Saturday, March 31, 2012

4 Days to Go...Let's Get Crazy

Today we will delve into the world of the psychos and re-visit some of the craziest people ever to enter the town of Tree Hill (for such a small town, there were A LOT).

1. Nanny Carrie: This nanny makes every person you've ever had watch your children look like Nanny McPhee (including the one who got drunk and fooled around in your hot tub with her boyfriend). Seriously, she's bat-sh*t crazy. Nanny Carrie became Naley's nanny at the beginning of season 5. After a few episodes of being a good caregiver, the crazy b*tch pulled the switch and immediately hit on Nathan (bad move number one, nobody messes with Naley love and gets away with it). After shamelessly flirting with her employer became too easy, she then decided to sneak in the shower with him (normal). Now I know what you're thinking, "I've seen James Lafferty, I'd do it too!" And while James has the body of Greek god, there is no excuse for messing with Naley. That was just the beginning, though, because after they fired her, she decided she couldn't be away from Jamie and therefore thought it would be a good idea to kidnap him at the Lindsay-Luke wedding. After Dan saves Jamie and threatens her to kick her ass, it seems that she is gone for good (yeah right, we true fans know that all of the real crazies in OTH need to be shot at least 15 times before they even get knocked over). Messing with her was a bad idea for Dan, as in the finale she runs him down with a car and kidnaps him. Then, she sticks around for a season six storyline that spans wayyy too many episodes and culminates in a cornfield chase with Jamie and Haley. Luckily Deb is there to clobber her with a candestick or something and then when that obviously doesn't work because apparently she's immortal, Dan shoots her multiple times with a gun. Bye bye, Nanny Carrie, you will not be missed.

2. Psycho Fake-Brother Derek: In season 4, Peyton supposedly meets her biological brother, Derek. However, no parents (biological or adoptive) were around to tell her that, to quote Skillz, her brother was "a brother." Therefore, she ends up trusting the wrong guy and it comes back to attack her in her bedroom, lock her in a basement on prom night and then tussle with her and Brooke all throughout casa-a-Sawyer. Finally, after many tazes, gun shots, and falls out of windows later, he is caught by the po-po and put in jail. Oh and Peyton's real broski comes to help save her and then have a little boxing training at his military base. Fun times.

3. Crazy-Katie: Since we hadn't seen a sociopath in awhile and Quay hadn't been fully initiated into the OTH-fam yet (because they hadn't been attacked or had a near death experience), MS decided to write in Crazy-Katie. She is a total stranger that looks exactly like Clay's dead wife (can you say It Takes Two?) and dyes her hair and tries to act like Sarah to woo Clay. Because apparently dressing like a guy's dead wife and re-enacting their wedding is a great way to settle down. After she tries to jump off of a bridge (the one leading from Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach by the way) Clay saves her and she gets carted off to the looney-bin. However, she somehow escapes and returns again in the season 7 finale to shoot both Quinn and Clay (which by the way, I was pumped about because it meant OTH was getting renewed for another season since everyone did not have a happy ending). Anyways, she guns them down and escapes, returning again on a stereotypical dark and stormy night to square off with Quinn (little tip Quinn, hiding under the bed is a bad idea, that's where all of the crazies look first!). They fight awhile and then something happens that I can't remember but she somehow goes away. Cya never, Kate-Kate.

4. Stalker Xavier: This guy attacked Brooke, kidnapped Sam (aw Sam I miss you please come back for the finale), killed Quentin, and attacked Brooke again. After doing the first 3 things, the guy somehow got paroled (well, done Tree Hill cops, although I have no faith in you after that one guy teamed up with the Basketball Mobsters to hurt Nathan). After getting paroled, he stalked the crap out of Brooke and somehow got in their house and held precious baby Davis (ohh I was soooo pissed about this). In the next episode, he tries to kill Brooke and they have a throw-down in the (never-before-seen) parking garage. Luckily, rival-diner girl is there to save the day and taze his ass. He finally gets carted off to prison permanently and we assume he will stay there. Congrats go to Stalker Xavier, though, because you get to hold the title of last-ever OTH crazy. Well done.

Still can't believe the finale is only 4 days away :(. Tune in tomorrow for another post! Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Trips to the Beyond

Tonight's blog post highlights the 5 trips our fave characters have made to either the beyond, an alternate universe, or wherever their little (in Lucas' case literally broken) heart decided to take them while they were in coma-type situations. Let us begin.

1. Nathan (Season 2). After Nathan attempts to commit suicide (I know, bite my tongue!) because Haley abandoned him to go on tour with Chris (SOO DUMBB), he ends up in some sort of alternate universe where he is the boy from the wrong side of the tracks (as if Lucas is really that poor, I mean his bedroom has a separate entrance he and Karen can't be that short on cash). But anyways, in this world he and Haley are besties (though there is clearly something more and a Dawson and Joey type sexual tension in the air). Deb is also "poor" here and runs some sort of restaurant (Deb's Diner I think?). Lucas is the asshole, and I can't remember what Peyton's deal is, but I don't really care so I'll just move on. Brooke is still Brooke though, and attempts to sneak in on Nate in the shower (so funny). I personally enjoyed this episode because it gave us some Naley that we had been sorely lacking in during the "dark days" of season 2.

