Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Hate they Player- Hate the Game.

Hello All! I'm back! Sorry it's been awhile but things have been crazy with school and stuff. Despite being so busy, today Sister gave me a blog idea I just couldn't refuse:
                                    TV's Most-Hated Characters.

Disclaimer: These are my most-hated characters from shows that I have seen. I am positive that there are worse characters on other shows, but this is my list from the shows I regularly watch.

1. Emily Waltham (yes I had to look up her last name, no I am not that crazy and just knew that off of the top of my head)- Friends

  • Ahh Emily. The season 4 solution to keeping Ross and Rachel apart still but letting viewers know that they should be together. Emily, you are definitely useful in that sense. However, we thoroughly dislike you. Here's why:
    • A. You were annoying. 
    • B. You made Ross get his ear pierced. Ew. 
    • C. You didn't want Rachel at your wedding. (For good reason-duh, but still, the fans obvi wanted her there to protest so you suck.)
    • D. After Ross said Rachel's name at the alter (haha sucks to suck, Em.) you told him he couldn't see Rachel anymore. HOW DARE YOU ATTEMPT TO SPLIT UP THE LOBSTERS?? B*tch.
    • E. You made Rachel go to Greece alone (and have to hear "Mrs. Gellarr, why you cry?" from all of the Greeks.)
    • F. You called Ross on your wedding day when we thought we were done with you and Rachel and the viewers had to hear your voice again. 
  • In short, you attempted to ruin the will-they won't-they couple of the 1990s and 2000s, and for that we will never forgive you. 
2. Tori Scott (yeah def had to look up that last name. Surprised she had one; she's so irritating she doesn't deserve one.) Saved by the Bell
  • Sigh, Tori. It's not your fault really. You were part of the SBTB writers' stupid attempts to continue the show after Tiffany left. (Elizabeth left too, but no one really cared). We hate you because:
    • A. Your stupid leather jacket and "bad-ass" attitude. Dude, you do not have that much street cred; I've met preschoolers who had more sass (My niece being one of them.) 
    • B. Your attempts to fit in to the "Max" gang. Pardon me while I quote Mean Girls- "SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!" Go away, Tori, go away.
    • C. Your terrible, terrible episodes. Seriously, you ruined the show for some people. Your episodes were so bad that Netflix made them into a separate season so people would not have to accidentally stumble upon them and be subject to 30 seconds of the horror before they realize that it's a you episode and skip it. (I am so not even making this up, its true- see for yourself.)
    • D. You were a love interest for Zack and you are not Kelly. 
    • E. The lack of Kelly-Zack in your episodes. This one is probably not your fault and is really Tiff's for leaving, but we don't care. We hate you anyways. Sorry we're not sorry.
3. Dan Scott (the early years) One Tree Hill
  • Oh Danny Boy, we loved to hate you every episode for the first 8 seasons, until you redeemed yourself Rambo-style in one of the last episodes of season 9. Here's why:
    • A. You were a dick to everyone. (I could really stop here, but where would the fun be in that?)
    • B. You attempted to break Naley up several times throughout the early seasons. Bad move. 
    • C. You shot Keith and ruined life for all 12 of the Keith-Karen fans out there. (Hey, old people need love too). 
    • D. You were a dick to everyone. Again. All the time. Thanks for redeeming yourself in the last season because you really were a dick to everyone.
4. Characters played by Torrey DeVitto- One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars
  • Torrey, God love ya, you always manage to play people I can't stand. Kudos to you for that:
  • Nanny Carrie. I can't even begin to explain how bat-sh*t cray cray you were. It's unreal how much of a lunatic you were. Here's why we hate you:
    • A. You attempted to steal Nathan from Haley. NUMBER ONE OTH NO-NO! Seriously, that is never okay. 
    • B. You tried to kidnap Jimmy-Jam (like 5 times) and take him away from his hott, rich, wonderful parents. 
    • C. You kidnapped Dan. (Even though we didn't really like him then either, it was still unacceptable behavior).
  • Melissa Hastings. Spencer's sister on PLL is so mean and sketchy to everyone and it ticks me off:
    • A. You date sketchy killer suspects and act like its no big deal. (Ian, Garret)
    • B. You hid when you were actually pregnant and pretended to be pregnant when you were not. YOU LIAR!
    • C. You were in Allison's room with extremely sketchy people the night she died and we still don't know why. WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE?
    • D. You are mean to Spencer, my fave Little Liar, and are against Spoby, my fave Little Liar ship. Rude. 
    • E. You have the name Melissa and are a B*tch. So Rude. Ruining that name for the cool Melissas everywhere (Like me-hehe). 
5. Jenna Marshall, Pretty Little Liars
  • Congrats on being the most-hated blind (well now formerly blind) person on television. That's quite an accomplishment. Here is how you won your title:
    • A. Basically raping (sorry but there is no other word for this) your beautiful, attractive, kind, 8-pack ab wearing brother Toby. How dare you? He is so cute and nice and sweet and you almost ruined him. (If he is A I am totally blaming you, before I sob continuously into a pillow.)
    • B. Playing the whole victim card when you were really plotting murders (Alison's) and trying to enact revenge on everyone. Haven't you ever heard of forgive-and-forget, Jen Jen?
    • C. Attempting to break up Spoby. SO SO BAD! Leave my fave ship alone. You and Melissa, I swear! 
    • D. Pretending to be blind when you were not. What a low trick, dude. Be happy you can finally see again and put that energy into bird-watching or using your renewed eyesight instead of plotting revenge acts 24/7. 
    • E. While I don't think you're A, I def think you know more than you are letting on, which is frustrating to every PLL viewer since we never know anything. 
Wow. So much hate. I am done for now. I know there are more characters that I hate just as much but I need a break. And a hug. I'll probably amend this later, but 'til then, thanks for reading! Much love (and hate) :) 

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