Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Hate they Player- Hate the Game.

Hello All! I'm back! Sorry it's been awhile but things have been crazy with school and stuff. Despite being so busy, today Sister gave me a blog idea I just couldn't refuse:
                                    TV's Most-Hated Characters.

Disclaimer: These are my most-hated characters from shows that I have seen. I am positive that there are worse characters on other shows, but this is my list from the shows I regularly watch.

1. Emily Waltham (yes I had to look up her last name, no I am not that crazy and just knew that off of the top of my head)- Friends

  • Ahh Emily. The season 4 solution to keeping Ross and Rachel apart still but letting viewers know that they should be together. Emily, you are definitely useful in that sense. However, we thoroughly dislike you. Here's why:
    • A. You were annoying. 
    • B. You made Ross get his ear pierced. Ew. 
    • C. You didn't want Rachel at your wedding. (For good reason-duh, but still, the fans obvi wanted her there to protest so you suck.)
    • D. After Ross said Rachel's name at the alter (haha sucks to suck, Em.) you told him he couldn't see Rachel anymore. HOW DARE YOU ATTEMPT TO SPLIT UP THE LOBSTERS?? B*tch.
    • E. You made Rachel go to Greece alone (and have to hear "Mrs. Gellarr, why you cry?" from all of the Greeks.)
    • F. You called Ross on your wedding day when we thought we were done with you and Rachel and the viewers had to hear your voice again. 
  • In short, you attempted to ruin the will-they won't-they couple of the 1990s and 2000s, and for that we will never forgive you. 
2. Tori Scott (yeah def had to look up that last name. Surprised she had one; she's so irritating she doesn't deserve one.) Saved by the Bell
  • Sigh, Tori. It's not your fault really. You were part of the SBTB writers' stupid attempts to continue the show after Tiffany left. (Elizabeth left too, but no one really cared). We hate you because:
    • A. Your stupid leather jacket and "bad-ass" attitude. Dude, you do not have that much street cred; I've met preschoolers who had more sass (My niece being one of them.) 
    • B. Your attempts to fit in to the "Max" gang. Pardon me while I quote Mean Girls- "SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!" Go away, Tori, go away.
    • C. Your terrible, terrible episodes. Seriously, you ruined the show for some people. Your episodes were so bad that Netflix made them into a separate season so people would not have to accidentally stumble upon them and be subject to 30 seconds of the horror before they realize that it's a you episode and skip it. (I am so not even making this up, its true- see for yourself.)
    • D. You were a love interest for Zack and you are not Kelly. 
    • E. The lack of Kelly-Zack in your episodes. This one is probably not your fault and is really Tiff's for leaving, but we don't care. We hate you anyways. Sorry we're not sorry.
3. Dan Scott (the early years) One Tree Hill
  • Oh Danny Boy, we loved to hate you every episode for the first 8 seasons, until you redeemed yourself Rambo-style in one of the last episodes of season 9. Here's why:
    • A. You were a dick to everyone. (I could really stop here, but where would the fun be in that?)
    • B. You attempted to break Naley up several times throughout the early seasons. Bad move. 
    • C. You shot Keith and ruined life for all 12 of the Keith-Karen fans out there. (Hey, old people need love too). 
    • D. You were a dick to everyone. Again. All the time. Thanks for redeeming yourself in the last season because you really were a dick to everyone.
4. Characters played by Torrey DeVitto- One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars
  • Torrey, God love ya, you always manage to play people I can't stand. Kudos to you for that:
  • Nanny Carrie. I can't even begin to explain how bat-sh*t cray cray you were. It's unreal how much of a lunatic you were. Here's why we hate you:
    • A. You attempted to steal Nathan from Haley. NUMBER ONE OTH NO-NO! Seriously, that is never okay. 
    • B. You tried to kidnap Jimmy-Jam (like 5 times) and take him away from his hott, rich, wonderful parents. 
    • C. You kidnapped Dan. (Even though we didn't really like him then either, it was still unacceptable behavior).
  • Melissa Hastings. Spencer's sister on PLL is so mean and sketchy to everyone and it ticks me off:
    • A. You date sketchy killer suspects and act like its no big deal. (Ian, Garret)
    • B. You hid when you were actually pregnant and pretended to be pregnant when you were not. YOU LIAR!
    • C. You were in Allison's room with extremely sketchy people the night she died and we still don't know why. WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE?
    • D. You are mean to Spencer, my fave Little Liar, and are against Spoby, my fave Little Liar ship. Rude. 
    • E. You have the name Melissa and are a B*tch. So Rude. Ruining that name for the cool Melissas everywhere (Like me-hehe). 
5. Jenna Marshall, Pretty Little Liars
  • Congrats on being the most-hated blind (well now formerly blind) person on television. That's quite an accomplishment. Here is how you won your title:
    • A. Basically raping (sorry but there is no other word for this) your beautiful, attractive, kind, 8-pack ab wearing brother Toby. How dare you? He is so cute and nice and sweet and you almost ruined him. (If he is A I am totally blaming you, before I sob continuously into a pillow.)
    • B. Playing the whole victim card when you were really plotting murders (Alison's) and trying to enact revenge on everyone. Haven't you ever heard of forgive-and-forget, Jen Jen?
    • C. Attempting to break up Spoby. SO SO BAD! Leave my fave ship alone. You and Melissa, I swear! 
    • D. Pretending to be blind when you were not. What a low trick, dude. Be happy you can finally see again and put that energy into bird-watching or using your renewed eyesight instead of plotting revenge acts 24/7. 
    • E. While I don't think you're A, I def think you know more than you are letting on, which is frustrating to every PLL viewer since we never know anything. 
Wow. So much hate. I am done for now. I know there are more characters that I hate just as much but I need a break. And a hug. I'll probably amend this later, but 'til then, thanks for reading! Much love (and hate) :) 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Grey's Anatomy 9x01

Can't believe we are actually in the 9th season of Grey's Anatomy! Nine years in the making, this show still has the power to turn the average viewer into an emotional train wreck (or plane crash) for 62 minutes. Case and point: last night.