2. Lucas (Season 4). After the state basketball championship, everyone is getting along like aces. The team has won, Brooke has given her blessing to Leyton, and Naley is happily looking forward to their bambino. So, naturally, everything must be immediately shot to hell. After seeing his bffl (best friend fo lyfe) get run over by an angry basketball better, Lucas has a heart attack. At age 17. Normal, obviously. He then proceeds to have some ghost-like existence throughout the rest of the eppie, where he skulks around with Keith and watches everyone panic about him and Haley. He also enters some sort of alternate universe in which Peyton died in the school shooting and Brooke is now emo and gothic (even in an alternate universe I hated that scenario; happy high school Brooke needs to be decked out in pink and bubbly, dammit!). Still, all was right in the end, as both Lucas and Haley wake up. I found this whole episode kind of dumb, although I am sure Craig Shaffer (Keith) was pumped to have work again.

3. Karen (Season 4). Karen has a brief interlude in the beyond, where she sees their daughter, at this point un-named running through fields of flowers. She then runs into Keith and they have cute moments to appease the 4 Keith/Karen fans out there. Then he tells her to look for him in the lilies, which I still, to this day, don't get. But whatevs, she wakes up and names the baby Lily. Moving on.

4. Quay (Season 7). Quinn and Clay have a lovely time in the beyond and use their time their to have sex in the ocean and lay naked on the beach. However, soon they realize that they are dying and aren't on a freakin' vaca to Cabo and things turn sour. They must figure out to get back to the real world. They take a nice stroll through the Arlie Gardens before Quinn makes it back, wakes up, and leaves Clay to fend for himself. This storyline was acceptable for approximately 5 minutes, then it just got stupid because we all knew their bodies were bleeding in his house for hours and hours and no one noticed and Quinn and Clay were too busy getting frisky on the beach to notice, either.

5. Clay (solo this time, also Season 7). After Quinn leaves him, Clay remains in the beyond solo, for I believe multiple episodes? So dumb. However, we all get a nice PSA about not driving while texting when he meets a man who had that fate in the beyond. Because apparently it gets lonely there and you can find people to chat with (on the roof of Clothes Over Bros, no less). However, Clay finally wakes up and gets better, sleepwalks for awhile, finds his son, proposes to Quinn, and they all live happily ever after.

That's all folks! Tune in tomorrow, where we will take a walk on the crazy side! Kisses!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

6 Cutest Kids in Tree Hill

Tonight's blog post, like I teased last night, pertains to the "little people," aka the residents of Tree Hill under 5 feet that have only added to the awesomeness of OTH since they arrived, beginning in season 5.

1. James Lucas Scott. Oh Jimmy Jam, we have all loved you since you first gave angry bearded Daddy Nathan that precious drawing in 5x01. Since then, you have shown wisdom beyond your years 99.9% of the time you have been onscreen and proved once again that children have better instincts about people than adults (after all, only you believed in Dan after all of these years). Some of your best lines are (but not limited to) "What's under all of those clothes Brooke Davis?" "Brooke PENELOPE Davis." "I have a floppy eared bunny named Chester." "I look like a tool." "I didn't like it!!" and my personal favorite: when Brooke asked how old you were in Season 5 and you looked at your fingers and held up 4, all the while continuing to eat your chocolate ice cream cone. Jamie, you have been adorable for 4+ years, shout-out to Jackson for kicking ass onscreen and giving us so many "awww" moments.

2. Logan Evans: Oh Logan, I never thought we would ever see someone as a rival to Jamie's cuteness, but you proved us all wrong. The moment you spoke onscreen (something about a plane), I was hooked, and immediately wanted Quay (yupp decided on that) to adopt you. Little did I know you were actual Clay's son. (Well done, MS). Ever since then, you have been cuter than cute. I have been fans of Quay for awhile, but you and you alone have succeeded in converting many more fans to that couple-dom, so well done. When you stuck your tiny fist in the air with the Green Latern ring to help your Dad propose, you reached new heights of adorability. Here's to hoping you call Quinn "Mom" in the finale, because I would cry of happiness.

3. Davis Baker: You are the cutest little baby I have seen on television in years. You have been so cute all season long, especially in last night's episode when Brooke said "say good job to Daddy" and you babbled into the phone. You are so cute that MS would have had to deal with a very angry Brooke Davis and ME had he hurt you in the infamous car incident or when stalker Xavier came a'calling. I can't wait to see the 5 year old you in the predicted time jump in the finale.

4. Lydia Scott: Oh Lydia Bob, you are cute as well. While it was confusing for awhile there when you were played by 3 different babies who looked nothing alike, I now am pleased that straight-haired version of you has stuck. Your first steps were precious, as well as when you were playing with your animal toys with your Mommy in last night's eppie. You are one lucky girl, Lydia, not only do you have the best and most attractive parents ever, but you have the best big brother. Also, you will never remember the dark days of your Dad's unfortunate long-haired/bearded wheelchair days, or the horrible time when he was kidnapped. Here's to hoping that you have a happy childhood in the Naley household, but we all know you will.

5. Jude Baker: You are quite the cutie as well Jude. I have to say my personal favorite is Davis (don't judge, I am allowed to play favorites they aren't my kids). However, Jude you are cute too and I have to congratulate you on being the first kid in Tree Hill (minus Logan) to not be named after a last name or a dead mom. Wooo hooo! Go Jude, Mr. Original.

6. Sawyer Brooke Scott: Sawyer, for the approximately 20 seconds you were onscreen in the season 6 finale, you were very cute. However, your parents chose to take you away to New Zealand for no apparent reason, so you got put on the bottom of our list. Hope you're having fun down under and riding kangaroos or whatever the hell it is you and your parents are doing there. P.S. Sorry you have a dude's name.

Well that's it for tonight. Sorry for the overuse of "cute" "adorable" and varaitions of such words. But really, how could I not with these cuties? Thanks for reading! Comments are welcome and encouraged!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 Tree Hillers Who Have Gone To Heaven

In tonight's featured post, we will honor the Fallen of Tree Hill. But first I want to say that it just hit me that next week will be the last episode of OTH ever, and I am beginning to mourn. Usually at this time of the year we are all saying "suck it, CW, we got renewed." However, this is really it this time and I am extremely sad. Now, onto mocking the dead (television-dead only of course).

