Friday, July 13, 2012

My Boys

Recently, Sister decided to acquire Netflix for us. I, obviously, have fallen in love with it and all it has to offer.

As a result of the glorious Netflix, Sister and I have been getting into new shows; one of which is My Boys. We are enjoying all it has to offer:

  • Attractive guys. Well, guy. I thoroughly enjoy ogling my favorite Boy, Brendo. While Bobby is cute as well, there's just something about Brendo that does it for me. I think it's the McDreamy-like hair. I want to run my fingers through it. Repeatedly. 
  • Fun people. I'm serious, P.J. and her guys are really fun. When I get out of college I hope I am just as fun as her and her Boys
  • Crowley's. I heart this bar. My favorite part is the board games. I wish there was a bar by my house where we could go and drink and play board games. It's like Chuck E Cheese for adults!
  • P.J. Girl rocks. She is cute and fun, but makes it very believable that all she does is hang out with these guys. She's also doesn't act like one of those annoying girls at your college who hangs out with guys 24/7 and is freakin' annoying about it. 
  • Chicago. Finally, a show about friends who DON'T live in New York. Granted, it's Chicago, but still. Refreshing. 
  • Johnny Galecki. Playing someone so un-Leonard like. Seriously, this guy is the complete opposite of our fave nerdy scientist. Tool-like and full of himself, he's like a gangster version of Howard Walowitz at his worst. As Sister observes, "I've never hated a Johnny Galecki character before." He is "hood" (or attempts to be), and constantly wears velour sweatsuits and chains. Crazy, but still amusing. He's really bad with girls, though, just like Leonard. 
  • The subtleness of the will-they won't-they. You know me. I LOVEEEE a good will-they won't-they situation. What's refreshing about this show, though, is that they don't hit you over the head with it. We are left questioning who P.J. will end up with, which is nice for a change.
Moral of the story: My Boys is a hit, so check it out. Also, someone open a bar with board games. Preferably in the greater Cincinnati area. Please and thanks. 

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