Monday, April 30, 2012

Hart of Dixie Round 2: Leggo

I am watching Hart of Dixie with Sister again. Time for random thoughts:

  • Taylor Swift! yayy!
  • #thatawkwardmoment when you're bffl you are secretly in love with and is engaged? (maybe) to someone else comes and wakes you up in the morning and you try to get all cute.
  • This is weird? Best night of your life? Engaged to the wrong girl, dude. 
  • 15 year relationship? Wow, they are Bluebell's resident Cory and Topanga.
  • Stay friends. The two words every girl loves to hear.
  • YAYYYYYYYY WADE. He is so sexy. Take your shirt off now, please and thanks and abs.
  • Bluebell battle? sigh. This outta be good.
  • Wade and Zoe: stop fighting and make out already.
  • Still can't get over the fact that the girl's name is Lemon. Her sister should've been named Lime.
  • For the umpteenth time, Zoe needs to get over George and makeout with Wade already.
  • The Reverend would have the last name "Mayfair." Because if that's your last name you have to have a reputable occupation.
  • George: when Lemon screws you over, make lemonade and get back together with her.
  • Seriously, I cannot get over the fact that her name is Lemon; every time someone says it I internally giggle and can't take anything anyone says seriously
  • Love Tom and his puppy sweater. He is too cute. 
  • Wade and Tom at the same table. What a great table. I would pay to sit at that table.
  • I bet/hope Zoe does this ho-dunk race with Wade.
  • Yupp, hott ex-wife just suggested Zoe Hart. 
  • Zoe's pseudo little sister is pumped because Magnolia's ex asked her out. Congrats, little girl, I am sure you found your soul mate at age 14. 
  • Zoe keeps calling George names like "buddy" and "pal," to try and cover up the fact that she really wants to call him "sexy beast." 
  • I have no use for the Mayor guy. Levon? #notinterested
  • Wade being nice. and sexy. Sigh. 
  • Yeah you could be a good team, in bed. (too far?).
  • Zoe, he is in love with you. That is what is with that guy.
  • Sister thinks that the Reverend Mayfair was on Clarissa Explains It All.
  • Lem def cannot pull off that bright red lipstick, just saying.
  • Reverend Mayfair is making them play with Sock Em Bop Ems, yupp he was def on Clarissa Explains It All because now he is making them play with 90s toys. 
  • Looks like its Cory and Topanga versus Ross and Rachel (the will they won't they of the show) in the big Bluebell town race. Yee-haw!
  • Did "Daddy" really just call her "lemonade?" Oh. My. God. 
  • I would pay so much money to sit at Wade's bar. 
  • Pseudo little sister's mom is cray cray overprotective! Hello, helicopter parent. 
  • And now pseudo little sister is pissed because her first offic date is at said race.
  • Have we determined what said race is now? Are they running? Rowing? Tobogganing? 
  • He wants your heart, Zoe, not just the race prize. 
  • Sister commented that Lem and George are wearing church clothes while racing. Oh, the South.
  • Levon is wearing a bowler hat. I care about him even less now.
  • I hope Wade runs shirtless in his aviators. 
  • They win a bell? And $5000? alrighty.
  • What is going on?
  • From what I can gather, it is some sort of hillbilly scavenger hunt with wheelbarrow building and other such events. 
  • Wade, please call me "Doll."
  • I think Wade is speaking metaphorically. The wheelbarrow is symbolic of their relationship.
  • Are ex-wife and mayor I could care less about going to hookup? 
  • The next challenge is nut counting? Huh?
  • Rose and Freddie are going to get a milkshake. In love. Prec.
  • What I would give to press against Wade like that. 
  • And Lem and George are making some sort of husk-sculpture. So this is what they do instead of making snowmen in the South?
  • George with a low blow, admitting locking lips with Zoe.
  • Wade thinks he is in to her. Poor guy. 
  • The next task is eating cotton candy? Rosie from Ellen would be pumped.
  • Aw, Wade, I hope Zoe doesn't break your heart. 
  • I bet Levon I don't care about comforts ex-wife and they get it on. 
  • I don't know if they were eating cotton candy or not. Huh. The mysteries of this show. 
  • Zoe I am not liking you so much right now. 
  • Okay, Levon, I know have use for you because you defended the honorable Wade.
  • Ross and Rachel are in third place! Yayy!
  • Zoe seems to be pondering the idea of her and Wade. We will see.
  • I think Rose overestimated the intelligence and romantic qualities of this 14 year old. 
  • The final task is fishing off of the wall of a church? Yupp, I still don't get the point of this whole thing. 
  • Why do they always refer to Zoe as Zoe Hart? This town has like 5 people in it, everyone would know who they were talking about if they just said Zoe.
  • Romantical times reeling in the fish wire with Wade. 
  • Zoe, if you break Wade's heart I will drive to Bluebell (God help me) and break yours.
  • Rose is about to go to makeout pond. Oooh ooohh.
  • Lem getting deep...
  • No Zoe, do not tell him. It will only end in embarrassment and with Wade's sexy face looking sad.
  • I'm sorry how would this race possibly help her win him back? Like are we supposed to assume he would see her corn sculpture and have to have her right then and there?
  • Oh, scaling the building to get the fish. Yupp, that is how she is going to win him back. 
  • Aw, Wade's sexy face is sad. And he is sad. Zoe better make this up to him.
  • 5 bucks says they have a "make up on the roof" kiss. 
  • Fish and worms. Romantic. 
  • This kid is really awkward. Rose is cute. I bet she throws up when he tries to kiss her though, poor kid. 
  • Now George is going to get that stupid fish. Still don't get why all this is important.
  • George and Lemon got their fish back aka their relationship back. Hart of Dixie you are so symbolic tonight. 
  • Now they are all bro-ing out in the Bluebell version of the Peach Pitt. 
  • Oh Mayfair, you are so wise and know who belongs together. 
  • Tom is sad about choking and ruining their fishing chances. Matching sweatsuit gf doesn't care because his stupidness is adorable. They kiss. 
  • Mayor Levon and Wade's ex are probs going to have a sexy spaghetti dinner. Ex wife regrets playing cupid with her ex. Oops. 
  • Levon is a list maker. Made one about Little Miss Lemonade. 
  • If Lemon gets drunk at this party can we call her Pina-Colada?
  • Ohh, ex-wife's name is Pansy. The names in this town are ridiculous. They are all either flowers or fruits. (note- Sister just informed me that it is Tansy not Pansy. Because that is so much better.) 
  • Aw, stupid shorts is the only bad thing he can say about her. Wade, you are perfect. 
  • George, go away and run back to your fruit. Zoe, leave your apartment and run back to your Wade. 
  • Sorry, Zo, Cory won't dump Topanga for you, as much as you want him to. 
  • #thatawkwardmoment when the girl you are making a list about runs in the room.
  • Pseudo sister has a burst appendix and her mom is blaming Zoe. Because it is really her fault her daughter got appendicitis on her first date. 
  • That seems like a good idea. Don't let the only surgeon in town near your daughter after her appendix burst. Very smart move there, helicopter mom. 
Well, another H of D down. Summary: I do like Zoe, but I think she needs to get over George and be with Wade. Also this town has interesting ways of amusing itself. Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: "Moment of Truth."