We come back to Seattle 30 days after the horrible plane accident to find our beloved SGMW hospital in shambles. Meredith is the first crash victim to be shown alive (like we're surprised) and we quickly find out that whatever happened in the woods has turned her into a complete hard ass, aka "Medusa."(OH and she is wearing navy scrubs- GROWN UP!) Personally, I don't think that the name Medusa is as bad as "The Nazi," but regardless, she scares the crap out of every one of the interns. Shonda loves to parallel current seasons with older ones, and we get a nice parallel here to the pilot with Meredith acting like Burke in picking a new baby for the "intern appy." (Future 007 I'm sure).

Meanwhile, Mer's beautiful hubby is doing okay post-Blair Witch Project Woods time (We find out later that these guys were stranded there for a week! Good God! It's like the freakin' Hatchet). He has a radical scar on his beautiful hand and arm, but is ready to perform surgery today. Naturally, this all goes to hell, he drops some medical instrument, gets upset, and kicks over a table later. (Pre-eye-surgery Jenna Marshall could've seen that one coming, guys). However, we can't be too mad at him, given the current state of his bestie.

That brings me to the saddest, saddest, saddest part of last night. MARK SLOAN IN A COMA! Come one, people! Really? Ugh? WHYYY? This was so depressing, especially when they kept showing adorable, sexy Mark Sloan flashbacks the entire eppie. Now, I am all for Mexie finally getting back together, but did they have to do it in HEAVEN? God forbid characters be happy on Earth. The most precious flashbacks were definitely when he basically said Lexie was the love of his life on camera and when he was rocking baby Sofia to sleep. Ugh, what a DILF. I will definitely miss Mark; his friendship with Derek, his man-whoreness, his relationship with Callie, and his sexy face strutting around the hospital. Oh, and when he's shirtless, that especially. RIP Mark Sloan: 1968-2012. (Am I the only one who found the epitaph little ridic??? I mean I love the guy, but he's a television show character, not a real person. That seemed a little tacky).

Mark's other bestie, Callie, was riding the struggle bus all episode. She was visiting Mark and crying in on-call rooms. The whole time they hint at Arizona being dead, which thus makes it obvious that she is still alive somewhere. I won't pretend that Shonda didn't have me worried, though, until we saw Arizona at Callie's apartment in the last minute. Apparently Callie cut off her leg and she is extremely depressed and shutting out everyone and everything. I am not trying to belittle her pain or anything, but people died! She could totes still be a surgeon and wheel around the hospital and operate on a lower table. Personally, I think Arizona needs some tough love and to get back in action. (But I am very glad she is still alive!)

Cristina is off in Minnesota and probably wishing she was still in the forest. Girl does not fit in Minnesota. I have never been to Minnesota and could have told you that girl does not fit in Minnesota. Nonetheless, this storyline provided some comedy for this extremely morose episode, so I applaud it. She spends her time there waiting for ambulences in parkas and listening to Mr. Feeny ramble on about his great surgeries (Feeennyyyyyyy  Fee eeee eeeeennnyyy). Everyone there is friendly, sociable, not competitive, and SO not Cristina Yang. So I think we can all assume she will get out soon. She and Meredith are also afraid to fly, too, which is totes understandable. Plane crashes tend to ruin the whole flying experience.

Owen and Cristina's status is undefined at the moment, but I have a feeling they will get back together. He is proving to be a good Chief, especially when he basically told a new intern to suck it when she tried to blame Mer's Medusa-ness on the Lost episode she and her co-workers found themselves in (Can you tell I am thoroughly enjoying all of these woods references?) I mean the intern was right; Mer lost her sister, her best friend left, and everyone is really messed up. Of course she is a hard ass now. Owen also proved worthy went he went to go get April from her farm and told her he wanted her back at the hospital. (Not sure how this is going to work because she failed her boards, but whatevs. Welcome back, April!). Here, I would like to point out that April lives in Ohio (wooo) and once again I am disappointed in Ohio's portrayal on the small screen. They always make Ohio seem like the boonies. (I'm looking at you, Dance Moms) WE HAVE CITIES TOO PEOPLE! Sigh. I digress.

Back to SGMW, Avery grew his hair out (can't decided which I like better, maybe I should poll people on this) and is being adorable reading charts to Mark. I love him and really hope that when April gets back they get it on again. Team Averpril!

Alex is, naturally, ignoring his feelings and sleeping with every intern in sight. Maybe he feels like he has to now that Mark is gone? Who knows? Anyways, he put off moving to John's Hopkins and supposedly was going to leave at the end of the eppie. Everyone knew that wasn't going to happen, but we enjoyed Meredith beating the crap out of him at the airport anyways. Go Mer! I love her and Alex's friendship; it's adorbs.

Well that's it from last night. Solid season opener. Seems like this year should be good and dramatic, but I am going to miss Mark and Lexie soooo muchhhhh! Gah!

Next week seems like it should be a little more relaxing, right? I mean everyone's already dead or wounded, it can't get worse. (SARCASM) Shonda seems to want to drag this thing out as long as possible, and is taking back into the crash site next week for a jolly good time. Hellooo dramatic flashbacks! Can't wait to see Lexie and Mark die all over again!

I hate to end on a somber note, so I'll leave you with this: Bailey's new nickname is BCB. As in Booty. Call. Bailey. hahahahhahahahahhaha Enjoy your day!

Thanks for reading; leave a comment if you want!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dr. Mel Here

Hello All,
Dr. Mel is in today, to diagnose and help you cure some of those pesky disorders/ailments that arise from becoming too obsessed with television. First of all, I would like to tell you all that Television Obsessed is a normal thing, and it is very okay to be obsessed. Some common side effects of this obsession include (but aren't limited to): blogging, getting on fan forum, reading and writing fanfiction, and creating/watching Youtube videos. I'm here to tell you your not alone, crazed television obsessed friend. I, too, am the same way. I am here to tell you it is not a bad thing. I will, however, give you some tips for dealing with the biggest problems that go along with being so tele-addicted.