1. Keith Scott- We obviously have to open with Keith Scott, because he is awesome and because his death scene has been flash-backed to more than any other scene in television history. Seriously, I have memorized the camera angles for that scene and the evil look on Dan's face. Oh Keith, you have been missed, although not as much as we originally thought since your ghost tends to pop up occasionally (kinda surprised you didn't guide Clay through his near death experience, even though you two had never met because that seems like a MS thing to do). You were a great guy, Keith. From selling your only source of income to pay for Luke's medical bills, to wooing Karen for 3 seasons and finally winning her heart, you were swell. You'll always be remembered, Keith, mostly because Sister and I cannot see lilies without giggling about you.

2. Dan Scott- Congrats on getting on our list Dan (as Keith's plus-one). You were quite the little super-villain there for awhile, bud. Still cannot believe you actually married Rachel? Killing Keith I understand (kidding peeps-relax) but marrying RACHEL? c'monn.  However, you always managed to redeem yourself in the end and NO ONE will ever forget the sweet killing all of the Russian basketball mobsters sequence. (Cue Rambo music). RIP Dan, I'm sure if Naley has another boy his name will be Daniel in your honor (oooohh FLASH-FORWARD PREDICTION-you heard it first here).

3. Quentin Fields- Oh Q, I will be forever grateful to you for teaching Jamie the "Oh Hott Damn" song that inspired many adorable dance parties with the Scott fam. You also helped Nate get back into NBA shape, which led to a sweaty James Lafferty on our screens (Seriously, we all owe ya one).

4. Lydia James- First of all, this woman should be a saint for marrying a man with the same first and last name. Second, I was always pleased with her whenever she visited the Scott fam in Tree Hill. She was a Naley fan through and through, and because of her we got to see the only pseudo-Christmas OTH ever had. Lydia, I was a little bitter toward you for dying and leaving an angry suicidal Haley in your absence; however, all is forgiven since things with Hales are hunky-dory again. Also, your namesake is really cute.

5. Sarah Evans- Sarah, it is hard for me to look at you and not see Crazy Stalker Katie, but I should try harder not to because its not your fault OTH has budget constraints and has to have the same actress play you, nor is it your fault that MS has an affinity for psycho-stalkers. Moreover, we will all always be in your debt for having the cutest kid ever since Jamie Scott season 5, Logan. Seriously, your kid is adorbs. RIP knowing that newly betrothed Clinn (Quay?- still can't decide) will take good care of him.

6. Peyton's dead mom #1: Anna Sawyer. Dear Anna, we never knew you (not even in flashbacks actually, oddly enough), but we did know your curly-haired emo daughter. Oh, and I guess we knew you were a cheerleader and loved a man named Larry. Hope you like heaven and have welcomed the rest of the Tree Hill deceased with open arms! Sorry your kid didn't name her daughter after you! (Bummer).

7. Peyton's dead mom #2: Ellie (What was her last name? We'll just go with Ellie Rocker.) Ellie Rocker birthed the lovely Peyton and gave her up for adoption. However, they reunited in season 3 and hung out, drove the infamous Peyton-mobile in the rain, and went to a few rock concerts. Glad Peyton finally found someone who like the same music as her. Hope you and Anna are rocking out in heaven! (Again, sorry your kid didn't name her daughter after you either).

Thanks for reading! Teaser: Tomorrow's post has to do with the "little people."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

8 Absentee Parents

In honor of 8 days until the OTH finale, I have decided to discuss the 8 Worst Parental Units in Tree Hill. In an earlier blog post I briefly discussed the "loosey-goosey" parenting that appears more often than not in Tree Hill. Here are our winners!

1. The top absentee parent goes to.....drumroll......Peyton's parents! (all 4 of them). Now we won't put much blame on Anna (no not Anna of Felix & Anna, her mom Anna). After all, Anna died in a car accident when Peyton was 8 so she isn't absentee by choice. Peyton's other 3 parents, however, have got some 'splaining to do....We'll start with Larry. Sweet, sweet Larry. Seems like a loving father, but he is gone 99.9% of the time, only returning when his daughter gets attacked or shot. Dear Larry, if your daughter is getting attacked and shot while you're gone you probs shouldn't be gone in the first place. Leaving a normal 16 year old girl at home alone 11 months out of the year seems bad enough, but leaving Peyton "I hate the world and have so many problems" Sawyer alone is close to child-abuse. Then we have Peyton's birth parents: Ellie "I show up out of the blue after 17 years because I am dying" and Mick "I am a cool drunk 24/7 rocker Dad" Wolf. These two are just as bad, not because they didn't check in over the years (because hello that is the definition of a closed-adoption), but because they came back at all. At least we got to see where Peyton got her love of slasher music.

2. James James (still cannot believe that is actually his name, who they hell were his parents, they should be on this list) and Lydia James. These two are very supportive, if not a little kooky and provide a fair amount of amusement when they are onscreen. FOR THE 5 SECONDS THEY ARE AROUND. It literally seems like they were waiting around for their 16 year old to get married to her boyfriend of 3 months so they could drive off into the sunset in their RV. Who does that? First of all, even if they were Naley fans they should have made the kids be engaged for a bit before getting married. Maybe then Haley wouldn't have run off on tour at the first sign of conflict. (That's right James parents, I'm blaming you for the 2nd half of season 2). I don't care how hott Nathan was, at least keep an eye on your 16 year old bride (for at least a few episodes anyway).