  • Oh boy, Medical Boards time. Wonder what will happen? Bet everyone magically passes after some unpredictable drama.
  • April is a soldier. Alrighty...
  • Avery looks sexy in that hoodie. And Mark just gave him money. Lucky guy.
  • Awkward Cristowen eye contact.
  • Aw, all of the Docs are watching them leave. Precious. It's like they are going away to summer camp.
  • Poor Zola is sick. Meredith has to go take the boards. Good thing her Dad is a sexy Doctor with great hair.
  • 5 bucks says Alex misses the boards because of Morgan and Tommy but wins Morgan's heart and passes the exam magically anyways.
  • April is crazy. End of story. I still enjoy her though. 
  • The bus is honking and the attendings are waving. Just like summer camp parents.
  • Sigh, I wish Mark needed Lexie in a non-surgical way. 
  • Now they are discussing CDs and Lexie just used the phrase "fresh;" Oh Lex, you cannot pull that off, babe. 
  • Oh San Fran. What up. Let's go Seattle Grace Mercy West Residents! Kick ass!
  • April has an awkward encounter with a fairly attractive guy in a hat. 
  • Meredith is sick. Oh, snap. 5 bucks says she pukes on her test. April is def going to lock herself in one of those plastic bubbles now because she is that neurotic. 
  • Random commercial musing: Today I was watching re-runs of season 2 Grey's and I have concluded that every single one of these characters has grown more attractive as the years have gone by. Seriously, Derek, Meredith, Mark, Callie, Alex, everyone. They are all have just gotten hotter with age. Lucky bitches. 
  • Yupp, April is freaking out. Well, actually everyone is but Cristina, since she is Mer's person and legally isn't allowed. 
  • Avery's mom showed up to the Boards. hahaha poor guy. Continuing the summer camp metaphor, it's like when your mom shows up mid-week just to check in with you. And he has a lucky pencil. #embarrassing. 
  • Owen and Teddy arguing. Shocker. 
  • I like Bailey's purple scrub cap. Cute.
  • Yes Callie, dealing with the Teddy-Owen dynamic is like diffusing a bomb. If only Mer were at the hospital, she has bomb experience.
  • April is one emotional cookie. 
  • Alex is going back to Seattle. Who predicted this?
  • ABC volunteering commercial. Hey Grey's cast and Dana Delaney.
  • Zola is very sick. Aw Derek is trying to be super Dad. Precious.
  • I really hope Mer and Der stay in Seattle (meaning I hope Ellen and Patrick renew their contracts).
  • hahahha Cristina with a face mask on. And is giving Mer a black market obtained IV. Oh Seattle Grace doctors, you keep me so young with your antics.
  • Oh good, more Mexie interactions. And cute lunchtime flirting. Andd Mark just ruined that with talk of Avery and her breaking up. P.S. Mark they broke up because she's still in love with you, in case you were wondering. 
  • Oh Alex, you are totes going to miss your boards. 
  • They better not kill this baby. Ugh. 
  • Come on, Tommy! Magically survive somehow!
  • Drinking before the Boards seems like a bad idea, April and Avery. 
  • Awkward encounter guy is hott. And "wound up." Avery is getting all protective. Have I mentioned I want Avery and April to be together?
  • BAR FIGHT! OMG APRIL JUST PUNCHED THAT GUY AND USED THE PHRASE "YEAH BITCH I WANNA GO!" A part of me just died inside. Of laughter and hilarity. 
  • Also, how dare that guy punch Avery in his sexy face? Doesn't he know that half of the appeal of this show is the attractiveness of its doctors? Particularly Avery???
  • Haha April gave that guy a bloody nose. She is going bat sh*t crazy.
  • Heyy there Chief! What an awkward moment to walk in on-two of your residents engaging in a "brawl in a bar." 
  • This Morgan storyline is sad. I hope she and Alex get together after all of this. Hello, replacement Izzie.
  • Standard 9:30pm coding. Happens every episode. 
  • Ew, is Chief going to hook up with Avery's mom. Dang, he really likes to make his way through the parents of his residents. 
  • Poor sick Mer. She is feeling terrible and all she can think about is feeling guilty for being a bad mom when her kid is sick. Aw. 
  • Well, Cristina is finally talking. Yes, Mer already knew, and so did all of the Grey's viewers. But no one else does.
  • April and Avery are totes going to hook up. This Boards hotel place is like freakin' Vegas with all of the hooking up going on. 
  • Is April about to cash in her V-card with Avery? Yeah, I'd do it too. #understandable #heishott.
  • Yes, Chief, Avery is in good shape considering he is most likely getting some right now. 
  • This Teddy-Owen arguing storyline is really dull. 
  • Bails, you totes aren't supposed to take your mask off during surgery. I, as an 8-season viewer, know that is not acceptable doctor behavior. 
  • Bailey is the #1 supporter of Owen apparently. 
  • Baby Tommy dying. This is really sad. 
  • I am going to have to come up with a couple name for Alex and Morgan. Amorgan? Molex?
  • GAH Mexie just get it on already! #frustrating 
  • Ew. Chief and Avery's mom. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. She is not a subtle woman at all. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. 
  • Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. I am sorry aren't these people too old to have sex??? THEY ARE AT LEAST TOO OLD FOR THEM TO BE SHOWING THIS ON TELEVISION. OMG. 
  • Dear Grey's writers, no one wants to see old people have sex. love, Mel. 
  • Sister weighs in "Anyone over 50 should not be removing their clothes."
  • And we are back to the young hott couple. Okay, this I can watch. 
  • April and Avery are having awkward pillow talk. She looks like she is internally spazzing out. 
  • I really hope everyone sees him leave her room. I really want everyone to find out about this. Like now.
  • I want these two to date. A lot. Couple names for them? Japril? 
  • Aw, Mer and Cristina are having person-talking time between their rooms.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot Derek was married before. To Addison. Huh. 
  • Cristina is being oddly open-minded about this. 
  • Meredith seems to be feeling better. That's good.
  • No one seems to be getting a lot of sleep the night before their boards. Bad idea.
  • Merstina's person-friendship is precious. Dear Ellen and Sandra, please renew your contracts so it doesn't end. 
  • This is very sad. 
  • It's 9:54pm and Alex is still in Seattle. Don't see him making his Boards on time. 
  • Arizona is Alex's biggest supporter. Cute.
  • Oh no, Mer is totes going to vom on her test. 
  • Aw Cristina being a supportive friend. Mind over matter. 
  • OMG. Avery saw Chief in his mom's room. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Poor him. Considering I am scarred for life he is probably never going to recover from this. Way to ruin his chances on the Boards, horny geriatric squad. 
  • Aw Derek and Zola. In a bumblebee costume. He is a cute dad.
  • Lexie is turning to Derek a lot for help these days. What a cute, unexpected friendship. 
  • Teddy reaching out to Owen. 
  • I didn't know they had to dress up for the Boards. 
  • April, way to drop a bomb there. Apparently you lost your love of Jesus somewhere in that bar fight.
  • Yes, Avery, I would not like to look at that pencil again, either. Who knows what that pencil saw last night?
  • Either Cristina or Mer is going to vomit here. 
  • Alex, Alex, Alex. #oops
  • Preview for next week: Boards were physical hell. Interrogation. Hopes and dreams on the line. FEENY! Someone didn't pass. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Reasons I Am Now "On Board" With Hart Of Dixie

