Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hart of Dixie "Where I Lead"

After last week's episode, I, a concerned Zade fan, was determined not to watch this week. However, Sister wore me down and I decided to watch, because this show is really fabulous. Here's to hope for Zade (fingers crossed).
  • Awww she brought him breakfast. If he cheated on her with that tramp I will cut a bitch. 
  • George is the worst liar ever. Everyone's uncomfortable.
  • Spotted: Lemon, ending it with Annabeth, in a shirt Spencer wore when ending it with Toby. Hmm, note to self, stay away from that shirt. 
  • Wow, Tom and Wanda. Shotgun wedding? 
  • Wedding since...oops. hahahha
  • Lavon meeting someone about some shopping mall and such in a storyline I could care less about. I will use this time to check Twitter. 
  • Zoe! We're back! She's in the office; where's Brick been lately anyways?
  • Wanda has a rash, caused by wedding planning probs.  
  • Zoe still hasn't heard from Wade....grrrrr.
  • Lavon enters in a silly hat. Blah blah needs George's help. Blah blah.
  • Lemon is hanging with her new Annabeth, whose name I believe is Cricket.
  • Ah yes, Cricket. 
  • Cricket knows the word calamity? That's surprising.
  • Town gossips discussing Wade leaving with the ho. Crep.
  • Shirtless Wade. Nice.
  • Angry Zoe. Crep. 
  • Awww he didn't! I believe him. He is sad. Poor sad, shirtless Wade.
  • They made up and I'm happy. 
  • Tom is angry. This is the first scene in which I have seen him be anything other than goofy. Big acting week for whoever plays him. 
  • Is it just me or does Zoe get unnecessarily blamed for things a lot in this town? Note to self- never become a doctor in the eccentric small-town South. 
  • I see Zoe getting volunteered for mother interference. 
  • Yup, called that one. 
  • Zoe, say no. Say no. 
  • So she says yes to being the Maid of Honor. This will most likely end badly. 
  • Cricket, the newfound bestie genius brings Lemon to a psychic. Oh dear Lord. 
  • Lavon and George in the same scene. Twitter check again during the dulldrum. 
  • Wilmington shots!
  • Lemon runs into some kid from second grade. In this tiny tiny tiny TINY town, how have they not seen each other in 22 years. 
  • Lemon, darling you are moving too fast. 
  • Is Wanda's mom the mom from That 70s show?
  • George talks to Wade and all seems hunky dory until he leaves and Wade starts with the suspicious faces. CAN WE NOT? Come on, I am done with PLL drama and suspiciousness for the night can't we just have the lovely Southern hilarity?
  • Wade's being weird with Zoe. Oh dear.
  • I swear if he cheated......grrrrrr.
  • Of course now he is being sweet when things are heading south. Enjoy these final Zade scenes people, I see this ship sinking :(.
  • The bridal party scenes are fairly entertaining. 
  • Apparently Wanda's mom is a drunken slut. Niice. 
  • Wade is now the best man. If only things weren't weird and he and Zoe could have a lovely time at the wedding. But, of course, the writers are never that good to us. 
  • Sex Yoda? I'm uncomfortable. 
  • George is yammering on about powerpoint presentations and I, as usual, could care less. 
  • Wanda's mom wants to drink and just said YOLO. hahahhahahahahhahaha
  • This man seems immature. Paste eating? whaaaa?
  • AB to the rescue? Go her! Sister, let's remember that excuse if we ever are in that situation. 
  • Yes, Wanda's mom, Wade is yummy. 
  • Wait this wedding is Star Wars themed? How did I miss that? Niice. 
  • I am worried that all of these changes are based off of a guilty conscience. Grrrr. 
  • Wanda's mom went home with some guy who calls her honeypie and is in walk of shame mode in his shirt. 
  • hahahhhaa checked for STDs.
  • Blah blah George succeeded in doing whatever he was supposed to for Lavon blah blah. 
  • George dancing post-case win is not very professional. He's such a weirdo. 
  • Is this Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? So confused. 
  • Nothing gets by Tansy. 
  • Hahaha birdseed. 
  • What the frack is Wanda's mom doing now? 
  • I still don't understand how this Renaissance fair garb equals Star Wars.
  • OMGGGGG nooooo she is discussing Wade and Zoe caught on and I caught on and sad music and sad feelings and Grrrrrrrrrr.
  • Is Zoe's world going to stop? Sad music feelings Grrrrrr.
  • No she's not okay. Feelings grrrrrrr.
  • Side-note: Wanda's mom has provided me more entertainment and more good advice for Zoe than Lavon has in 2 years. Remember that, writers. 
  • Also, America LOVES Zade. Remember that even more, writers. 
  • Okay this isn't Star Wars is it? #stillconfused.
  • This is about to be badd (for Zade, I'm sure Tanda will be fine). 
  • Where's Walt again? I miss him. He was attractive. 
  • Come on Lemon! Forgive AB. Besties for lyfe!
  • Wade has those abs. I love those abs. 
  • Wade has clearly seen The Notebook a time or too. Which makes him even hotter, even in the midst of The Terrible Cheating Scandal of Febuary 2013. (as it will be forever known). 
  • Hey weirdo George, go run off my screen. And take Lavon with you. 
  • If they actually make Wade cheat they are going to kill his character. I will be LIVID! LIVID I tell you.
  • I am so confused on the theme of this wedding that I have just given up. 
  • Grrrr the Zade sadness is already starting. This is already sadder than I imagined. Which means that I am wayy more emotionally invested in this show than I wanted to be. 
  • I have never seen Wade that wounded before. It's frightening. 
  • "Zoe." "I know." Hearts break everywhere. OMMGGGGG why?????? So so so sad. 
  • You know how you don't know what you got until its gone? Well this fan didn't know how invested she was in Zade until now. Crying. 
  • I cannot believe he cheated on her. They ruined him. Like why? So stupid? DID NO ONE LEARN ANYTHING FROM RACHEL AND ROSS?????? 
  • This is the saddest scene of Dixie thus far. 
  • Zoe making excuses. Wade crying? What is this? OMG this is terrible. 
  • I am not an emotional person and I am actually tearing up a bit. No joke. WHYYYYY? 
  • Like anyone can attempt to enjoy a reception now! The world ended!
  • At least Annabeth and Lemon are friends again. 
  • Awww he'd been crying. OMG he is wounded and emotional and this is terrible.
  • George, Tansy. Go away. No one likes either of you. (Sorry I literally hate everyone right now).
  • Lavon, stop trying to cheer her up. LET US WALLOW!
  • Well, I don't know what to say. I honestly thought they would break up, but that he wouldn't cheat on her. I was wrong. Gr. 
  • Oh next week looks like a ball of fun. Town hates Wade, Zoe hates Wade (and tells him so) and Zoe is already kissing other guys. I'm sorry I don't care how good looking that doctor is, he isn't Wade therefore I hate him. So ha.

