Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dr. Mel Here

Hello All,
Dr. Mel is in today, to diagnose and help you cure some of those pesky disorders/ailments that arise from becoming too obsessed with television. First of all, I would like to tell you all that Television Obsessed is a normal thing, and it is very okay to be obsessed. Some common side effects of this obsession include (but aren't limited to): blogging, getting on fan forum, reading and writing fanfiction, and creating/watching Youtube videos. I'm here to tell you your not alone, crazed television obsessed friend. I, too, am the same way. I am here to tell you it is not a bad thing. I will, however, give you some tips for dealing with the biggest problems that go along with being so tele-addicted.

Common Problems:

  1. Fretting over "The Lobster Scenario." What is "The Lobster Scenario," you ask? Good question. "The Lobster Scenario" involves knowing that 2 characters are destined to be together, yet being subjected to watching television writers constantly keep them apart. (Think Ross and Rachel from Friends, if you will. And if you haven't scene Friends, stop reading this blog, go buy the entire series and watch it; then we'll talk). Anyways, "The Lobster Scenario" becomes problematic when one begins obsessing over said 2 characters, to the point that they become frustrated with the show itself.
    • Common Symptoms: Screaming at your television; Arguing over their "couple name" with friends (and maybe even strangers); Defending them as the greatest couple of all time to friends (and maybe even strangers)
    • Cures: Take a deep breath, relax. Most of the time stupid writers keep the best couples apart almost until the end (Ross/Rachel; Luke/Lorelai; Carrie/Big, etc.). So relax and give it time, friend. Another short term cure is to go on Youtube and watch all of their scenes or videos other equally-enamored friends have posted. I promise you, somewhere on the internet you will find someone who likes the same couple as you, however bizarre that pairing is. 
  2. POCT, short for "Panic Over Characters Traveling." Planes, trains, automobiles; our fave tele characters travel a lot. However, due to the amount of car accidents, plane accidents (cough cough, Grey's Anatomy), and train accidents (cough cough, Grey's Anatomy, again) these days onscreen, characters traveling tends to spike viewership anxiety. Personal anecdote- Sister used to panic every time a character was driving on One Tree Hill. Why, you ask? Because Lucas, Peyton, Haley, Brooke, Nathan, Julian, Jamie, Ms. Lauren, Chuck, Chris Keller, and so many other Tree Hillers have all been in accidents involved in cars. (I'm so not even exaggerating here, people. Watch-it's true.) Really, any drama show these days has had one travel accident or another (and most have had more than one). Therefore, POCT is very real and not to be taken lightly. 
    • Symptoms: Yelling "Get out of that car (plane, train, shopping cart, etc.) at your television; Covering your eyes as characters enter/exit vehicles; Biting your nails/sweating/bouncing in your seat when characters are driving along blissfully. 
    • Cures: Once again, relax. Your favorite character is probably not going to die, even if involved in said travel accident. I say probably because of a certain incident that happened on a certain television show season finale this year. If you don't know what I'm referencing, just Google "Lexie dying." or "Grey's Anatomy plane crash," or "Mexie dreams crushed and fans everywhere devastated." Anyways, whoever you love most likely won't croak, so chill. Also, if necessary, watch happy, non accident inducing television traveling scenes. Some great ones are the opening theme songs to Full House and Boy Meets World
  3. The final problem associated with being so television obsessed that I will discuss tonight is AANSOF, or Anger at Not So Obsessed Friends. We all have those friends. You know, the ones who watch a show you watch, but don't have a favorite couple, or read the blogs, or obsess about what will/has happen(ed). This can lead to problems when you become either embarrassed when you reveal your obsession, or angry when they won't discuss the show with you at length post-episode. 
    • Symptoms: Heated post-episode discussions with co-workers over the water cooler; Accidentally using a couples "fan name" in front of others and running away, embarrassed; Storming off after a stranger has not heard of the show, character, or couple to whom you are referring to
    • Cures: Remember, again, you are not alone. There are plenty of forums, discussion boards, blogs, and sites, for you to talk about your show, couple, character with. So surf the web, and find some friends to chat with!
That's all the time Dr. Mel has for tonight. I hope this has been helpful to you, my fellow TV obsessed friends. In other news, I haven't been able to watch Pretty Little Liars live lately, which is why I haven't been blogging about it recently. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow and I can blog about last night's episode and other shows I've missed lately. Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Boys

Recently, Sister decided to acquire Netflix for us. I, obviously, have fallen in love with it and all it has to offer.