3. Dan Scott and Deb Scott. Oh, Danny boy, you are lucky that you live in Tree Hill where the bar of good parenting is set so low that you somehow managed to only be number 3 on our list. First of all you abandoned your first son for 16 years and as Sister wisely points out moved back to the same town where said son and former lover reside. STUPIDDD. There is like 8 people in Tree Hill, you really think you're not going to run into them?? Then there is how you handled Nate. No, you weren't absent ever; you were just crazy and over-bearing. Still, I can't hate on you too much, you ended up being a great Grandpa, and I never speak ill of the dead. RIP. As far as Deb goes, I won't say a thing but allow a quote from Haley to Nathan in season 4 to say it all: "Your mom, the former drug addict, attempted murder who dropped a loaded gun in the cafĂ©?". Well, put, Hales, 'nuff said. 

4. Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Brooke's parents were literally never around in high school. Literally. We did not even see Mrs. Davis until season 5 (after Brooke was 18 btw) and Mr. Davis until season 9. These two were so absent that it was never even mentioned why they weren't around. Case and point. 

5. Mr. and Mrs. Gatina. Rachel's parents. Ditto to the paragraph above, except their daughter was quite the little party-girl slut in high school and could have used a good time out. 

6. Clay and Sarah Evans. Sarah, we don't blame you since you also died unexpectedly a la Anna Sawyer. However, Clay, you forgot your son? Really? How could anyone forget the adorable-ness that is Logan. Seriously that kid is so freakin' cute. At least he finally remembered and can make up for it with good parenting in the next 12+ years. 

7. Mr. and Mrs. Scolnick. Chuck's parents are alcoholic and abusive. That says it all I think. Thank God he has a pseudo-Dad in Chase. 

8. Karen Roe. Only in season 1 when she leaves and goes off to a foreign cooking school (whattttt??? so dumb. MS I know that Moira Kelley had a baby but you totes could've come up with a different storyline). But other than that goof, Karen was the best parent Tree Hill ever saw. Until the Fab 5 grew up and became parents themselves, that is. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

9 Days and Counting- What About Love?

In honor of OTH ending, I have decided to do a 9 day tribute with a different topic each day for the last 9 days leading up to the finale. Tonight's topic: What About Love? I have to decided to rank my top fave 9 couples of One Tree Hill (let's see if I can actually come up with 9 haha)

1. Naley: The heart and soul of the show, Tutor Girl and Hott-Asshole turned Sweethart, Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott. Sigh- I could go on forever about these two and their level of precious-ness. They fell in love in season 1 after a beautiful tutoring date on the Riverwalk (who couldn't fall in love in gorgeous Wilmington (er, Tree Hill?). One CrackerJack bracelet, several psychos (of the nanny and tramp variety), one tour gone wrong, two weddings, three dead parents and two beautiful children later, Naley is still going strong. They've survived so much and have done so with an adorable-ness that makes them number 1 in my heart (and each others) (sorry that was cheesy). Always and Forever, Nales.

2. Brulian: Julian "can't high-five without looking awkward" Baker and Brooke Penelope "swore never to love again after Lucas broke her heart" are a close second. These two are so perfect for each other because they both have survived horrible parents and horrible broken hearts. They know how to be there for each other and they always seem to say the right thing to make the other feel better. Julian graced Tree Hill and our screens with his presence starting in season 6, and I have been "on board" (shoutout to sister there) ever since. He has had an ability to understand Brooke that no one else has mastered and his goofy, sweet but awkward personality has been adorbs. Here's to Brulian for making Brooke believe in love again, and having the most adorable twins ever. (Shout-out to my fave Tree Hill bambino- Davis Baker).

3. Clinn (or is it Quay? who knows?) Yupp, I like them better than Leyton, so sue me. Haley's only aforementioned once previously sister and Nathan's hotshot basketball agent joined the OTH fam together in season 7 and within 5 seconds it was obvious to everyone that they would be endgame. (Despite the fact that she was still married. Yeah remember that? Quinn was married to some guy named David who she basically dumped for Clay and then David tried to get revenge by hooking up with sloppy seconds Taylor, but I digress). I have always found these two cute but now that they have the most adorable son ever, Logan, they have moved up on my couple list. (Sorry Leyton, maybe if you had stuck around and I got to see more of Sawyer I would like you better). Congrats, Clay and Quinn for making it through everything you have, including your first Tree Hill psycho-stalker (sorry you guys had to go through that but its like a Mark Schwann hazing ritual or something).

4. Leyton- Lucas "wrong side of the tracks" Scott and Peyton "I hate the world and love black but somehow am a cheerleader" Sawyer have been through a lot. In the first few seasons they secretly hooked up a few times (such as in a hotel room and when she was bleeding in the school library) and then they finally got together at the State Championship b-ball game right before Lucas had a heart-attack (that'll teach you not to waste time, Peyton). Then they almost got engaged a few times, he almost got married, and they finally became endgame. Don't get me wrong, they're cute, I just like the other 3 couples better. But I did enjoy Leyton while we had them (loved their wedding eppie) and wish them all the best in New Zealand (or wherever the hell they are).

5. Mouthie- Marvin "Mouth" McFadden (no not the bar) and Millicent "Millie" Huxtable (no she isn't a Cosby kid). I've always liked these two. They are cute enough that I usually don't get annoyed when they get screen time together (although sister says she has no use for them). Millie is just goofy and nerdy enough to work with Mouth and I'll be happy when they are all lovey-dovey when he is skinny again in the finale.