Common Problems:

  1. Fretting over "The Lobster Scenario." What is "The Lobster Scenario," you ask? Good question. "The Lobster Scenario" involves knowing that 2 characters are destined to be together, yet being subjected to watching television writers constantly keep them apart. (Think Ross and Rachel from Friends, if you will. And if you haven't scene Friends, stop reading this blog, go buy the entire series and watch it; then we'll talk). Anyways, "The Lobster Scenario" becomes problematic when one begins obsessing over said 2 characters, to the point that they become frustrated with the show itself.
    • Common Symptoms: Screaming at your television; Arguing over their "couple name" with friends (and maybe even strangers); Defending them as the greatest couple of all time to friends (and maybe even strangers)
    • Cures: Take a deep breath, relax. Most of the time stupid writers keep the best couples apart almost until the end (Ross/Rachel; Luke/Lorelai; Carrie/Big, etc.). So relax and give it time, friend. Another short term cure is to go on Youtube and watch all of their scenes or videos other equally-enamored friends have posted. I promise you, somewhere on the internet you will find someone who likes the same couple as you, however bizarre that pairing is. 
  2. POCT, short for "Panic Over Characters Traveling." Planes, trains, automobiles; our fave tele characters travel a lot. However, due to the amount of car accidents, plane accidents (cough cough, Grey's Anatomy), and train accidents (cough cough, Grey's Anatomy, again) these days onscreen, characters traveling tends to spike viewership anxiety. Personal anecdote- Sister used to panic every time a character was driving on One Tree Hill. Why, you ask? Because Lucas, Peyton, Haley, Brooke, Nathan, Julian, Jamie, Ms. Lauren, Chuck, Chris Keller, and so many other Tree Hillers have all been in accidents involved in cars. (I'm so not even exaggerating here, people. Watch-it's true.) Really, any drama show these days has had one travel accident or another (and most have had more than one). Therefore, POCT is very real and not to be taken lightly. 
    • Symptoms: Yelling "Get out of that car (plane, train, shopping cart, etc.) at your television; Covering your eyes as characters enter/exit vehicles; Biting your nails/sweating/bouncing in your seat when characters are driving along blissfully. 
    • Cures: Once again, relax. Your favorite character is probably not going to die, even if involved in said travel accident. I say probably because of a certain incident that happened on a certain television show season finale this year. If you don't know what I'm referencing, just Google "Lexie dying." or "Grey's Anatomy plane crash," or "Mexie dreams crushed and fans everywhere devastated." Anyways, whoever you love most likely won't croak, so chill. Also, if necessary, watch happy, non accident inducing television traveling scenes. Some great ones are the opening theme songs to Full House and Boy Meets World
  3. The final problem associated with being so television obsessed that I will discuss tonight is AANSOF, or Anger at Not So Obsessed Friends. We all have those friends. You know, the ones who watch a show you watch, but don't have a favorite couple, or read the blogs, or obsess about what will/has happen(ed). This can lead to problems when you become either embarrassed when you reveal your obsession, or angry when they won't discuss the show with you at length post-episode. 
    • Symptoms: Heated post-episode discussions with co-workers over the water cooler; Accidentally using a couples "fan name" in front of others and running away, embarrassed; Storming off after a stranger has not heard of the show, character, or couple to whom you are referring to
    • Cures: Remember, again, you are not alone. There are plenty of forums, discussion boards, blogs, and sites, for you to talk about your show, couple, character with. So surf the web, and find some friends to chat with!
That's all the time Dr. Mel has for tonight. I hope this has been helpful to you, my fellow TV obsessed friends. In other news, I haven't been able to watch Pretty Little Liars live lately, which is why I haven't been blogging about it recently. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow and I can blog about last night's episode and other shows I've missed lately. Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Boys

Recently, Sister decided to acquire Netflix for us. I, obviously, have fallen in love with it and all it has to offer.

As a result of the glorious Netflix, Sister and I have been getting into new shows; one of which is My Boys. We are enjoying all it has to offer:

  • Attractive guys. Well, guy. I thoroughly enjoy ogling my favorite Boy, Brendo. While Bobby is cute as well, there's just something about Brendo that does it for me. I think it's the McDreamy-like hair. I want to run my fingers through it. Repeatedly. 
  • Fun people. I'm serious, P.J. and her guys are really fun. When I get out of college I hope I am just as fun as her and her Boys
  • Crowley's. I heart this bar. My favorite part is the board games. I wish there was a bar by my house where we could go and drink and play board games. It's like Chuck E Cheese for adults!
  • P.J. Girl rocks. She is cute and fun, but makes it very believable that all she does is hang out with these guys. She's also doesn't act like one of those annoying girls at your college who hangs out with guys 24/7 and is freakin' annoying about it. 
  • Chicago. Finally, a show about friends who DON'T live in New York. Granted, it's Chicago, but still. Refreshing. 
  • Johnny Galecki. Playing someone so un-Leonard like. Seriously, this guy is the complete opposite of our fave nerdy scientist. Tool-like and full of himself, he's like a gangster version of Howard Walowitz at his worst. As Sister observes, "I've never hated a Johnny Galecki character before." He is "hood" (or attempts to be), and constantly wears velour sweatsuits and chains. Crazy, but still amusing. He's really bad with girls, though, just like Leonard. 
  • The subtleness of the will-they won't-they. You know me. I LOVEEEE a good will-they won't-they situation. What's refreshing about this show, though, is that they don't hit you over the head with it. We are left questioning who P.J. will end up with, which is nice for a change.
Moral of the story: My Boys is a hit, so check it out. Also, someone open a bar with board games. Preferably in the greater Cincinnati area. Please and thanks. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hart of Dixie: Bluebell Parade Time

I am watching old H of D episodes with Sister, so I decided to blog while I watch, since I have never seen them before.