So Sister and I made a deal: I would try to watch Hart of Dixie if she attempted to watch Pretty Little Liars. So tonight I sat down with her and watched an eppie of HofD.

I hate to admit it, but I am officially on board with it now. Here's why:

  1. Wade. OMG. He is so freaking sexy. I could stare at him for all 42 minutes (hear that writers? also writers-if you're listening, please keep him shirtless as much as possible). Also I love his sexual tension with Zoe. I am officially team Zade after only watching 5 minutes with them. 
  2. Rachel Bilson. Love her. Makes me want to watch old eppies of The O.C. She is so cute and fun onscreen. However, Zoe needs to stop being such a smitten kitten over George. Dumb. 
  3. Scotty McCreery was on tonight. In love. Come sing to me, Scotty. 
  4. Magnolia is funny. 
  5. Lemon is interesting.
  6. Their Dad is Mike Beardsley from Yours, Mine, and Ours.
Mmk. On board now and curious to see what happens next. Will review next week's eppie after next week.

P.S. Sister, this totes means you have to watch PLL now...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Most Disappointing Storylines of Television (In Mel's Opinion)

(In no particular order, they all suck). 

1. Robin not being "the mother" on How I Met Your Mother

  • Ugh really HIMYM writers? You totes screwed up in the first episode. I honestly think they underestimated how popular Ted and Robin's relationship would be and the chemistry Cobie and Josh had. And here is an actual quote from Craig Thomas, the co-creator: "Cobie (Robin) should have been the mother. We screwed up.”  NO SH*T!!!!! They were too presumptuous and trying to fool us too much and they ruined the possibility of her being the mother before they got to know the characters. That being said, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIMYM and find it one of the best comedies on TV right now. It is one of my favorite shows. Even though Ted and Robin aren't together (right now) their friendship and the friendship of the core 5 is awesome and makes the show. Still, I really hope that, even though Robin is not the mother, she and Ted still end up together in the end (i.e. the mother dies, they get divorced, etc.). I really think they should be endgame. I'm with Marshall, it's not over. "Not Yet."
2. Dawson and Joey not ending up together on Dawson's Creek
  • Now I haven't seen a lot of Pacey and Joey together, because I am a diehard DJ fan. However, I do think that they are an okay alternative to DJ being endgame. The problem I have is the way the finale ended things and the route it took. They keep you guessing the whole eppie who she will choose, then they make you think it will be Pacey in the kitchen-spaghetti scene. Fine. But then don't throw that dumb "we are soulmates" crap in there! Sue me, but I think if you are going to call each other your "soulmate" than you should end up together. Whatever.
3. Mike Delfino being killed off Desperate Housewives
  • I find this storyline especially irksome. How dare those writers kill off one half of the main will-they-won't-they couple of the show? Don't get me wrong, I love Carlos and Gabby, and Lynette and Tom (yeah, writers, you screwed that one up, too). But Susan and Mike made the show from the beginning. When they flirted over her terrible mac n cheese in the pilot, you just knew they were going to end up together. That is, until high-and-mighty Marc "I do what I want and what will be cool, not what the fans want," Cherry decided Mike had to go. SERIOUSLY? Even Teri Hatcher is pissed about this. Not cool, dude. 
4. Owen cheating on Cristina on Grey's Anatomy
  • This was just, stupid, unnecessary, and out of character. Don't the writers have enough to do with Owen's PTSD and his disappointment in Cristina not getting an abortion? Can't they have drama over that for a couple of episodes and still come out stronger? I just don't see them recovering from this, which is annoying because Cristina was finally happy for once. This relationship wasn't nearly as destructive as her one with Burke. I am not the biggest Chrisowen (sure?) fan ever, but I personally hate to watch Cristina sob an entire episode. (Seriously, when Sandra Oh cries, it really freaks me out, I don't know why). I guess at least we will get some cute Mer-Cris friendship stuff out of this as Mer attempts to fix her person. But still, stupidd.
5. Lorelai and Christopher getting married on Gilmore Girls
  • This is what happens when the show creator leaves the best show ever in the hands of someone else. UGHHHHH. I literally am still so angry about this, and it happened like 5 years ago. WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY MARRY LORELAI AND CHRIS? It was literally so dumb and just drove Luke and Lorelai together home even more because the second she got home from Paris she looked disappointed with herself. It was just another dumb plot to keep Luke and Lorelai apart for another season. What really got me though, was that we had to sit through that marriage and never even saw Luke and Lorelai get married. All we got was a kiss in the last 5 seconds of the finale and a promise that they would prob be together. Oh, TV writers, sometimes you frustrate me to no end...
Well, this are the five that I came up with right now. I am sure there are more, but right now that's all I got. Clearly, I get irritated when television shows do not go as I have planned. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

The "College Conundrum"

In tonight's post, I will be discussing what is known as the "college conundrum." What's the "college conundrum," you ask?

college conundrum- n- a situation a tv show finds itself in after their characters have graduated high school and they don't know what to do next. Tonight we will look deeper and see which shows have successfully solved the "CC" and those who should have just opted out.