6. Chia and Chalex: This may seem contradictory but I found Chase cute with both Mia and Alex. I think I probably like him better with Mia, though he and Alex were cute too. Since Jana Kramer is not coming back for the finale (that I know of) I kinda hope that Chia gets another shot (if Kate Voegle comes back).

(This is now becoming difficult)

7. Bevillz (yeah I tried): Skillz and Bevin were hysterical together during high school (who remembers when they were worried about telling their parents about each other because of their bi-racial relationship; and when she "Note-booked" him). Rumor is that Bevin Prince (plays Bevin, in case you didn't deduce that) will be back for the finale so here's to hoping that these two reunite! (for comedic sake).

8. Ummmmm Jamie and Madison? Sureee. They're cute. Go little people!

9. Karen and Keith? Yeah we'll round things out with them. They were extremely cute and were about to make the perfect family (until, you know, his brother shot him in the most-flashbacked to scene ever in OTH) (seriously they show that flashback at least 5 times a year, Craig Shaffer must make bank if he gets royalty rights). But they had their moments, like the only-mentioned once "look for me in the lilies" and when he proposed in the middle of the Cheerleading Competition (or wait-she did) (romantic, Karen).

Well, I managed to do it. The last few were hard. haha thanks for reading and I'll be back tomorrow night!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh Danny Boy, It Gets Better.

Wow. What a great hour of OTH. Seriously, best episode this season! 

Let's start with the cutest reunion ever. NALEY!
Omg they were adorable the entire eppie. But the reunion. I could not get enough. Neither could Haley apparently since she glued herself to Nathan the entire episode. (Can you blame her, have you seen Nathan??). LOVED the "always and forever" reference. Its been too long since they have said that. I loved how they really showed how much these two need each other.

Also, thoroughly enjoyed when Brooke and Julian went to see them and Brooke was covering her eyes because she just knew they would be making out (Again, clearly Brooke has seen Nathan). The hugging between the 4 of them was precious. 

Speaking of Brooke and Julian, they were adorable all episode long. I love how supportive Julian is of Brooke when her parents are soo not-supportive. Best line he said all episode: "There's not room in my tv show for someone who doesn't love Brooke Davis." (I know, TV SHOW? We'll get to that in a bit). But that line was precious. 

Also precious was the ever adorable Logan, who gave Clay the cutest hug EVER and finally accepted his Dad. I think the combo of the airplane toy and Clay promising him he wasn't going to leave again really won him over. Also cute was the scene with Quinn and Logan. They were precious.y

Now onto Dan Scott. Oh Danny Boy. You finally redeemed yourself with everyone. Including Keith Scott and God apparently, because they both agreed to let you into heaven. The scenes with Dan and Haley, Nate, Deb, and his grandkids were awesome. (Enjoyed the scene with Deb especially because those two are funny). Shout-out to Paul Johannson for a great 9 years, we will miss ya!

Before I get into the specifics that is Julian's tv show (believe me I WILL), I would like to say again that this episode was the best one all season, and in a long time. Why, you ask? Can't say for sure but I would like to point out that this one revolved only around characters with the last names (or affiliations to the last names) Scott, Baker, and Evans. Interesting.....the best episode all year includes only the Scotts, the Bakers, and the Evans....hmmm.....HELLO MARK SCHWANN do you get what I'm saying here?? We do not need all of those extra characters and unnecessary plotlines. Give us our Naley, our Brulian, and our Clinn and we are perfectly happy. Please and thanks.

Now onto the tv show. Wow! Julian creating a tv show about the book Lucas wrote! About the high school years of the kids at Tree Hill High. So, just to clarify, he's basically writing about the teenhood of his friends in Tree Hill. Which takes place on the show One Tree Hill. Filmed in Wilmington, NC. Hmmmm....where have we seen this before. Hmm....

OH WAIT! Didn't another show do a storyline near the series finale where a character creates a TV show about his teenhood with his friends?? Wait wasn't this show also filmed in Wilmington, NC??? That's right folks, and it was called Dawson's Creek. (For those of you who haven't seen (God forbid!) in the series finale of DC Dawson creates a TV show based on his teenhood and his friends' teenhood-titled The Creek). 

Okay I know I just called out MS hardcore. I would like to say that honestly I don't care and think the TV show idea is a good one because I loved the movie idea from season 6 and was sad when they stopped it (btw James Van der Beek aka Dawson was the director on that too). Clearly MS is making a nod to the other Wilmington-filmed show Dawson's Creek. Kudos to him. Just found it amusing that they are doing a similar thing.

Favorite quotes from tonight:
-"Always and forever." (sighh Naley)
-"Work on the clothing line has been kinda slow because I was busy with the Cafe and the a psychopath, and my best friend's husband got kidnapped." (Brooke)
-"You know what's cool, Dad? We both got kidnapped and we both got saved by Grandpa Dan." (Don't know why but roommate and I found this extremely funny and giggled for like 5 minutes, way to find that silver lining, Jamie.)
-"Am I in hell?" (Dan after seeing Deb-funny)

I really did love the episode tonight! Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: UnmAsked

1. I called it! Totes knew MonA was going to be A just like in the books. For people who are disappointed, think about it. It was too good of a storyline not to use. Plus clearly she's part of some crazy A-team since she had a visitor in the last 5 secs of the episode. I'm sure we'll have a new A next season!

2. SPOBY! Oh my heart. Toby you wonderful man you. Thank you so much for delivering the best line ever to be heard on television "Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever had to do." And then I lost it. (#thatawkwardmomentwhen you're squeeing at the tv and your not PLL fan of a roommate is there) Who care though? What a guy. Seriously cannot stop raving about these two. All along, Toby was working hard to find a way to protect Spencer from A. Only he could convince Dr. Sullivan to come back and help save the girls. I mean who wouldn't listen to that adorable face? And their kiss. The smiling and the adorable-ness was too much to bear. Must. find. on. youtube. asap.