  • We get the standard "Previously on Hart of Dixie...Yeah yeah, standard southern town, with the southern people, shots of Wilmington, Zoe not welcome, Wade is sexy, moving on.
  • Sister points out that Lemon sounds extra southern this episode, drawing out her Georrgeees more than in later episodes. Hmmm, Jaime King must've been trying out different variations of the Southern Drawll
  • First sign of the Rammer Jammer! Woot Woot!
  • Zoe eats grits. Gross.
  • Of course there's a town parade. Of course, because H of D never utilizes the standard southern stereotype story line. 
  • Standard Zoe-Wade banter. Episode 2 and they are adorbs already. 
  • Zoe just called herself a townie by blood. Like she was proud about it. Hm. In my college town, being a townie is not something you are proud of. 
  • Some hypochondriac goes to see Zoe. Zoe is not kind, does not give her Tic Tacs, and runs off her one and only patient ever. 
  • Cute little Rose sighting. I heart her because she is adorable and awkward and adorable. Did I mention she's adorable? Like Mackenzie Ziegler adorable. 
  • Zoe and Rose are discussing Sex and the City. Because poor naive Rose thinks that all of NYC is like SATC. Considering I've never been, I agree with her. 
  • Zoe's bedside manner sucks. Sister's would be better, and she passes out every time she even sees a needle.
  • Consensus: we don't like Brick right now. Thank God things get better. 
  • Lavon Hayes, stop calling yourself Lavon Hayes. Mel would like Lavon Hayes better if Lavon Hayes stopped referring to himself as Lavon Hayes. (See- it's annoying!).
  • Zoe has to work on a parade float with Wade. What harsh punishment. 
  • There's scheduled dancers for this parade. Of course. Of course. 
  • Wadester, don't be mean to Zoe, you guys are meant to be.
  • THAT is the bathroom in the Rammer Jammer??? Does not look like the bathrooms in bars I've ever been to. 
  • Sister points out that there is a lot of medical drama in this one. 
  • MS????!!!!! I'm sorry, I thought I was watching Hart of Dixie instead of Grey's Anatomy. I was looking for a light, airy comedic Southern time, not this drammaa. 
  • Zoe is being nice to Betty Boop. Her mentor, who's name I still don't know, is pleased. 
  • Can one have patriotism for a town? Isn't that only like a country thing?
  • Yes, Lemon, Zoe joined a gang. Because Bluebell is a gang heavy place. 
  • Wade drinks beer more sexily than most men take their clothes off. 
  • HAHHAHHAHAHHA capable hand. Compliment my hands, Wade. 
  • Frolic with me, Wade. 
  • Breathe generic beer breath on me, Wade. 
  • No Zoe, we are not surprised that you've never built a float before. 
  • Float= success in Bluebell? Alright. And Zoe thinks this is hard? 
  • I'm going to ignore this Lemon-Lavon moment and start thinking of what their couple names would be. Lemon? Levon? Wait, those sound exactly like their real names. Doesn't work. 
  • Annabeth sighting! What up girl? Has your husband left yet? 
  • Why are they doing a Spanish waltz? Is this a Spanish parade?
  • Heart Country music in the background of these eppies!
  • Call me Doc, Wade. 
  • Play guitar more, Wade. 
  • He kissed her! No fair!
  • She got to touch his abs! No fair!
  • WHAT IS SHE GAPING AT?? Wade, have you looked in a mirror??
  • Wade, Zoe, and Rose in the same scene. My life is now complete. Can you say 3 faves? 
  • Why is Zoe sleeping on a haystack? Southern stereotype number 8,000.
  • Rose got to touch Wade too?? Sigh, I must move to Bluebell. Or wherenver Wilson Bethel lives. 
  • Only on television do people get as messy as Zoe while painting and have paint stains all over themselves. 
  • Oh Betty, don't bend to peer pressure like that. 
  • How did Betty's hoopskirt even fit into Zoe's carriage house???
  • Bet Betty doesn't just take one.
  •  And why did Zoe just have that stuff lying around? Even if she is a doctor doesn't a pharmacist still have to prescribe medicine? Is the south THAT backward?
  • I'm sorry, Annabeth couldn't do THIS???? All they are doing is twirling around.
  • Well this is bad. Oooh, I hope the fire hydrant gushes so much that Wade has to take his shirt off. 
  • Sister has decided that early H of D is too dramatic for her. 
  • Mentor is doing a good job of playing it cool.
  • Yes, Lemon. Crashing a float is attempted murder. Thank God the dumb blonde stereotype isn't true. 
  • Rose, you've been watching too much Sex and the City, you were just portraying Miranda there. 
  • Awww, Wadester. Helping Rose with her boy toy. He totes has been picking up tips from iCarly
  • Football costume. Sigh. 
  • The rich hoop skirted girls are cleaning up the square. Gotta get that set clean for the Pretty Little Liars filming later. 
  • Lemon, get your head out of your butt. Not everything is about you. 
  • Oh, Lemon has spoken. Wait, still don't get why that matters.
  • Zoe doesn't want to disappoint Mentor. Mentor comforts her while she munches on Capt'n Crunch. 
  • Ahh, Mentor's name is Mrs. H. I think I'll still call her Mentor. Especially since she's not even in the later ones. 
  • Oh, she's leaving now. She's like a southern Nanny McPhee. When you need her, but do not want her, she will stay. But when you want her, but do not need her, she must go. She's off to help another Northern doctor make her way in a small Southern town. I see a spinoff! Or, she's going to play the mom on Last Man Standing. Same thing. 
  • Ah, Lemon-lime is haunted by her mother's abandonment. 
  • Zoe goes back to see the hypochondriac. And her Prince Purrfection friend. Poor, sad, old cat lady. 
  • She is helping Zoe have better bedside manner and be friendly. Good thing they become besties. Oh wait, we never see her again. 
Another H of D, another good time. Here's to hoping Wade takes his shirt off next week. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Little Liars 3x03: Deal with the Devil

On tonight's PLL, we had crazy families, relationships falling apart, unlikely alliances, and all around paranoid people. So, the usual. 