1. Dawson's Creek: Oh beek from the Creek, I love you (and your new show b.t. dubs!), but Kevin Williamson should've done something else besides send you guys to college. Time jump (see #2 One Tree Hill), ended the show, or the cheesy 'everyone attends the same college magically' storyline (see #3 Saved By the Bell). Instead we have Dawson across the country at film school (doesn't last), Joey at some made up Massachusetts school, Pacey God knows where, and Jen and Jack (and Grams, actually-odd?) at the same made up school as Joey (I think? If not they go to another made up Massachusetts school). This situation just leads to boredom and stupid storylines (i.e. Mitch dying-GASP-poor Gail) and drags out the Dawson-Joey thing another 2 years. This storyline also leads to Busy Phillips's character, who I could do without. (No offense, Busy, you're great and I'm glad you got on the show so you and Michelle Williams could be bffls and everything, but the only time I have use for you is when you drive Pacey's fancy car in the Leery household at Christmas-so great). Other than the epic Christmas drive-through, I usually get bored watching season 6 (haven't attempted season 5 yet), which leads me to say that Dawson's should have opted out of the whole college thing.
Final Verdict: FAILED

2. One Tree Hill- MS actually chose right here (love you, Mark!) and decided to skip the whole college thing. We get to relive it through flashbacks, with Nathan, Haley, and Lucas sharing an apartment amidst raising baby Jimmy-Jam. Brooke used the time to create the C over B empire (still don't know if she went to school or not), while Peyton hid out in California and continued to be emo at a record company or something. This was the perfect scenario because we know what happened in those years but got to miss the dull storylines that could have ensued. #winning . Plus we get to skip to Jimmy-Jam age 4 and meet the adorable Jackson Brundage (heart you, Jack!)
Final Verdict: PASSED

3. Saved By The Bell- Don't judge me, but I enjoy SBTB The College Years. Don't get me wrong, its no Bayside High, but the fictional school all of these characters magically all attend together leads to a rabble-rousing good time. The first episode is worrysome, but then Kelly Kapowski herself shows up and saves the show for the rest of the season. Meaning the will-they won't-they between Zack and Kelly saves the show for the rest of the season. We also get the lovely additions of Alex and Leslie, who are enjoyable in the small doses of screentime they get. I also enjoyed the absence of Jessie "I am an extreme in your face feminist" Spano, although I did miss Lisa the fashionista.
Final Verdict: PASSED

4. The O.C.- I haven't seen that much of this show, but the parts of the "college years" I have seen have not made me want to jump on the O.C. bandwagon or anything. I do know that Marissa is gone (dumb, move Mischa), and that there is pointless Seth and Summer long distance drama. Should've done a time jump because the best episode is the finale in which there is a time jump and we get to see the happy Jewish wedding of Seth and Summer and Ryan help a mini version of himself.
Final Verdict: FAIL (ish)

5. Gilmore Girls- GG was able to work with the college years by having Rory go to school only 20 miles away from home. This was really the best of both worlds, because it didn't really change anything about the show (except add the hott and adorable Logan-BRAVO!). Lorelai and Rory continued to have separate storylines (like when she was in high school), but they also were able to share some storylines still, too, which made it work. The show stayed true to itself (minus the Christopher-marrige dumb! But, another story for another blog, I digress) and reminded us all that the mother-daughter relationship was the core of the show. Great job, GG!
Final Verdict: PASSED

So what have we learned here? There are many ways to approach the college conundrum, and creativity is key. Don't try and be realistic and send characters who are friends all off to different schools, because while that is what actually happens, it unfortunately makes for bad television.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I am Always Going to Think of Now When Watching Old OTH

Thinking back on the last nine years of OTH, so much has changed that I can no longer watch the old episodes about giggling about something that is to come. (And I mean that in a good way). Seriously, after all of the crazy storylines MS has thrown at us, I can't help but laugh at the irony of certain situations. Like...

  • The incestuous relationships. Brooke, Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Haley. They have all been involved at one point or another, and by the end of the series its just comical. Like, hey Sawyer, do you know that Daddy has had sex with your godmother? Lydia, did you know that Daddy slept with Aunt Sawyer and Aunt Taylor? Or my personal favorite: Jimmy-Jam, did you know that Aunt Brooke and Dad had a sex tape in high school? 
  • Sad, lonely, scared and upset Brooke. Oh, Brookie, I just feel so bad for you in the majority of the first seasons. You are adorable and try to be fun, yet the world (meaning the OTH writers) just loves to consistently shit on you. Your best friend constantly cheated on you with your boyfriend. I mean I know Leyton are soulmates or whatever, but still, at least wait until he's done with Brooke. I just want to give you a hug and say "JULIAN IS COMING I PROMISE! HANG IN THERE, B DAVIS!" (Also, have faith because Haley will become your bffl later on and be even better than Peyton ever was.) Still, all of that crap has made you a better friend and mother, so good for you. 
  • CLAY YOU HAVE A SON! (The cutest one ever, too) Seriously, dude, maybe if you spent less time in season 7 hooking up with endless girls and then romping naked on the beach with Quinn, you would remember you had a son. Also, I totes found a continuity mistake when I was rewatching 7x01 the other day. Clay gets on the phone and says "Mom, I'll have to call you back." I'm sorry, but if his mom was really around like that she would totes tell him he has the cutest son ever and reunite them. Sigh, but whatever. 
  • Dan Scott is really a good guy. WHATTT???? Now, whenever I watch an old episode, I can't even hate the man. I try to get angry with him for being a tool, but now all I can picture is his Rambo-ing through the Russian basketball lair. That scene really reminded us all that, just like Brooke said, Dan Scott is a "total DILF."
  • Chris Keller helps save Nate's life. hahahahhahahaha Guess its payback for Season 3. 
  • Skillz and Deb hook-up. In the Scott family pool. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. Can't look at Deb the same anymore without thinking-dude you had sex with your son's high school friend. Wonder if he told Bevin after they got back together?
So, there are obviously many more and I will update if I can think of some. Gives me another excuse to watch OTH :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't Trust the B...But trust the Show

Tonight me and my friends decided to tune in to the pilot of Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23. Needless to say, we were thoroughly pleased. Here's why:

1. Utter Hilarity. This show is not afraid to offend people (i.e. Chloe getting the 13 year old boy drunk) when it comes to being funny. It is genuinely hysterical and the humor is there without trying too hard.

2. Dawson's Creek References: The Paula Cole, the plaid button ups, the "Beek from the Creek" comment. None of it got old. I sincerely hope the Dawson's references will continue. (Here's to hoping Katie Holmes guest stars-I. WOULD. DIE.)

3. The cast: Krysten Ritter (Chloe), Dreama Walker (June) James (no-not Lafferty, sigh.) van der Beek (himself) deliver and make their characters funny but likable. Ritter plays the bitch part well, while still retaining a level of humanity and extreme loyalty to her friends (just ask James about Vietnam). Walker makes June kind but not too much of a goody-goody that she's annoying. She can play the bitch card, too, which is why we all know she and Chloe are going to get along. And James, sweet sweet James. Well, Dawson has definitely lost his bicycle (serious points if you understand that reference). James is out in the real world and using his Dawson-ness to get girls into bed. #winning . His career is also in the tubes (hence the Japanese energy drink commercial).

Oh #Apt23, I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. To quote Sister, "I am ON BOARD!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Rawr.

Tonight I am doing something different and blogging along with Grey's as a watch.

Let us begin.