3. #Ezriagoespublic. Yes this was one of the many trends from tonight as Ezra and Aria lose their masks and dance to Lady A (Antebellum, not MonA). That was adorable as well.

4. Maya :(. In a scene exactly like the pilot (clever, Marlene) the girls show up at Ali's old house to find the police carrying Maya's body out. As much as I am indifferent to Maya (don't hate) the sight of Emily crying was veryy sad. Kudos to Shay Mitchell for acting here.

5. Mona, Mona, Mona. You tried but you couldn't outsmart the smartest Liar ever-Spencer. I mean the girl's a freaking genius (just ask her about the Wexley scale or whatever she said in the beginning). Spencer figures it out and cleverly secretly calls the liars and pulls the parking break to stop the car and get out. (Note to self, do that if every kidnapped). Then Mona falls off of the cliff and we think she dies, but really she gets carted off to the insane asylum. Poor girl, I'd feel bad for her if she didn't try to throw Spencer off of a cliff and hurt Hanna that much.

A lot more happened, but I could not cover it all in one blog. It was a mind f*** of an hour.

Other thoughts:

Spencer saying "We're team Sparia" was cute and funny.
Toby, you are adorable and awesome and I still can't stop talking about that kiss.
Great acting by all tonight. Everyone was so good. Thought that Ashley Benson played the shock and sadness Hanna would feel perfectly.
Now I must go back and rewatch the first 2 seasons for hints.

P.S. OMG SPOBY. Still cannot stop squeeing about it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh no they didn't! : Unnecessary Moments on One Tree Hill

I love One Tree Hill. Really I do. A girl doesn't own all of the seasons of a show and take a special trip to Wilmington, NC for a show she just likes. But, I also love poking fun at One Tree Hill. It's fun to love, and fun to make fun of. That is why I have composed this list of REALLY? moments that I can't believe actually happened.

1. Peyton and Lucas naming their DAUGHTER Sawyer (6x24). I mean, come on. Jamie works because he's a boy and that was the first time they did it. I'll even give them Davis, because it works as a boy's name. But Sawyer? For a girl? Poor kid.

2. Having a dog eat Dan Scott's  new heart (6x18). Like, they couldn't use some normal medical reason for not getting him a new heart? Like, the family decided not to donate? Nope, instead a stoned dog has to come into the hospital, cause some guy to trip, spilling the heart on the floor, and the dog eats it. Never mind the plausibility errors here (the cooler would totes be locked, there would never be a dog in the ER like that, and I'm sure that the doctors do not carry the organs just in unauthorized areas like that).

3. The whole storyline with Peyton's dad. 1. The fact that he was a sailor. 2. The fact that he left his high school aged daughter alone at home for long periods of time to fend for herself. I mean it'd be different if she had friends with parents who we're loving, supportive and stable and would let her crash there (i.e. Emily staying with Hanna and her mother on Pretty Little Liars). But. none of Peyton's friends have parents who are around. Come to think of it, what kind of loosey goosey parenting takes place in Tree Hill? I'm going to come out and say that Karen is the only real stable parent in the town. Let's take a closer look:

  • Peyton: Dad- off at sea (see above). Mom (s)- deceased. 
  • Brooke: Dad- God know's where. Mom- God know's where. (Until season 5 when she appears, after Brooke is over the age of 18, makes a lot of sense). 
  • Haley: Her parents are super nice and supportive Naley fans (aren't we all). But letting your 16 year old marry some guy she's been dating for all of 3-5 months and then setting off on a cross-country RV trip does not seem like A+ parenting. 
  • Nathan: Dad- Crazy, horrible father (until last episode of course). Mom- kind of a drunken slut (no offense, Deb.)
So, we can all see that the parenting in Tree Hill is severely lacking. Back to my list.

4. Deb sleeping with Keith (1x22). Not out of character for her (see drunken slut sentence above), but completely out of character for him. And stupid. 

5. Haley leaving Nathan and going on a rock tour with Chris Keller to find herself (2x13). Sooooo dumbbb. We totes did not need Haley to pull a Joey Potter and leave the love of her life to go "find herself." (See Dawson's Creek, season 2). The worst part was when Nate gets all romantic and shows up to surprise her and she is horrible to him. This storyline really ruins season 2, which I like to call the dark days and refuse to watch unless forced. Also, I am especially ticked because this storyline made Nathan break the adorable "Wedding Wall" and burn their first wedding pics. Highly unnecessary. 

6. The whole betting on basketball with Daunte and the weird basketball betting lords (4x6). This storyline was stupid and implausible. First of all, who bets on high school basketball games??? Second of all, Rick Fox your career must have really been in the tubes if you decided to guest star on OTH. 

7. Karen naming her baby Lily (aren't there enough of those on TV?) and saying it was because Keith told her to look for him in the lilies. When did Karen and Keith EVER reference lilies in their relationship before?!? Like when? Would make sense if he always bought her lilies or something, but he never did. Whatever. 

8. Emo Season 5 Nathan. Enough Said. (Especially because they made James have that awful beard and long hair). 

9. Nanny Carrie. Enough said. Love Torrey DeVitto though.

10. And finally, the crazy Nate getting kidnapped by Russian Basketball Mobsters (Season 9). But, I've already written about that (see my "Dear Mark Schwann" letter).

Still, despite all of these REALLY?! storylines, I love me some O-T-H. Don't know what I would do without it and will be sad when its gone :(. 