    Aria pretended to be bffls with creepy Jenna for the first half of the episode in order to figure out what crazy girl was up to. She did lead them to the right place though, where the liars (well, Hanna really) finally confronted Jenna about her ability to see. More on that in a bit. Right now, however, I feel the need to lecture Aria on her "top-secret sleuthing skills." Aria, sweetie, I heart you. But honey, I feel like I have to remind you that Jenna is NOT blind anymore. Therefore, when you are "surreptitiously" attempting to read her secret notes behind her back, remember she can see you, despite her sketchy glasses covering her newly re-acquired eye site.  Moral of the story, be more careful next time. Also, your BF gets extra points this week for being so cute and helping your Mama and bffl Em out when they are in a bind. Speaking of Ella, Sister totes thought  that she was Jenna tonight mid-eppie. Sigh, dear Sister, is such a PLL amateur. It's cute, really. 

Turning to Emily:
    Em spent all episode worrying about her test score being too good for her test performance. During said freak out, Hanna has one of the best lines of the episode: "Don't go all Spencer on your grades." Love Spencer, but so true Hanna, so true. Anyways she and Ella get out of hot water when Ezra saves the day in his cute adorable Ezra way. Good job, Ezra, scoring big points with your GF's friends and family. Emily also decides to become a bad-ass in this eppie, saying she will not back down to this new A. Considering new A likes to play with bones, body bags and teeth, I don't see this gung-ho attitude lasting much longer. But, good for you, Em, good for you. 

    Speaking of bad-asses, by the end of the eppie, Hanna is done ignoring Jenna's secret eyesight and screams "No Mas!" at the top of her lungs before jumping in front of Jenna's car. Han, sweetie, go you, but you don't have the best track record with cars, so best be careful. Speaking of which, Hanna wins the award for best one liners tonight. I already mentioned the one about Spence and her grades. Later, when Caleb tried to say that Mona hit her with her car, Hanna says technically she went over the car, not under it. She's quite the optimist. Also, later, before confronting Jenna, Hanna states that "We're lying to everybody, everybody's lying to us," to which I just think of the title of the show and roll my eyes. #Duh. In other Hanna news, Haleb it looks like it is on the rocks. To which I say :(, because I find them cute. Also, Mona totally lost her shit at Caleb and went berserk. Oops. Oh yeah, speaking of crazy, Lucas has gone all buckwild on everyone and is setting fire to things and visiting the nuthouse. Maybe he should "visit" there for a few weeks and reclaim some of his sanity and cute shyness that I miss. 

    Spencer is not having happy times at the house of Hastings (so what else is new). Her mom has taken on Garrett's case and Melissa is keeping secrets and being super sketchy (so what else is new x2). During some super secret sleuthing (she really needs to give her pal Aria some lessons), Spence calls multiple hospitals and hotels to track down Melissa's whereabouts in June. The kid is good at this sh*t, and she figures out Melissa and her mom are lying to her and Melissa had a miscarriage long before she pretended to. Hmm, gotta heart those Hastings, always honest, always supportive. Thank God for Toby in Spencer's life, even though his sexy shirtless self was not there this week. Hope we see him and his abs next Tuesday!

Top Tweets: 

Andy Swift: Beard? Garbage fire? Devil-may-care attitude? Lucas, you have become a homeless man-child. 

Starry Mag: Dude, you tried to set fire to my girlfriend! - Caleb 

Andy Swift: I feel like Torrey DeVitto is on every show I watch these days. I half expect to see her anchoring the nightly news.    (Me too, dude).

Norman Buckley: I like that Mona has friends in the nuthouse. 

Princess Problems: Silly aria. I'm sure Ezra has helped you perform many times. 

Norman Buckley: I'd like to see Mona get out of the nuthouse and transfer to secret life high school, just to change things up.

Princess Problems: I know the next secret on ...Caleb's dad is Robert Kardashian too! The middle part gave it away.  (HAHAHA)

Pretty Little Liars: RT if you've ever "untangled spaghetti." (Whatever that is.) 

@ElderPoptart:  I miss nerdy sweet Lucas, but I'm fascinated by Sour Patch Kid Lucas. 


Andy Swift: This principal is such a dummy. Suddenly I understand how Ella went from substitute to full-time teacher overnight. 

@RobynRossTVG: Bitch can drive! 

Norman Buckley: Jenna has yet to relearn the use of a rear-view mirror. 

Norman Buckley: Where the hell did Jenna get that vintage Mustang?

Shay Mitchell: "No mas!" 

Andy Swift: I'm glad  made the blind girl a total bitch so I don't have to feel bad for laughing at all the jokes about her disabilit

THANKS FOR READING! Please leave a comment if you want, I love comments!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PLL: "4 Girls, One Bathroom:" Episode 3x02

The credit for tonight's title goes to the one and only Andy Swift for tweeting that line during the episode. We'll get to more great tweets later on. The bathroom seemed to be the recurring theme during tonight's episode though because the girls' new rendezvous point is the bathroom. Literally, all the time, they meet there to chat. Whatevs, apparently they feel safe their? IDK.