  • MerDer/Zola- adorbs. Actual lion-not so adorbs. (WTF is going on this week?).
  • Cristina/Owen- fighting (don't really care).
  • Teddy- at widow's support group. laughing. Ted, you're going to get kicked out, girl. Drop the medical talk and grieve, DAMMIT!
  • Mer/ Cristina friendship- great. "I was staring at Simba." hahaha. (cue "Circle of Life."
  • Cristina and Owen both trying to use Mer for help.
  • Derek and Meredith talking about lion and no one cares.
  • Lexie worried about Mark and Juliana moving too fast and moving in together (me too, Lex. TEAM MEXIE!).
  • Chief (oh wait...erm, Dr. Webber) and sexy Avery fighting over lion victims. Oh doctors, you never have any sympathy for the injured; instead you fight over them like the last pair of Steve Madden boots on Black Friday. 
  • Medical talk. Standard grossness.
  • Oh Kirby the lion, your mom is worried, come home soon. 
  • Teddy looking to the future. Okayyy.
  • Some girl leaving, I don't know who this is but I have a feeling that she hooked up with Arizona at some point by the awkwardness that is ensuing. 
  • Alex and Morgan! I think they are cute but I'm sure Alex will pull the standard Alex jerk move and be a jerk to her. Yupp, he wants off the case because he is actually liking this girl and he is freaking out. 
  • Yeahhh, he def doesn't mean it. 
  • Mer got in on the good surgery-shocker. (don't get me wrong I love Mer-fave character, but she always gets the good stuff).
  • Owen stop talking to her bffl, talk to your wife, dude!
  • Go Mer-protect your person!
  • On a side note, why do all of the same people get all of the good surgeries. These people can't be the only doctors in the hospital-yet they still always get the best stuff. Oh wait... I know why, it's because it's a tv show and they all are extremely good looking. 
  • Callie panicking over Arizona's ex chica. 
  • OMG it's Doyle from Gilmore Girls! Where's Paris, Doyle? She could've saved you. 
  • More standard grossness.
  • Teddy and Cristina working together. Maybe they can bond over the fact that Owen kinda messed up them both? They are scrubbing hearts or something. Oh wait, growing hearts.
  • Oohh, they have new pagers! Fun! I miss the glitter one though, what ever happened to that?
  • Baby Grey is still working with Derek, who is in full sexy bad-ass mode. Damn, I just want to touch his hair.
  • Lexie discussing Mark's gf with Derek. Awkward... glad they stopped. 
  • April in over her head-this has never happened before. 
  • Standard Old couple. OMG the Gilmore Girls appearances continue! It's Season 2 Mia! Bed and breakfast? I wonder if they were staying at the Dragonfly? Oh they saw the lion. Dang, that lion was making the rounds (hehe medical pun).
  • Here comes the standard who were your exes talk where it only makes everyone upset. 
  • Wait when did Callie hookup with Karev?
  • Bailey can't grasp the concept of a pet lion. Me either, Bails.
  • Bailey can't sense the awkward tension between Mer and Owen. Oh wait, now she gets it. That's it, Bails, just ask for suction. But no amount of suction is going to suck the tension out of that room. 
  • Commercials are so dull. Thank God for Pinterest to entertain me.
  • Jessie Williams (sexy Avery) just showed up on my Pinterest. Again, thank God for Pinterest. 
  • Mia from Gilmore Girls is worried about her husband having a heart attack. I hope Luke and Lorelai show up! They can all go see whales together!
  • Lexie is wayy too nervous tonight. Girl, you have a photographic memory, just think of Mark naked and move on! 
  • Aw Derek said he's her big brother-precious. Even though he said he wasn't right then, it was implied. Cute.
  • Cristina's doing something with test tubes that Alex and Avery came to see (Note to self-growing hearts lures hott men to your side).
  • Lexie comparing herself to the lion lady metaphorically. Standard.
  • Cristina reminding them it's not a lunch room. Good protocol. 
  • I will be very sad if Morgan's baby dies. 
  • Morgan just wants Alex. Come on, Alex, come back and save the little baby. 
  • Nope, Alex just ran away. Not nice. 
  • I would watch Scandal because it takes place in DC but I don't think I am emotionally prepared to handle another show right now. Maybe in time.
  • Chief and sexy Avery working on Doyle in the O.R. Callie compares the guy being mauled by a lion to Arizona having past lovers. Man, these doctors are kinda selfish. And now Chief wants to keep the lion tooth, I rest my case.
  • Mia from Gilmore Girls has an IPhone and I don't. Sigh. And now she's being cute and sad. 
  • Derek is in take charge mode. Doing surgery and clearly is a Mexie fan. Telling Lexie to make a move. Yii!
  • Morgan Intern is texting Alex by the hundreds (with profanity). 
  • Please don't let this cute old man die.
  • Owen, drop it. Leave Mer alone. She didn't know, dummy. 
  • Oh and now Bailey knows, too. Perf.
  • Cristina is still trying to grow hearts (I feel like there's a Grinch or Tin Man joke here somewhere, but I can't think of one right now). 
  • I really hope we get a Mexie kiss tonight, but I think that is sadly only wishful thinking. Shonda makes us work for our 'ships on this show (think about it-it took MerDer like 6 years to be happy). 
  • Titanic commercial. Wait- what movie is this? Never heard of it. 
  • Oh good, Mia from Gilmore Girls' hubby is prob going to be okay.
  • Asking for names is a bad idea, Callie. Didn't you see the One Tree Hill episode about this?
  • Okayyy, Arizona was a slut. 
  • Doyle, dump this girl and go find Paris Gellar again. She won't make you do anything outdoorsy or get mauled by a lion.
  • Chief, raising morals left and right. Cue inspirational music and white-knight references.
  • Wait-Chief just said bastard??? Odd.
  • Oh Avery, you're a bad liar. 
  • Alex, what girl is going to make you drop the jerk act and be nice? Izzie did for awhile but now you are uber-jerk again. I like Morgan, she can call you out on your sh*t; drop the jerk act for her. 
  • Nope, you're not going to drop it. While you have solid points, Alex, you could be a bit nicer. 
  • Mer brought Cristina a fro-yo treat. What are persons for? 
  • Nooooo! THEY KILLED MIA FROM GILMORE GIRLS? REALLY? If she is actually dead this is the saddest thing ever. 
  • Damn you Grey's for always making sad old people storylines!
  • Wait, was that Lark Voorhees on the McDonald's commercial? I hope so!
  • I guess Alex did what he had to do? But I hope they get together at some point. 
  • Doyle is reunited with lion-lover and she only cares about her lion. And she's blaming Doyle who saved her. Wow. Dump her ass, Doyle. This woman is cray-cray. Good job.
  • Yes, Avery, idiots attract.
  • Callie is studying Arizona's past lovers. 
  • "Everybody's got a past." No one knows that more than Mark Sloan. 
  • HAHAHHA Mark just called himself the "golden boy." My life is now complete.
  • Wow this is sad. Poor Mia's hubby. This is why I could never be a doctor. This, and the fact that I hate science. 
  • I just want to give that old man a hug. But I think he was put on the show to help Teddy grieve, so at least he has a purpose. 
  • Damn, I miss Teddy's hott hubby. He was a keeper. But sadly, he wasn't a doctor, so Shonda had to give him the boot.
  • Bailey being forgiving and kind to Owen. 
  • I still can't believe Owen cheated. Stupiddd.
  • Poor Teddy. If it makes you feel better, you're a bad-ass widow.
  • MEXIE! Pleaseee makeout in the elevator. Or the parking lot. 
  • Chief has quite the collection. This is really weird. His "tribute to the idiots." He likes idiots because they give him cool stuff. Once again, sometimes these doctors are selfish. 
  • Aww Zola is adorbs. And now she has a lion. 
  • Derek, you can rawr for me.
  • haha "If you ever cheat on me, I'll kill you."
  • Aw MerDer- so cute. You're all I care about. (and MEXIE).
  • More awkward silence at the Yang-Hunt residence. Sigh. 
  • OMG SHE THREW HER CEREAL IN HIS FACE! hahahhaha #winning Cristina.
  • Looks like they finally fight next week. Mark is chief? Oh boy. 
Well, that was fun. I think I am going to do that from now on with Grey's. Probs not other shows though because most other shows I have to focus more. Thanks for reading my random musings!