I'll be blogging about more OTH stuff as things with the show begin winding down. Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just When You Thought He Couldn't Outdo the Last 9 Years....OTH Recap

Well, Mark Schwann, you have officially outdone yourself. Just when we all think we have seen the craziest episode of O.T.H. ever, (i.e. school shooting, Crazy Nanny Carrie) you surpass that all and come up with 45 minutes of mind blowing-awesomeness.

First of all: JAMES IS BACK! YAYYY I missed James Lafferty's beautiful face. Second,  Dan, Chris Keller, and Julian= brilliant. Those three were so funny. Especially the target practice scene. As sister eloquently texted me, "Austin is sexy with a gun." (Well, Austin is sexy always, but yes packing weapons does add to his hottness.

Dan sends Julian home "because he has a family," but makes Chris Keller stay because he called shotgun. Oh, so punny, Dan. Dan is really good at running things and plotting (sister points out: "he learned a lot during his time in the slammer"). Chris is able to create a diversion (by running a car into the building and the guy who made the Kim Kardashian reference) and then runs off, because he is, after all, Chris Keller. Then Dan infiltrates the building and acts like he is a freakin' Halo game and starts taking out Russian basketball mobsters left and right.

Cut to the head Russian Basketball Mobster, who doesn't waste any time shooting what we believe to be Nathan (cue me screaming profanities at the television). However Dan gets him out (unrealistically fast-points out sister) and the two plan their escape. Dan finally ends up taking a bullet for Nate (which I def called) and gives him the gun to shoot the head Russian Basketball Mobster (I know, SERIOUSLY?).

Then the cutest part of the episode happens when Sensitive Julian himself appears and saves Nate from the evil collaborationist cop. (Cue me cheering "YAYYY JULIAN!") at the TV.

Meanwhile, it seemed to be a pretty violent evening in Tree Hill, because Brooke has an extremely scary scuffle with stalker Xavier in a never before seen parking garage. Prior to this, we always have seen characters park on the street. However, as sister points out, "Must have been crowded that day." [By the way a parking garage is right across from where they filmed Karen's cafe, it is where the actors' trailers were kept on location. Know this from when i visited Wilmington 2 summers ago :) ]. Anyways, Brooke ends up okay when Tara tazes stalker Xavier. The two then bond over their hate over the other's coffee.

Haley was barely in this one, just remembering sad flashbacks of her and Nathan. While I enjoyed watching Nathan's speech from Season 4, all I could think about was that Joy was probs watching the Season 4 OTH dvd and just pictured Mark Schwann like popping it in the dvd player. haha.

Oh and Clay and Quinn were skulking around graveyards. Nice, but I want Logan back.

Did I forget anything? OH WAIT! STUPID MARK SCHWANN WITH THE STUPID CLIFFHANGER! I was extremely upset (cue more yelling at the tv) when we didn't see anything else but Haley answering the phone. Sister and I have decided that we better get an adorable Naley reunion scene next week. If we don't I am sure there will be more yelling at the TV and I will NOT be happy.

Still, Nathan's finally back, stalker Xavier's gone, and no one hurt sweet little Davis Baker. Thank God.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Follow Me and End Up Like Me (Um, no.)

Oh Pretty Little Liars, you have gone above and beyond in your ability to creep the hell out of me tonight. I will be recollecting that "Follow Me and End Up Like Me Scene" for a long time. (Marlene King if I have nightmares tonight I am totes blaming you).

But first I have to have a little Lorelai Gilmore-type rant:
Dear People who yelled at me over Twitter tonight for tweeting during the episode,
  I totally understand if you can't watch because you are doing hw. That being said, if you are doing hw, get off Twitter and do it! Maybe if you could time manage better you would be watching and tweeting along with me instead of yelling at me for tweeting.

P.S. I wasn't tweeting anything that spoiled anything so back off.
P.P.S. This doesn't include my friend Kristin because I know you were kidding.

Rant over. Now onto the recap. (book and show spoilers lie ahead).

First of all, no Spoby minus one look by Spencer :(. Still, no Wren either, so I'll take it. Especially since Marlene King tweeted about an awesome kickass Spoby kiss next week.

Second, MonA is so obviously A and they are making us think its Melissa to throw us off. Happened in the book and is going to happen again. Second, its obvious that Garrett, Melissa, Ian, and Jenna did not kill Ali since she was killed in the woods and they were all in her room that night. Exhibit A (pun intended)= alibi.

Speaking of Jenna, I now official think she is the coolest person ever. Okay I really don't but I admire the hell outta her for convincing everyone she's still blind because that was just awesome. And I do believe that she does forgive the Liars; I think she is just trying to get some weird revenge on Garrett. Also she's not A either. Hello, red herring.

Ezria- sad. Aria was being a little dramatic though and trying to blackmail her parents was too far. There was no need to hurt her mom like that.

MonA gave Hanna an old cell phone and I bet anything that that's how Hanna figures out she's A. She prob finds old A texts or something on it.

Now to the creepy as all hell doll shop. The owner is apparently in cahoots with A (MonA) and MonA is paying her to help her creep the girls (AND VIEWERS) out. Also she is paying the weird ass kid in lollipops. Who, by the way was def talking about Noel and MonA when he said a couple with dark hair came into the shop.

Back to the creepy part, the combo of doll-lady and MonA def skeezed me out. Big time. And now I feel the need to lecture our Pretty Little Liars. Girls, if some sketchy doll is telling you to follow it in a creep Exorcist (just saw this movie for the first time this weekend and ew) voice. DON'T FOLLOW IT! Like hello have you learned nothing by being stalked for the past year! Run Away! Fast!!!!!! But alas, they don't (of course), and we are all left feeling scared as hell.