Here's to hoping for a Zade finale reunion. Gr. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear TBBT Writers...

Tonight's blog is a personal request. You'll see...

Dearest Writers of my Beloved Big Bang Theory,

Please please please please please please please don't break Leonard and Penny up. Your ratings have never been better, viewership has never been higher, and the show is still as funny as ever. You have no reason to mess with Lenny. And, let's face it, you're all I have left.

Why is Lenny all I have left you ask? Let's take a closer look:

  •  Ted and Robin (HIMYM): caput. I know many people like Robin and Barney better (don't get me wrong they're fine), and they are engaged now, but my first HIMYM love will always be Ted and Robin. But sadly, with the Bobin engagement, Tobin is forever no more. 
  • Spencer and Toby (PLL): things are looking as black as the hoodie he has been donning these days. Sigh. She's even frolicking around with (BLECH) Wren of all people. Ick. But, there's still hope here, although right now things are largely sucky. 
  • Zoe and Wade (Hart of Dixie): like our favorite liquor, on the rocks. After multiple misunderstandings, things are not looking good in Zadeville right now. However, since the show is still fairly new and its mid-season sweeps crazy storyline time, we still have hopes of them reuniting and working things out. 
As you can see, at present, Leonard and Penny are all I have. I know I am only one lowly fan, but I also know that I am not the only Lenny shipper out there (the 120+ forum boards about them speak for themselves). 

So keep us all happy, keep ratings up, and keep them together. Please and Thanks.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bluebell and Stars Hallow, One in the Same?

So more and more lately, other bloggers and Hart of Dixie viewers have been comparing it to Gilmore Girls. I have agreed and decided to look at the comparisons further.

Let's start with the towns themselves:
Stars Hollow:


Do the gazebos look similar? They should. Both Dixie and GG film/filmed on the same lot at the WB studios. Moreover, these two towns have an almost identical feel to them. Both are filled with eccentric residents who all are up in each others' business, eccentric festivals, and just general small-townie goodness.

Let's try and find some similarities with the characters, too, shall we?

The local scruffy but sexy heartthrob:

...we have Luke Danes

...and Wade Kinsella.

Both these lovely fellows work in restaurants, wear plaid, and have a sort of "gruff" closed off exterior that can only be broken down by their banter with the female protagonists of their respective shows:

...Lorelai Gilmore

 ...and Zoe Hart.

Both these ladies are fast-talking, witty, sassy, and a little bit spastic (but that's why we love them). Both work at businesses within their small town and are the leading ladies of the shows. Both are also in will-they won't-they scenarios with their restauranteurs. These relationships both started as bickering friendships that turned into love. Precious.

Then we have the other guy that draws a slight fanbase that makes the writers mess with the main couple but in actuality has no comparison to the main couple:

Is it just me or do these two even look a little alike? There is a difference though; George is tolerable when he stays away from Zoe, while I can't stand Christopher at any moment, ever. 

We also have the mother-daughter relationship (Lorelai-Rory) or mother-daughter-like relationship (Zoe-Rose).

Then we have the slightly eccentric bestie of the leading lady:

And the crazy townies:

who participate in crazy town events:

Similar, no? At the end of the day, I don't care. Both shows have managed to create a wonderful town with likable characters that make watching enjoyable. Combined with the bantering of a couple destined for each other and hilarious yet endearing storylines, it is no wonder Gilmore was such a hit and that Dixie is proving equally successful. 

Moral of the story: watch both.