OTH Finale:

Can't believe it's over :( wahh. So upset. In withdrawal already (good thing I have all of the good seasons on dvd-minus the Dark Days part 1 and 2 aka seasons 2 and 5). But anyways, I want to briefly blog about last night's epic masterpiece.

I loved all of the Naley (obviously) and was squeeing when they brought up the old Naley stuff like always & forever, the bracelet, the crack jax, the mac n cheese, and the rain. OH THE RAIN! That kiss was adorable and sexy at the same time (something only Naley can pull off); what a great last kiss.

Brulian was cute as well, loved that he bought her her old house (on Tattersalls Drive in Wilmy by the way) and glad we got to see a final shot of Davis. Julian "cawing" was also adorable because we were reminded again that Julian is sweet yet dorky.

Quay also stole the show (meaning Logan did). When he called Quinn "Mom," OMG cutest thing ever. I just got disctracted by thinking about how cute it was again and immediately had to youtube and watch again. My Lord, that was precious. Quinn's face said it all.

BEVINNNNNNNN. so happy to have her back. And Skevin (Skillz and Bevin) were reunited- #winning.

My absolute favorite part though, was the second to last part. As soon as I saw Gavin, I turned to roommate and said HE BETTER SING I DON'T WANNA BE! Well, he finally did. That part was seriously the best because the core cast was all together and all belting the lyrics. Right there, for that song, it was the cast onscreen, not their characters, and I absolutely l-o-v-e-d it. They all looked so happy and proud (rightfully so) and I thought it was the best OTH scene ever. At that point, I sat back, sang along (don't judge-you know you did too), and reveled in the last eppie ever.

Thank you, OTH, I love you and will miss you dearly!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 Day to Go...Here's to the #1 City in America

Wilmington, NC is one of my two favorite cities in the US (the other is Washington, D.C. in case you're curious). I absolutely love it there (so does Sister-we want to co-own a beach house there when we're older).

Around fall 2009, I got it in my head that Sister and I could go visit Wilmington for vacation the next summer. However, there were many rumors that OTH wasn't coming back for season 8 (oh we proved them wrong-huh!). So Sister promised me that if it got renewed for season 8, we could go visit Wilmy.

As we watched the season 7 finale, I became very concerned. Everyone was ending with happy storylines (Naley expecting Lydia, Brulian engaged, Quay cuddling on the coach). Luckily, this happy life stuff ending in the last 5 seconds, when Crazy Katie gunned down Quinn and then Clay. Now I'm sure most viewers screamed at the TV; I did as well. However, my scream was more like a cheer and I immediately jumped up and down because I knew that meant that it got renewed (that or MS just ended a show killing 2 main characters a la Marc Cherry-not cool, dude). But, luckily, I was right and OTH renewed! I screamed at Sister: "Wilmington, here we come!"

We arrived at Wilmington the morning of August 3, 2010. After getting our rental car and getting checked into our hotel, we decided to head straight into downtown Wilmington. The first thing we saw was Clothes Over Bros (for those of you who don't know, the show actually owned a store and store front in Wilmy, where they filmed both Karen's Cafe and C over B), which was my favorite place to see! (Seriously, I took a picture there every single one of the 5 days we were there. The first day when we saw it it was covered in plastic and they were pumping air conditioning inside. We soon realized that means they were about to film!

So we continue to walk around downtown Wilmington, which is absolutely gorgeous. Kind of like a Savannah, Georgia old-town feel. We are walking around, and suddenly I see a giant group of girls and young people surrounding someone in front of a restaurant. I see the back of the girl from afar, and turn to Sister, "Is that Kate Voegle?" She responded in a calm yet freaked voice, "Mel, that's Sophia Bush." We then power walked/ ran as subtly as we could over to the group.

Sophia Bush was standing outside of the Dixie Grill (brunch place where they film-think Sam, season 6), chatting amicably with fans, signing autographs and taking pictures. Never mind the fact that it was like 90 degrees outside and she most likely had a schedule of some sort. She stood out there and talked with us and took pics with us. She was absolutely hysterical, making jokes about her engagement ring (Brooke's), saying, "this is a prop! Don't start those rumors." She was absolutely adorable in person and the nicest ever. We only had to wait like 5 minutes until we got a picture with her!

We had been in Wilmington not 3 hours and we actually met Sophia Bush! My day (and year) were made! We then heard that they were filming at C Over B again, so we headed back that way. We were walking right in front of the store, when, lo and behold, Daphne Zuniga and Lisa Goldstein walked right by us! It happened so fast I almost didn't notice, but sister did and we watched them get into a white van and drive away (they had been rehearsing and were going to relax before they filmed). We got to watch them film from across the street, and Sophia came outside a lot because she was filming walking into the store.

We walked around a bit more, and then we drove over to the Rivercourt! So awesome! (although they recently tore it down :(.) There was fan graffiti all over it and all of the benches and basketball hoop poles were signed by fans which was really cool.

The rest of the week, we took our rental car and our GPS and went all over Wilmy looking for places they had filmed. Before we left, I had found a website with a bunch of address of places they had filmed, so we used that as our guide and drove all over the city. Some of my favorite places were:

The bench where Naley had their first study sess :)

Lucas' house:


The bridge from the song:

The Riverwalk:

Brooke's house: (note the red door)

We also got a tour of ScreenGem studios, where they film all of the interior stuff, which was really cool. We could not take pics there unfortunately, but we got to see the downstairs of Naley's house (they have a real pool in the studio by the way), Red Bedroom records, and the downstairs of Brooke's house. Sooo coool!