In other news:

  • Emily needs to pass some tests in order to graduate with her friends. To solve this problem, Aria decides to force Ezra and Em into an awkward tutoring scenario that was highly uncomfortable for both them and viewers. 
  • The tutoring went well, though, until Em started experiencing creepy "That night" flashbacks mid-test. Oops. However, Ella was there to save the day and finish her test for her. I don't see this ending well. It was nice for Ella to look out for Em, but she could totes be fired for that. 
  • Ella's daughter is also up to no good, or was when she was a baby 15 year old with Alison. Considering what happened to Aria, I don't blame her for freaking out about her dad. However, I do blame Byron for is actions. Making Aria apologize to Meredith? REALLY BYRON? Great parenting, siding with your ex-whore over your daughter. 
  • Aria, meanwhile, killed it tonight with the one-liners:
    • "Is she blinder than she was last year?"
    • "Yeah, I don't think my dad is going to be scrapbooking with Ezra anytime soon."
    • "I'm ready to hang a sign- bitch can see!"
  • Turning to our fave blonde liar, Hanna does Mona's makeup, which finally gets her to talk and say (in a sketchy voice, of course) "You're getting them again, aren't you?"
  • Caleb is attempting to be the best, cute, supportive boyfriend and goes with Hanna to see Mona after getting upset that she was lying to him about going to Dr. Sullivan. Hanna, of course doesn't appreciate this, and Caleb's suspicion rises when he runs into Wren. 
  • Dear Wren, 
    • I hate your stinkin' guts. Please stop attempting to mess up the PLL's relationships with their cute boyfriends. I do not like your home-wrecking self. However, as long as you keep staying away from Spoby, I will remain silently annoyed and won't press the matter further.
  • Turning to my fave couple, Spoby, I was very pleased that in tonight's episode we got to see hott for each other Spoby as well as crime fighting detective Spoby. I personally enjoy both because they are great partners. Also, that couch scene was really hott. Damn Mrs. Hastings for ruining that. Awkwardd "hi Mom!" moment. 
  • Mama Hastings also yelled at Spencer for visiting Garrett to try and find out more info. Am I the only one who thought that she was going to try and give Spence an abstinence talk during this scene? That would have been highly amusing.
  • Detective Spoby discovered something very important- Jenna is no longer blind (Bitch can see). The liars prove this with an earring at the end of the episode, in, once again, a bathroom. They decide to keep it a secret though, and use it to their advantage. Our good old plotting PLL's are def back in action!
  • Thanks for reading! 
Now to my fave new section, Top Tweets:
  • Andy Swift: Ezra has worn 75% less vests since he stopped teaching at Rosewood High. I've been keeping track, and my math is NEVER wrong.  
  • @mojotastic: Loving that almost all the girls have people to visit in jails or mental institutions. They need better social circles. 
  • Norman Buckley: "why are you asking me about my blind sister all the time?"
  • @LyndseyNadeau: No big deal, Jenna's just guarding the school like a "blind" gargoyle.
  • Norman Buckley: Caleb is such an ideal boyfriend. "I will support you in your neurosis."
  • Andy Swift: Wtf, Aria? This show isn't called "Pretty Little Girls Who Suddenly Decide To Start Telling The Truth."  (HAHHAHHAHAHAHAH my fave)
  • Norman Buckley: "i'd love to, Jenna, but you're just too weird."
  • Sister: "Why are they getting all of the OTH nut jobs?"

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PLL 3x01: It Happened That Night

In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, last night's episode managed to creep me out from the very beginning. I thought that we might have a little emotional solace, but that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

Highlights of last night's episode:
  • How I spent my summer vacation:
    • by Spencer Hastings: College classes and ogling my hott boyfriend's abs (we'll get to that later, believe me it was the best part for me)
    • by Hanna Marin: Cooking classes with the other half of Haleb and secretly visiting my ex-bff in the sanatorium 
    • by Aria Montgomery: Photography class and spending time in your ex-teacher/boyfriend's apartment. Oh, and dealing with your parents divorce (Surprise! Byrella is no more). 
    • by Emily Fields: Building houses  in Haiti and attempting to drink away the memory of your dead ex girlfriend(s). 
  • Seems like these girls had a busy summer! 
  • Reunited, they have a sleepover (which, with these girls, doesn't seem like a good idea) but they have one anyways. Which, of course goes horribly. 
  • Someone (new A-duh) lures wasted/blackout Emily to Ali's grave, where it was already dug up. Naturally, the girls attempt to cover it up because no one saw them, right? Yeah, right, that would be too simple and un-dramatic. 
  • Ezria is still alive and kicking, and he has been there for her all summer. They share an adorable reenactment kiss of their first one. They also plan a special dinner together, which Ella oddly enough ends up being the third wheel on. Awkward turtle times. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that dinner. 
  • Haleb is also doing well, and they learned how to make dong po over summer break (whatever that is). 
  • Spoby is happy as well! Yay! Toby has been using Spencer's shower, since he got a loft where the water is not working. Spencer has no problem with this because clearly having a sexy boy with an eight-pack strutting around your room shirtless is not a problem. I thoroughly enjoyed this seen and seeing Keegan Allen (Toby) shirtless the whole time and so did America apparently because #shirtlessToby trending for the text 40 minutes. Ahh, bliss. 
  • In other Spencer news, she has been recreating the creepy A lair on her computer to attempt to figure things out. She and the other girls meet up at The Lost Woods to think. 
  • The girls all realize something doesn't add up, and they finally admit to Emily that the lair was taken down by someone, which obviously isn't good. 
  • Cue creepy music, or in this case Spence's car alarm. The girls run outside and find her car covered in pictures of them with the shovel and by Ali's grave. Crap. 
  • Cue the inevitable A text. Something about Mona playing with dolls and the new A playing with body parts. Lovely, sound like new A should just leave them alone and go to medical school. 
From now on I will be adding this new section to my PLL reviews. This is entitled: "Best Tweets of the Night." (There are too many good tweets to not discuss). 
  • Keegan Allen: "Look  trends worldwide - as you eat a pint of ice cream." says my mother. (HAHHAHAHHAHA)
  • Andy Swift: I've decided that at least one of Toby's abs have to be "A." 
  • Sunny Jacob: By now I’d seriously be like “Emily, you can’t sit with us”. Talk about a liability. 
  • Andy Swift: If I was friends with these girls, I would never go to their sleepovers. I don't like getting dead. 
  • Lucy Hale: So, I mean I don't know how many of you wear a bikini with an overall jumper, but aria did. With knee high hooker boots.
  • Lucy Hale: EM show us your boobs!!!!!!
Alright that's all for tonight. Cya next week for (hopefully) more shirtless Toby and PLL awesomeness. Thanks!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Migrations

First of all, I would like to say how excited I am that all of the (important) actors have signed on to season 9! Yayy! I am mostly excited that Ellen and Patrick aka MerDer have signed on again!