My last point before next week. Assuming MonA is A and the show continues to follow the book path (which I think they should because its sooo goood- seriously after I finished the 8th book I could not sleep that night), then it is actually Ali they all have been "seeing." Spencer scene-the door wide open, the pills gone, obvious. It's def Ali (Real Ali, not Courtney.) And if you don't know what I'm talking about then read the books because its too long to explain here.

Mmk, that's it for the night. Prediction for next week: MonA goes away (dies?) next week and new A (Real Ali) begins texting them at the very end and everyone is left with a nice WTF moment to tide them over until the summer season begins. Also, I am pumped for some Spoby love next week. Woooo hooo.

Thanks for readin'!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear Mark Schwann: Re: This Season.

Dear Mark Schwann,

Don't get me wrong dude, you know I love you. My love was obvious on the OTH set tour (I may or may not have jumped up and down and squeed at the sight of your parking spot). Still- even the best of friends have their issues and right now I have a bone to pick with you.

Okay, first, I have to ask. Did someone sleep with your wife (wait do you even have a wife?), kick your dog, slap your mom, or key your car recently? Because the way you are treating the residents of Tree Hill lately makes me worry about your emotional state of mind.

First-Naley. Okay, now this one isn't completely your fault. I know James decided he could not wait another year to pursue his love of travel and making useless online travel shows and that's why he is only available for a certain number of episodes. Still- I am thoroughly disappointed in the lack of Naley cuteness we have seen thus far. And it all comes back to the fact that Nate apparently got kidnapped by Russian basketball mobsters. Yes, you read that right. I know, right? SERIOUSLY??!! Mark I know you are a fan of unrealistic storylines (i.e. Crazy Nanny Carrie, stoned heart-eating dogs); but still, come on. Like REALLY?! I wouldn't care so much had it only lasted like 2 episodes, but this is getting old. We haven't seen James' perfect face or muscles in days, and when we do, he has a buzz haircut (ughh, but again not your fault). However, I am enjoying Dan and Haley teaming up and the humorous storyline of last week where Haley acted like a hooker ("Go give Deb her clothes back"-hehe).

Now- Bruilan. First of all, kudos for casting the cutest babies on the planet (Davis Baker is my personal fave.) But the Julian forgetting the carseat storyline- completely unnecessary. Sensitive Julian worries enough as it is, no need to make him even more upset. And I hated seeing his sweet face get wailed on in that one eppie. And now, stalker Xavier back? And creeping in their house holding the adorable Davis? Not cool dude. If he hurts one hair on Davis' cute head he will have to deal with an extremely angry Brooke and Julian AND me.

Now onto Clinn or Quay (whichever you prefer). I first thought that the whole sleepwalking storyline was extremely dull and stupid (Especially since it sent Nathan away again). But, as it has led to the adorable little Logan (giving season 5 Jamie a run for his money), I have accepted it. But seriously, you totes shouldn't have dyed that kid's hair. Looks weird and extremely unnatural.

What else... Fat Mouth-enough said. Chris Keller- just funny enough to keep me entertained and amused. Chase and Chuck- cute but the whole lead pipe thing was unnecessary. Chase totes would've gone to jail anyway b.t. dubs because that was wayy more than self-defense but whatevs.

So, in conclusion. Please give me my Naley back asap. Keep crazy Xavier away from cute Baker boys, and give Logan and Jamie an adorable kids scene (because they both are sooo cute).


P.S. You totes got Jimmy Edwards' death date wrong.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Little Liars 2x23, BOOM

Well, after #PLL tonight I am left creeped out and excited for next week. (So the usual).

First of all. TOBY'S BACK! YAYY! My Spoby heart squeed for a sec but then was saddened. (b/c Jenna's back too ugh) Turns out Toby's little hiatus from Rosewood turned him into a scared, angry kid. (sad face). Still, what did we expect? That he and Spencer would run into each other's arms in the hallway at Rosewood High and Jenna would preform their wedding? (if only) Not losing hope on them yet though, especially after that last scene with just the two of them in the hospital. (When Toby asked Spencer if she was okay a part of me died inside). Like helllo, just makeout already.

The most annoying part of tonight's episode was the reappearance of Dr. Wren. Like, is he the only doctor in that hospital?? Why is he always around?? Ughh goo awayy.

In other Rosewood news, Aria has decided to bond with Ali/Vivienne's ex -lover? friend? who knows? And apparently bonding means getting into the tiniest plane ever with a complete stranger who in turn let's her drive the plane. Can't say that that was Aria's best decision, but hey, who am I to judge, nothing bad happened. Maybe if her parents let her date Fitz again, she would be involved in less-dangerous activities, just sayin.'

Turning to the bad things that DID actually happen. Someone (most likely A) lured Jenna into Jason's house for a little smoke out, but Hanna of all people was there to save the day. Everyone's fine, Spencer had a minor cut (ugh cue the Dr. Wren appearance) and Jenna is fine but just scared. I have to say, I actually felt bad for Jenna here for the first time ever. Odd.

Ezra finally grew some balls tonight and mouthed off to Byron, Aria's dad. This was amusing but also scary when you remember that Byron could totes call the cops on him like any second. Oops, watch it there Ezra. Still, happy he called Aria and didn't take the job.

Also, Ali left some sort of trail for them to follow in old newspapers. Huh, very "National Treasure" of you, Al.

Other points of interest:
-I did miss Caleb and the cuteness that is Haleb
-Loved it when Hanna told off Toby. You go girl!
-I didn't really miss Maya, except for the fact that Emily was mopey all eppie long
-Now that Toby's back, the real question is when are we going to see him shirtless again? Bring those abs back out.