We did get to take pics outside, which is where I got these of the Tree Hill cop car and studio door:

I took many more pics on our trip (at least 200), and it was def my favorite vaca ever! I really want to go back some day, even though they aren't filming there anymore because I love the city so much! So much that I decided to dedicate finale-eve blog post to it.

I still can't believe OTH is ending tomorrow. Will be a very sad day, but I am happy this great show has been on for 9 years!

Thanks for reading! I am off to watch Dance Moms for the next 4 hours (don't judge) Happy finale-eve to you and yours!

Monday, April 2, 2012

2 Days to Go...Here's to my 2 Favorites!

First of all, Happy 31st Birthday to Bethany Joy Lenz! (April is def the best month to be born in).

Second of all, I cannot believe in just 48 hours from now I will be preparing to watch the last ever episode of One Tree Hill (aka I will be sitting in my night class fidgeting and contemplating yelling at my prof that OTH is ending and he better end class by 8 or I will channel my inner Nanny Carrie and go bat sh*t crazy.) Anyways, I am really sad about OTH ending. I am going to miss it so much. And I am going to miss two characters especially.

Haley James Scott and Brooke Davis have been my favorite characters for as long as I can remember (so since episode 6X16, which was the first live episode I ever watched. I attempted to watch it before that, as Sister referenced last night, but I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I would like to further defend myself and say that the first episode she tried to get me to watch was when Nathan was making bets with that Daunte guy on the state championship, so give me a break. I found the concept too ludicrous for my liking-little did I know that was one of MS' "mild" plotlines.)

Sorry for the digression. Back to Brooke and Haley, my two fave Tree Hill gal pals. Seriously, I heart these two and their friendship like no other. They have been there for each other through the good and the bad, the husbands and the babies, the clothes and music and finally, the cafe. :) I will now walk you through the awesomeness that is their friendship, season by season, highlighting my favorite moments.

Season 1:

  • Brooke and Haley didn't exactly begin the show best of friends. Brooke only saw Haley as a possible love interest for Nathan (great insight) and Lucas (boy was she ever wrong!) in the groups "love rectangle plus one." However, they begin to bond when Brooke took too many painkillers, got super high, and renamed Haley "Brooke." (for more see Sister's previous blog entry for her top 3 moments). Although this instance would not solidify their friendship, it would be a precursor for many funny Brooke-Haley moments. Also of interest in season 1 were when Brooke arranged Naley's first date (a fact that myself and every Naley fan will be forever grateful for). One of my favorite lines from that episode was when Brooke asked Haley what her idea of a perfect date was and Haley said "Watching you get hit by a bus." and Brooke replied with "There's that sense of humor." (Don't know why but I have always found the bus line hysterical). Brooke and Haley finally become real friends in the episode where every else does and they all laugh and take pics and play basketball on the River Court with baby Jenny. Fun times (it only took 10 episodes for everyone to become friends too; how speedy!). The other great Brooke-Haley moment of season 1 happened when Haley pulled through for the cheerleaders and suited up (foreshadowing!) to dance in the Cheer Competition (oh how I love the cheerleading competition episodes).
Season 2: 
  • Brooke didn't understand Naley's marriage (assuming that Haley was prego) but she was very supportive and coordinated a wedding party and bachelorette party for Haley (in which she taught her the solid values of lingerie and pole dancing). Another big event was the epic slumber part with Brooke, Haley, and Peyton, where they all (hysterically) call each other out for their bad behavior. That scene is still one of my favorites ever (which is amazing because it took place in the Dark Days of Season 2). While Anna's presence is a little unnecessary, she does sum up the show wonderfully when she says "Man, Tree Hill's got some drama." Understatement of the century, Anna, but nicely put. Brooke also goes with Lucas to get Haley from her tour and tell her to come home. She has a fabulous line about Chris' ego that is both true and amusing. 
Season 3: 
  • In Season 3, Brooke and Haley grow even closer because Brooke buys the Naley apartment of love (which is sadly lacking in love at that point) and lets Haley live with her. They help each other so much this season, whether that be with Brooke's clothing line, cheerleading (foreshadowing from season 1 fufilled), and winning their perspective Scott men back. They succeed at all of those endeavors and realize leaning on each other helps them get through hard times :). Haley also is there when Brooke coins the name "Clothes Over Bros," which she names because Haley tells her to focus on her talent. Brooke is also the perfect maid of honor when Naley gets remarried and makes Haley's wedding dress and throws together the best rehearsal dinner ever. (Seriously, Sister, when I get married I want you and my friends up their re-enacting our love. Either that or re-enacting the Annie-Helen toast scene from Bridesmaids; either will do). 
Season 4:
  • In Season 4, Brooke and Haley remained great friends and Brooke is there when Haley finds out she's expecting little Jimmy Jam. Brooke also doesn't rat Haley out to anyone when Haley is trying to hide her pregnancy. She does, however, jump on a chair and announce to the whole school that Haley is pregnant, not her, (with permission, of course) in a hilarious scene only Brooke Davis could pull off. They do have one minor issue this season, when Brooke steals a calc test and Haley gets fired for it. However, after Brooke admits it, Haley forgives her and simply says "You are on notice, Brooke Davis. Clean up your act." and hugs her. Precious. Also in season 4, after giving birth to what would grow up to be the cutest kid ever, Haley asks Brooke to be godmother, to which Brooke happily accepts, pending she doesn't say "kick-ass" too much around him.
Season 5:
  • At the beginning of the Dark Days part 2 of OTH (aka Season 5), Brooke and Haley have grown apart over the years. However, they soon fall back into the swing of things, after Brooke babysits Jamie and asks him if he has "ever had a wine hangover." Brooke really bonds with Jamie this season, and all of their scenes are positively adorable. My personal favorite is when she buys him ice cream and they discuss Owen and the fact that she is "Brooke PENELOPE Davis."
Season 6:
  • Haley is there for Brooke in season 6 when it seems like MS has nothing better to do than repeatedly kick Brooke until she almost breaks (so rude-thank God Julian comes a calling). Jamie even reminds Brooke when things are hard that she is a part of their family; after all, she is "Aunt Brooke." 
Season 7:
  • Brooke was, in turn, there for Haley when some slut falsely claimed that Nathan had gotten her pregnant (stupid wh*re, messing with Naley like that). Brooke and Haley also have quite possibly the funniest scene ever shown on OTH (episode 7x08), when they both get high as kites on Quinn's weed brownies, call a psychic, and hide under a blanket from a monster that turns out to be Chester the floppy haired bunny. (Seriously if you have never seen these scenes, youtube immediately for hilarity and hysterics). Haley is also there for Brooke when things get rocky for her and Julian, and Brooke is in turn (once again) there for Haley when she becomes all angsty and emo after her mom's death. 
Season 8:
  • Haley is there for Brooke when C over B goes under, telling her to contradict what she said back in Season 3. She tells Brooke instead to follow her heart and focus on her sexy fiance, Julian (because Haley is obviously very good at focusing on her sexy husband-who wouldn't be). Haley helps Brooke plan her wedding and plays the part of her maid of honor dutifully. One of my fave OTH quotes ever comes from this storyline- "This year has been the hardest of my life, and you know who's always been here for me? No matter what? My maid of honor."  Haley gives a great speech about their friendship over the years, too, even recollecting the painkiller incident that started it all :). Brooke also showers little baby Lydia with affection and love once she is born, even though she had just lost her almost baby from the adoption that wasn't (stay strong, Brooke, good things are headed your way!) One of my favorites scenes with them from this season was when Brooke tried to sell the Karen's cafe sign, her car, and Julian's truck for Lydia. 
Season 9: 
  • Brooke and Haley have continued to be there for each other all season this year as well, with Haley acting as godmother for the always adorable Davis and Jude. Both of them had quite the storylines this year, facing Russian Basketball mobsters and paroled psycho-stalkers at every turn. However, they still manage to run their cafe together smoothly and in a fun way (who doesn't love the "Hi Brooke!" and "Hi Haley"'s we hear every episode). Another good moment was when Brooke (who obviously knows her two best friends very well and knew they would be making out) pretends to be grossed out and cover her eyes when going to see Nathan in the hospital. "I don't want to know what you're doing I just want to hug Nate." Oh Brooke, you are too funny. 
These two have clearly always been there for each other over the years, supporting each other through thick and thin and never leaving town and leaving the other to fend for themselves (cough, cough, Peyton). Their friendship has brought about many "aw" moments and OTH, and they no other two can make me laugh like these two. Here's to you, Brooke and Haley, my two favorites over the past 9 years. 

