Friday, September 28, 2012

Grey's Anatomy 9x01

Can't believe we are actually in the 9th season of Grey's Anatomy! Nine years in the making, this show still has the power to turn the average viewer into an emotional train wreck (or plane crash) for 62 minutes. Case and point: last night.

We come back to Seattle 30 days after the horrible plane accident to find our beloved SGMW hospital in shambles. Meredith is the first crash victim to be shown alive (like we're surprised) and we quickly find out that whatever happened in the woods has turned her into a complete hard ass, aka "Medusa."(OH and she is wearing navy scrubs- GROWN UP!) Personally, I don't think that the name Medusa is as bad as "The Nazi," but regardless, she scares the crap out of every one of the interns. Shonda loves to parallel current seasons with older ones, and we get a nice parallel here to the pilot with Meredith acting like Burke in picking a new baby for the "intern appy." (Future 007 I'm sure).

Meanwhile, Mer's beautiful hubby is doing okay post-Blair Witch Project Woods time (We find out later that these guys were stranded there for a week! Good God! It's like the freakin' Hatchet). He has a radical scar on his beautiful hand and arm, but is ready to perform surgery today. Naturally, this all goes to hell, he drops some medical instrument, gets upset, and kicks over a table later. (Pre-eye-surgery Jenna Marshall could've seen that one coming, guys). However, we can't be too mad at him, given the current state of his bestie.

That brings me to the saddest, saddest, saddest part of last night. MARK SLOAN IN A COMA! Come one, people! Really? Ugh? WHYYY? This was so depressing, especially when they kept showing adorable, sexy Mark Sloan flashbacks the entire eppie. Now, I am all for Mexie finally getting back together, but did they have to do it in HEAVEN? God forbid characters be happy on Earth. The most precious flashbacks were definitely when he basically said Lexie was the love of his life on camera and when he was rocking baby Sofia to sleep. Ugh, what a DILF. I will definitely miss Mark; his friendship with Derek, his man-whoreness, his relationship with Callie, and his sexy face strutting around the hospital. Oh, and when he's shirtless, that especially. RIP Mark Sloan: 1968-2012. (Am I the only one who found the epitaph little ridic??? I mean I love the guy, but he's a television show character, not a real person. That seemed a little tacky).

Mark's other bestie, Callie, was riding the struggle bus all episode. She was visiting Mark and crying in on-call rooms. The whole time they hint at Arizona being dead, which thus makes it obvious that she is still alive somewhere. I won't pretend that Shonda didn't have me worried, though, until we saw Arizona at Callie's apartment in the last minute. Apparently Callie cut off her leg and she is extremely depressed and shutting out everyone and everything. I am not trying to belittle her pain or anything, but people died! She could totes still be a surgeon and wheel around the hospital and operate on a lower table. Personally, I think Arizona needs some tough love and to get back in action. (But I am very glad she is still alive!)

Cristina is off in Minnesota and probably wishing she was still in the forest. Girl does not fit in Minnesota. I have never been to Minnesota and could have told you that girl does not fit in Minnesota. Nonetheless, this storyline provided some comedy for this extremely morose episode, so I applaud it. She spends her time there waiting for ambulences in parkas and listening to Mr. Feeny ramble on about his great surgeries (Feeennyyyyyyy  Fee eeee eeeeennnyyy). Everyone there is friendly, sociable, not competitive, and SO not Cristina Yang. So I think we can all assume she will get out soon. She and Meredith are also afraid to fly, too, which is totes understandable. Plane crashes tend to ruin the whole flying experience.

Owen and Cristina's status is undefined at the moment, but I have a feeling they will get back together. He is proving to be a good Chief, especially when he basically told a new intern to suck it when she tried to blame Mer's Medusa-ness on the Lost episode she and her co-workers found themselves in (Can you tell I am thoroughly enjoying all of these woods references?) I mean the intern was right; Mer lost her sister, her best friend left, and everyone is really messed up. Of course she is a hard ass now. Owen also proved worthy went he went to go get April from her farm and told her he wanted her back at the hospital. (Not sure how this is going to work because she failed her boards, but whatevs. Welcome back, April!). Here, I would like to point out that April lives in Ohio (wooo) and once again I am disappointed in Ohio's portrayal on the small screen. They always make Ohio seem like the boonies. (I'm looking at you, Dance Moms) WE HAVE CITIES TOO PEOPLE! Sigh. I digress.

Back to SGMW, Avery grew his hair out (can't decided which I like better, maybe I should poll people on this) and is being adorable reading charts to Mark. I love him and really hope that when April gets back they get it on again. Team Averpril!

Alex is, naturally, ignoring his feelings and sleeping with every intern in sight. Maybe he feels like he has to now that Mark is gone? Who knows? Anyways, he put off moving to John's Hopkins and supposedly was going to leave at the end of the eppie. Everyone knew that wasn't going to happen, but we enjoyed Meredith beating the crap out of him at the airport anyways. Go Mer! I love her and Alex's friendship; it's adorbs.

Well that's it from last night. Solid season opener. Seems like this year should be good and dramatic, but I am going to miss Mark and Lexie soooo muchhhhh! Gah!

Next week seems like it should be a little more relaxing, right? I mean everyone's already dead or wounded, it can't get worse. (SARCASM) Shonda seems to want to drag this thing out as long as possible, and is taking back into the crash site next week for a jolly good time. Hellooo dramatic flashbacks! Can't wait to see Lexie and Mark die all over again!

I hate to end on a somber note, so I'll leave you with this: Bailey's new nickname is BCB. As in Booty. Call. Bailey. hahahahhahahahahhaha Enjoy your day!

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