I still don't believe that Max is cheating on Rose. 
  • Zoe runs and yells at Wade. Instead of coming across as  sad, it just came across as amusing. 
  • Zoe's back to singalongs and horrid, horrid, dancing. Now she's burning his possessions. Seems excessive. 
  • Ugh, Jonah go away. 
  • Jonah, you clearly don't know Zoe. She NEVER lets things go. 
  • Wilmy shots! The best!
  • I've decided that Wade should either be in a tux or shirtless. Make it happen, writers. 
  • Lemon and George playing the what might have been game and pretending to be married. 
  • Lemon is really bad at thinking on her feet and not acting suspicious. 
  • Shelby attempting to bribe Magnolia with shoes, Tory Burch, and Carrie Underwood. 
  • Brick knows that his daughter is materialistic and shallow. Niice. 
  • Out-Lemon Lemon. 
  • The newlyweds are back! 
  • Guarantee there is only one high school in Bluebell and therefore it is not a coincidence that Zoe ran into Rose. 
  • Zoe, you meddler, you. 
  • HAHAHHAHAHHAAH they got Magnolia a car. HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA. Best moment of the season. 
  • Yes Magnolia folded like a house of cards. Lemon, you would too had Daddy and Daddy's gf given you a brand new car. 
  • Lavon, relax. 
  • See Lavon, FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH! 
  • Lavon you are nuts. Leave my Wadester alone. 
  • haha scrunchies do not belong in the 21th century. Lemon is right.
  • Lemon so excited about Shelby being a gold digger. 
  • Lemon George kiss! It was playing a part, but still. Interesting. 
  • Zoe, stop trying to be hip. 
  • Called this one. Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. When will you learn?
  • "I thank you kindly for your assistance and goodnight." Lemon's always so polite. 
  • Lemon knows the expression fiscal cliff? Hmm. 
  • Magnolia looks confused. Girl clearly doesn't know the expression fiscal cliff. 
  • "I better not lose my Rav 4 over this." Magnolia, always thinking deep. 
  • The only girl who ever meant anything to him??? Uhhhhhh Wade. 
  • Lost his best girl and best friend? Wade needs a hug! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!
  • All is right with Lavon and Wade. I wish all was right with Zoe and Wade. 
  • Lemon and Zoe bonding. Apparently it's weird rando friendship week on Dixie
  • Lily-Ann needs to get a life. 
  • Jonah why do you pop up everywhere? GO AWAY!
  • Jonah sucks. What a cheeseball.
  • Who brings oranges just to juggle in front of someone. What a tool bag. 
  • Way to walk away, Zoe.
  • This is the most dressed down I have ever seen Lemon. 
  • "I absolve you." That's a new one. 
  • Aww the sad box of stuff. :(
  • Gah why are these two so perf for each other????
  • So so sad. 
  • UGH Ruby's coming back??? Gross.