Thank you Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz for bringing these characters to life and making me giggle at least once an episode. Your dedication to OTH and gratefulness to the fans has not gone unnoticed, and I will miss seeing you both every Wednesday night!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 Days to Go: Let's Get Some Laughs Up in Here!

Hello- “Sister” here.  Mel’s letting me guest blog on the Number 3 countdown because:
1.       I asked her to
2.       I am ALMOST as big of an OTH fan as she is
3.       I was the one who introduced her to what turned out to be like her favorite show ever (I won’t get into her initial reaction here- but let’s just say she didn’t quite embrace the whole married in high school sitch.  Don’t worry though, the girl lives, sleeps, and breathes for Naley now and any fave episode of hers has at least 5 quality Naley scenes).
Since I’m sure that there have been, are, and will be plenty of tears being shed due to the ending of our “little show that could,” I thought we’d take a break from the bittersweet and focus on just the sweet- hilarity that is.  Although OTH is known for its dramatic moments, we can’t forget that as much as it has made us tear up (or for some of us, downright sob), sit on the edge of our seats, have heart attacks, scream at the television, etc., it has also made us laugh.  Several times in the past 9 years in fact, Mel and I have found ourselves squealing with laughter at the things our precious characters say or do, or, in some cases the people our precious characters do (see: Deb and creepy clown, Season 5).
While this list could have been as long as James Lafferty’s (horrendous) hair post 5-year time jump, I’ve capped it at my top 3:
1.       Brooke gets high on painpills: Ahh when we first met our fave girl B.Davis all the way back in Season 1, she was used mainly for a bit of comic relief amongst a cast of otherwise dark, broody, angry-art-making teens.  This whole sequence, from Peyton’s “what is this?” to B. Davis’s “I hear birds” makes me giggle every time. Brooke’s best one liners while under the influence of a double dose of fun given to her by a nimrod doctor college boy include:
·         “This is my best friend in the whole entire world- don’t you think she’s pretty…” (Even if doctor college boy does, he’s getting the hell outa dodge to avoid being accused of drugging minors.”
·         “What is your name?” (Tutor girl, Brooke, duh. An integral part of the love-rectangle-plus-one.”
·         “Yeah I don’t like that name, let’s call you….Brooke.” (Did she secretly somehow know Haley’s middle name is Bob?”
·         “Don’t you two like the same guy, or guys, or something?” (Yes, Brooke, they do.  And as a result, things are about to get very, very dramatic, for like 9 years).
·         “He gave her the nod.” (We saw it too Brooke, we saw it too  And millions of Naley fans everywhere were born.)
2.       The gang plays “I’ve Never” at Rachel’s cabin: The fact that this game is Bevin’s idea is a great start to the quick one-liners that fill this comical 60 or so seconds.  After Brooke calls out Rachel for calling Pete Wentz’s “never have I spent a cool weekend in the woods” lame, we are introduced to the recurring “Brooking-yourself” joke, which is far better slang than Dawson’s Creek’s “walking the dog,” I must say.  (Pause here to bring up the fact that a. it was lame b. Pete Wentz probably has never spent a “cool” weekend in the woods because he likely spent most of his weekends doing whatever, and whomever, rockstars do and c. he probably wanted to take as many drinks as possible to try and forget that awkward, 20 yard walk he took with Peyton).  After Brooke sucks it up and takes her drink of (hot chocolate?) and after we see a look from Lucas that shifts between damn-that’s-hot and oh-crap-am-I-not-living-up-to-my-boyfriendly-err-“duties,” Bevin admits to “Brooking” herself as well.  Other moments worth pointing out include Skills first (understandably) asking Bevin if she even knows what that means and Haley looking slightly appalled because clearly she has never had to Brooke herself because she gets to have not out of wedlock romps in the sack with James Lafferty.

3.       The talk about the ridiculousness that is Tree Hill at Honey Grove Prom: You gotta love a show that can poke fun at itself- and the little exchange between the cast and the luckiest high school girls on earth in Honeygrove, Texas, does just that.  These memorable quotes include:

·         Lucas: So nobody has a fatal heart condition? And a father who was purposely set on fire? (Or a father who has 2 sons by 2 different women in the same town? Or a father who has a brother who is the baby daddy of my yet to be born little sister? Or a father who paid a woman to act like she loved said baby daddy brother? I feel like the Honey Grove chicks got off easy just hearing about the set on fire thing).
·         Nathan: You have fellow classmates who are married right? Wife's pregnant, got married as Juniors... (No, Nathan, they don’t.  Unless of course those things happened in the opposite order than they did to you and they are on an MTV reality show.  Or this is 1850s Appalachia.)
·         Brooke: So I started the clothing line after Peyton and I shoplifted my designs back and got arrested. Girl: Arrested! What did your parents say? Brooke: Oh I haven't seen my parents in like a year! I live with my friend Rachel. She's so funny, she's had all this plastic surgery and she just got suspended and now, she’s kind of missing. (As for the parents thing, see Post 8.  As for how the Rachel thing turns out, see Dan Scott, Season 7).

Well that’s all for me, folks.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip down hilarity-lane.  Mel will be back tomorrow to discuss two ladies who make this show (even the not so funny moments) so amazing.