Monday, September 16, 2013

Mel's Fall TV Preview

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's almost fall shows premiere time!! Yayy! Since everyone is giving their TV preview, I thought I'd give mine. However, it will only have the shows I watch, not every show that is premiering. Let's do a night by night breakdown, shall we. Minor spoilers for current tv shows (one's that I watch anyways).

Once Upon a Time, Returns 9/29, 8pm on ABC.

  • Kudos to my buddy, Kate for getting me into (and obsessed) with this show. I used to not have anything to watch on Sundays (until Downton returns in Janurary), but now I have lovely Once to enjoy. I've always been a Disneyophile, and love this show for all of the twists on the fairytales. My favorite storylines are the ones involving the Charming family (Snow White, Prince (David) Charming, Emma, and Henry- seriously this kid is the cutest), but I also enjoy all of the other characters as well. This season begins with Emma, Snow, Charming, Mr. Gold (Rumple), Regina (Evil Queen), and Hook journeying to Neverland to save Henry. Can't wait!

How I Met Your Mother, Returns 9/23, 8pm on CBS.
  • I have been lucky enough to have watched HIMYM from the beginning. Seriously, I remember when my dad and I watched the pilot and Ted said "Aunt Robin" and my 14 year old self was confused and annoyed because I already loved Tobin. (Still, do. Still holding out hope, here people. I may be a dreamer, but I'm not the only one). It will be bittersweet when it ends this year. Apparently the entire season takes place over Barney and Robin's wedding weekend, with standard HIMYM flashbacks and forwards, of course. Can't wait!

Hart of Dixie, Returns 10/7, 8pm on The CW.
  • Ah, Dixie, I go back and forth with you. Between the ridic storylines and Lavon, I sometimes can't handle you. However, lucky for you, Zoe's adorableness, Rose's cuteness, Annabeth's wonderfulness, and Wade's general Wadeness (especially shirtless Wadeness) keep reeling me back in. Plus Sister will watch, which means I will, too. This year begins with Zoe returning to Bluebell after a summer-long stay in NYC. Word on the street is that she comes back with a bf, but that just won't do. Get her back together with Wade ASAP, writers, please and thanks. I need to see more of this:
...And this:
Yes, this would be good. 

New Girl, Returns (THIS) Tuesday, 9/17 9pm on Fox. 
  • I heart NG and am so excited for this season. The wonderful will-they won't-they of Nick and Jess is finally a will-they, and I am pumped to watch the hijinks ensue. The season begins with them in Mexico on vaca from Loft 4D, and somehow Schmidt and Winston end up across the borders as well. Can't wait to laugh my ass off on Tuesday!

Modern Family, Returns 9/25, 9pm on ABC.

  • I just love this show so much. I can't pick a favorite character, although if I had to, I guess I'd pick Lily. That kid is hilarious. But seriously, can't wait to watch this lovely Fam when it returns!
The Big Bang Theory, Returns 9/26, 8pm on CBS.

  • Have loved this show since season 2. Can't wait for our favorite 7 nerds to return. Leonard's scheduled to return from the North Sea and word on the street is that he comes back and doesn't tell Sheldon. I'm guessing that will go over well; can't wait!

Grey's Anatomy, Returns 9/26, 9pm on ABC.

  • Another classic I have been watching for about 7 years. Last season's cliffhangers included April telling Jackson she wants him (who wouldn't), and the Chief lay motionless after presumably being electrocuted. Oopsie. This season we have the adorable Grey-Shepherd family with their new addition, Bailey. Precious. Also, Alex and Jo finally got together, and, in the most stupid storyline ever, Arizona cheated on Cali with Peyton Sawyer. Le sigh. Can't wait for season 10!

So that's it for right now. I am also going to try some new shows this year, so I'll keep y'all posted on that. Thanks for reading!

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