As a result of the glorious Netflix, Sister and I have been getting into new shows; one of which is My Boys. We are enjoying all it has to offer:

  • Attractive guys. Well, guy. I thoroughly enjoy ogling my favorite Boy, Brendo. While Bobby is cute as well, there's just something about Brendo that does it for me. I think it's the McDreamy-like hair. I want to run my fingers through it. Repeatedly. 
  • Fun people. I'm serious, P.J. and her guys are really fun. When I get out of college I hope I am just as fun as her and her Boys
  • Crowley's. I heart this bar. My favorite part is the board games. I wish there was a bar by my house where we could go and drink and play board games. It's like Chuck E Cheese for adults!
  • P.J. Girl rocks. She is cute and fun, but makes it very believable that all she does is hang out with these guys. She's also doesn't act like one of those annoying girls at your college who hangs out with guys 24/7 and is freakin' annoying about it. 
  • Chicago. Finally, a show about friends who DON'T live in New York. Granted, it's Chicago, but still. Refreshing. 
  • Johnny Galecki. Playing someone so un-Leonard like. Seriously, this guy is the complete opposite of our fave nerdy scientist. Tool-like and full of himself, he's like a gangster version of Howard Walowitz at his worst. As Sister observes, "I've never hated a Johnny Galecki character before." He is "hood" (or attempts to be), and constantly wears velour sweatsuits and chains. Crazy, but still amusing. He's really bad with girls, though, just like Leonard. 
  • The subtleness of the will-they won't-they. You know me. I LOVEEEE a good will-they won't-they situation. What's refreshing about this show, though, is that they don't hit you over the head with it. We are left questioning who P.J. will end up with, which is nice for a change.
Moral of the story: My Boys is a hit, so check it out. Also, someone open a bar with board games. Preferably in the greater Cincinnati area. Please and thanks. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hart of Dixie: Bluebell Parade Time

I am watching old H of D episodes with Sister, so I decided to blog while I watch, since I have never seen them before.