Second, I would like to comment on the rumor/spoiler that a "beloved" character will die. I personally think it could be Callie because the rumor is Sara Ramirez wants to go on Broadway again. We will see.

Now, onto the episode.

  • They are going through each resident and discussing their status. They want them all to stay, especially the MerDer powerteam.
  • "Firsts." yupp.
  • I have missed the wild side of these residents. We haven't had a rager like this since season 2. 
  • I would also like to point out that Meredith must be feeling well enough to dance on tables and fist bump-good for her. 
  • Drunk Cristina encountering Owen. Oh. no. Oh wait, this is cute. Now it's over, sigh. 
  • Bailey's bofrien is making mimosas and wants some quality loving time but she is all about surgery.
  • This couple has married each other 3 times? They beat Ross and Rachel. 
  • I can't wait to see the babies in their navy scrubs next year! Precious!
  • Arizona's bffl is dying and she is avoiding him.
  • Aw, Mer wants to stay with her family. PRECIOUS!
  • You guys are obvs staying because you both renewed your contracts, but good try with the "what will they do?" drama.
  • Karev is being wooed with "the dream" of Hopkins Peds surgery. 
  • However, since Justin Chambers renewed his contract, we are also sure he is staying. Good try again with the drama though, Shonda. 
  • Meredith, Cristina is staying too. Sandra renewed her contract too. Sigh, these people love to mess with our heads. 
  • Teddy is in motivational mode. 
  • Meredith: "We can get drunk on the weekends."
  • Cristina hugged Alex! "Nice work, Evil Spawn." OMG that was adorable.
  • Bails and Bofrien arguing while she and Mer are having a grand time going through this guy's intestines. These docs get their kicks from the strangest things. 
  • This might be the first time two doctors went into an on-call room not to have sex. This is odd. Way to go against the grain, Chief and Karev. Chief is playing hardball here, with "incidentals and overhead funds," whatever those are. 
  • Where is Lexie? I want she and Mark to awkwardly encounter each other.
  • "Thank you for your cantor" and "I am not a cheater." hahahhahaha
  • Ah, here is the awkward encounter I was hoping for. And Derek was privy to it too. Reminds me of one of the best Grey's scenes ever:
  • Oh Mark, so awkwy. You are great. 
  • Callie is being hardcore here. You go, girl. 
  • These people probably have some sort of crazy disease. Yupp, worms. Lovely. And Bails and Mer seem excited. Sigh, these doctors. 
  • Cristina being April. OMG she is killing it in this episode. Heart her right now.
  • Avery is trying to be supportive and April is avoiding him because of awkward sex. 
  • And someone mentioned Sloan and Lexie awkwardly left the table. 
  • I am def overusing the word "awkward" tonight but if the shoe fits...
  • Heart their dream house. PLEASE LIVE THERE MERDER!
  • Aw, he wants to cure Alzheimer's and that's why he wants to go to Harvard. That is cute. 
  • Aw, Teddy wants Cristina to stay. And she is now on Team Cristowen apparently. 
  • Cristina, of course, is avoiding talking about her feelings and discusses medicine instead.
  • The worm lady is discussing her relationship and it makes Mark think of Lexie and Avery think of April. 
  • It's couple-time in the O.R! MerDer and Bails/Bofrien. 
  • Oh man, he is totes proposing in the crossword! AHHHH
  • Called it!
  • MerDer awkwardly in the room. 
  • Bofrien is being adorable. 
  • Not everyone can say they were proposed to while in a worm operation. You lucky gal, Bailey. 
  • Lots of problems with Arizona's bffl's surgery.
  • He isn't going to make it :(. Poor Arizona and her bffl. This is very sad. 
  • OMG Grey's is actually acknowledging the presence of other interns besides the Fab 5! This is new...
  • If Cristina doesn't kill Owen, Teddy might. Or not. Hm, I expected her to be more upset about this. 
  • Alex clearly doesn't want to leave Seattle Grace. Aka Justin renewed his contract. 
  • Is he about to fire April? This is sad. Maybe she is getting killed?
  • Sister brought up the fact that he is hiring Karev so he can't hire April.
  • WHAT? NO. I am upset. They are and will always be each other's persons. 
  • Okay, its official. Callie is totes going to die because apparently the show wants to hate Arizona and make her lose everything. 
  • Calizona is cute. Please don't kill Callie. 
  • Cristowen. I am on the edge of my seat. 
  • Awww yayy Cristowen. Forgiveness sex. Nice. 
  • Now Bails is in sexy mode. And I so do not want to know what is under that jacket. Oh, okay, she told us. Thong.
  • Is he breaking up with her now? Becoming AN INTERN? Did he see seasons 1-3 of Grey's? The intern's lives sucked. He shouldn't do it.
  • Awkward times with Mexie.
  • "Ungrateful crapdog." I can't even take this seriously.
  • Unless next year is going to be a bi-continental show then they are all def staying.
  • 5 bucks says everyone in a coat right now goes through some sort of tragedy and that's when someone dies. And the survivors stay. 
  • Plane crash? Where are they all going? There is totes going to be a plane crash. Sigh. This is bad. 
  • Called it. Oh snap. 
  • And Grey's does it again. The unthinkable. Sigh. 
  • Well, we know Owen, Avery, April, Chief, Callie, Bailey should be safe because they weren't on the plane but who really knows. 
  • Sister and I think Arizona will probs die because no one has heard anything about Jessica Capshaw and Arizona will "go with her brother and bffl." This is going to be tough on Calizona fans. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hart of Dixie: Disaster Drills and Departures

As tonight's title suggests, Zoe is going to depart tonight. Sigh. That's no way to solve your problems, Zo. Let us begin.