  • We get the standard "Previously on Hart of Dixie...Yeah yeah, standard southern town, with the southern people, shots of Wilmington, Zoe not welcome, Wade is sexy, moving on.
  • Sister points out that Lemon sounds extra southern this episode, drawing out her Georrgeees more than in later episodes. Hmmm, Jaime King must've been trying out different variations of the Southern Drawll
  • First sign of the Rammer Jammer! Woot Woot!
  • Zoe eats grits. Gross.
  • Of course there's a town parade. Of course, because H of D never utilizes the standard southern stereotype story line. 
  • Standard Zoe-Wade banter. Episode 2 and they are adorbs already. 
  • Zoe just called herself a townie by blood. Like she was proud about it. Hm. In my college town, being a townie is not something you are proud of. 
  • Some hypochondriac goes to see Zoe. Zoe is not kind, does not give her Tic Tacs, and runs off her one and only patient ever. 
  • Cute little Rose sighting. I heart her because she is adorable and awkward and adorable. Did I mention she's adorable? Like Mackenzie Ziegler adorable. 
  • Zoe and Rose are discussing Sex and the City. Because poor naive Rose thinks that all of NYC is like SATC. Considering I've never been, I agree with her. 
  • Zoe's bedside manner sucks. Sister's would be better, and she passes out every time she even sees a needle.
  • Consensus: we don't like Brick right now. Thank God things get better. 
  • Lavon Hayes, stop calling yourself Lavon Hayes. Mel would like Lavon Hayes better if Lavon Hayes stopped referring to himself as Lavon Hayes. (See- it's annoying!).
  • Zoe has to work on a parade float with Wade. What harsh punishment. 
  • There's scheduled dancers for this parade. Of course. Of course. 
  • Wadester, don't be mean to Zoe, you guys are meant to be.
  • THAT is the bathroom in the Rammer Jammer??? Does not look like the bathrooms in bars I've ever been to. 
  • Sister points out that there is a lot of medical drama in this one. 
  • MS????!!!!! I'm sorry, I thought I was watching Hart of Dixie instead of Grey's Anatomy. I was looking for a light, airy comedic Southern time, not this drammaa. 
  • Zoe is being nice to Betty Boop. Her mentor, who's name I still don't know, is pleased. 
  • Can one have patriotism for a town? Isn't that only like a country thing?
  • Yes, Lemon, Zoe joined a gang. Because Bluebell is a gang heavy place. 
  • Wade drinks beer more sexily than most men take their clothes off. 
  • HAHHAHHAHAHHA capable hand. Compliment my hands, Wade. 
  • Frolic with me, Wade. 
  • Breathe generic beer breath on me, Wade. 
  • No Zoe, we are not surprised that you've never built a float before. 
  • Float= success in Bluebell? Alright. And Zoe thinks this is hard? 
  • I'm going to ignore this Lemon-Lavon moment and start thinking of what their couple names would be. Lemon? Levon? Wait, those sound exactly like their real names. Doesn't work. 
  • Annabeth sighting! What up girl? Has your husband left yet? 
  • Why are they doing a Spanish waltz? Is this a Spanish parade?
  • Heart Country music in the background of these eppies!
  • Call me Doc, Wade. 
  • Play guitar more, Wade. 
  • He kissed her! No fair!
  • She got to touch his abs! No fair!
  • WHAT IS SHE GAPING AT?? Wade, have you looked in a mirror??
  • Wade, Zoe, and Rose in the same scene. My life is now complete. Can you say 3 faves? 
  • Why is Zoe sleeping on a haystack? Southern stereotype number 8,000.
  • Rose got to touch Wade too?? Sigh, I must move to Bluebell. Or wherenver Wilson Bethel lives. 
  • Only on television do people get as messy as Zoe while painting and have paint stains all over themselves. 
  • Oh Betty, don't bend to peer pressure like that. 
  • How did Betty's hoopskirt even fit into Zoe's carriage house???
  • Bet Betty doesn't just take one.
  •  And why did Zoe just have that stuff lying around? Even if she is a doctor doesn't a pharmacist still have to prescribe medicine? Is the south THAT backward?
  • I'm sorry, Annabeth couldn't do THIS???? All they are doing is twirling around.
  • Well this is bad. Oooh, I hope the fire hydrant gushes so much that Wade has to take his shirt off. 
  • Sister has decided that early H of D is too dramatic for her. 
  • Mentor is doing a good job of playing it cool.
  • Yes, Lemon. Crashing a float is attempted murder. Thank God the dumb blonde stereotype isn't true. 
  • Rose, you've been watching too much Sex and the City, you were just portraying Miranda there. 
  • Awww, Wadester. Helping Rose with her boy toy. He totes has been picking up tips from iCarly
  • Football costume. Sigh. 
  • The rich hoop skirted girls are cleaning up the square. Gotta get that set clean for the Pretty Little Liars filming later. 
  • Lemon, get your head out of your butt. Not everything is about you. 
  • Oh, Lemon has spoken. Wait, still don't get why that matters.
  • Zoe doesn't want to disappoint Mentor. Mentor comforts her while she munches on Capt'n Crunch. 
  • Ahh, Mentor's name is Mrs. H. I think I'll still call her Mentor. Especially since she's not even in the later ones. 
  • Oh, she's leaving now. She's like a southern Nanny McPhee. When you need her, but do not want her, she will stay. But when you want her, but do not need her, she must go. She's off to help another Northern doctor make her way in a small Southern town. I see a spinoff! Or, she's going to play the mom on Last Man Standing. Same thing. 
  • Ah, Lemon-lime is haunted by her mother's abandonment. 
  • Zoe goes back to see the hypochondriac. And her Prince Purrfection friend. Poor, sad, old cat lady. 
  • She is helping Zoe have better bedside manner and be friendly. Good thing they become besties. Oh wait, we never see her again. 
Another H of D, another good time. Here's to hoping Wade takes his shirt off next week.