  • Rose's mom: it is not Zoe's fault that your kid has appendicitis. So, stop blaming her.
  • Rose is fine, and asking for Zoe. Oh good. 
  • Oh Wade, you are so bitter yet so hott at the same time. I wish you cared where my whereabouts were. 
  • Magnolia wants to be bffls with Rose now. Flower Power!
  • Awkward trio times! They all square dance around each other and look away.
  • Oh boy, "disaster drills" season. This storyline promises hilarity.
  • Ah, one CW show promoting another. Just like Jimmy-Jam in season 6 of OTH talking about he wants to watch Gossip Girl.
  • The inevitable television "no sex until wedding night" pact. This always leads to extremely horny people.
  • Wade's Place. I like it. Sister and I would attend for obvious reasons. 
  • Zoe, go see Rose. You didn't almost kill her. BTdubs who is this lady talking to Zoe? Whatever, she seems lovely. 
  • Dr. Zoe Hart is turning hart-less. Sigh. 
  • Oh, Sister just informed me that curly haired lady is Zoe's receptionist/nurse. Good to know. 
  • Who's hoping H of D gets renewed for season 2?? I am! and Sister too! Come on CW, make it happen. 
  • Zoe is attempting to be hart-less but is failing desperately because she is too nosy and helpful to stay out of things.
  • That's funny, Lemon's friend, jordan almonds always remind me of the vomiting scene in Bridesmaids
  • Of course all of Lemon's friends want to talk about sex when she is taking a sex break. 
  • Tennis as a sex metaphor, love-ly. (pun intended).
  • Lemon's airhead friend really thinks they are discussing tennis. Sigh. Lemon must be the Einstein of her clique.
  • Feel guilty, Rose's mom. You should.
  • Rose we are just as confused as you are as to why Magnolia has put on a nice act. 
  • Zoe, rewind and be kind. The best doctors are nosy people all up in everyone's business and are way too involved with their patients. Haven't you ever watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy?
  • Clearly Daddy Brick has seen Grey's.
  • DADDY HART! This is new.
  • I recognized Daddy Hart and after Wikipediaing him I realized he is from Dodgeball and is Hilary Duff's stepdad in Cadet Kelly! He is also Katherine's ex from Desperate Housewives.
  • Lemon's airhead friend is named Cricket apparently.
  • Cricket, Lemon, Brick. Sigh. The names on this show are unreal. 
  • Lemon made some sort of scavenger hunt for she and George. Clearly, she has seen the One Tree Hill episode where Brooke sets up the scavenger hunt for Naley. Precious. 
  • Lemon is practicing her "come hither" face and George walks in.
  • "Push through" and "get it out of the way." Romantic, guys.
  • Magnolia is apparently feeling guilty that she said she wished Rose was dead. Oh boy, Rose overheard and is clearly going to abuse this power over Magnolia. I would too, Rose. 
  • Ah, getting wasted. That sure lightened the mood in this hotel room. 
  • Lemon is totes going to get her head stuck in the bed. Yupp, even blind people saw that coming.
  • Why is this song part of the emergency procedures in this town? They are all screwed.
  • Aw, Zoe is all isolated. But Daddy Hart is there to save the day. Giving her a cardio fellowship in Boston. 
  • Zoe, we know you aren't going to leave Bluebell. But this is a good plot twist to keep us on the edge of our seats until Wade is shirtless again. 
  • Lavon is sad Zoe is leaving. Us too, Lavon. 
  • It's only 9:31 so clearly she will be back. Without Zoe, the show would be called of Dixie. Clearly doesn't work. 
  • Wade is trying to woo the bank loan giver. "You're young now!" 
  • He is totes making things worse. Sigh. Wade, just take off your shirt and she will be putty in your hands. 
  • Good job, Rose. Milk it, girlie. "Mysteriously almost dying."
  • I hope Zoe's other daddy comes back as a ghost and gets her to stay. 
  • Here is the aforementioned hilarity. Everyone is rushing around for the fake emergency. This seems unnecessary. 
  • Lemon, darling, it is physically impossible to chew off your own head. Your head doesn't bend like that, sweetie.
  • These past few episodes Zoe has probs been my least fave character. And that is saying something in a show with Lavon and Magnolia on it. 
  • Aw, Rose you are breaking my heart. Hart-less Zoe is being mean. 
  • Caring IS infectious, Zoe. You are totes going to miss the small-town life. 
  • "Where in our plan does it say 'Wade hits on loan officer?'" Lavon, once an episode you remind me that I have some, albeit little, use for you. 
  • Flight delayed! IT'S A SIGN!
  • Dang, there are no good mothers on this show. Rose's, Zoe's, Lemon and Magnolia's. 
  • Poor Lemon's friend who's name I do not know. Ah, Annabeth. Thank you, Zoe, for clearing that up. Also, thank you Annabeth, for having a normal name. 
  • Yes, everyone cares. Which is why you should stay, Zoe. 
  • Let's hope Brick convinces her to stay. Fingers crossed! 
  • Lavon, now I have 2 uses for you! You got Brick to come and talk to Zoe!
  • Okay, Zoe, I like you again because you are being human and I am sure you are going to stay now. 
  • So wise, Brick. So so wise. 
  • THEY DIDN'T SHOW US HOW SHE GOT OUT???!!! No. I'm upset. 
  • Lemon and George are reminiscing over triaging dummies. If that's not love, I don't know what is. 
  • At least this show has a pair of good daddies, Daddy Hart and Daddy Brick. 
  • Wilmy shot!
  • Lavon, don't break Wade's heart. SHE ISN'T GONE!
  • Aw, sad Wade. Rambling about her when he really loves her. 
  • Zoe is staying and everyone is happy again! Yayy!
  • Yayy Zoe is visiting Rose! Precious. 
  • Season finale promo involved Zoe-Wade sexual tension and Wade taking his shirt off. Could I BE more on board???