Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bluebell and Stars Hallow, One in the Same?

So more and more lately, other bloggers and Hart of Dixie viewers have been comparing it to Gilmore Girls. I have agreed and decided to look at the comparisons further.

Let's start with the towns themselves:
Stars Hollow:


Do the gazebos look similar? They should. Both Dixie and GG film/filmed on the same lot at the WB studios. Moreover, these two towns have an almost identical feel to them. Both are filled with eccentric residents who all are up in each others' business, eccentric festivals, and just general small-townie goodness.

Let's try and find some similarities with the characters, too, shall we?

The local scruffy but sexy heartthrob:

...we have Luke Danes

...and Wade Kinsella.

Both these lovely fellows work in restaurants, wear plaid, and have a sort of "gruff" closed off exterior that can only be broken down by their banter with the female protagonists of their respective shows:

...Lorelai Gilmore

 ...and Zoe Hart.

Both these ladies are fast-talking, witty, sassy, and a little bit spastic (but that's why we love them). Both work at businesses within their small town and are the leading ladies of the shows. Both are also in will-they won't-they scenarios with their restauranteurs. These relationships both started as bickering friendships that turned into love. Precious.

Then we have the other guy that draws a slight fanbase that makes the writers mess with the main couple but in actuality has no comparison to the main couple:

Is it just me or do these two even look a little alike? There is a difference though; George is tolerable when he stays away from Zoe, while I can't stand Christopher at any moment, ever. 

We also have the mother-daughter relationship (Lorelai-Rory) or mother-daughter-like relationship (Zoe-Rose).

Then we have the slightly eccentric bestie of the leading lady:

And the crazy townies:

who participate in crazy town events:

Similar, no? At the end of the day, I don't care. Both shows have managed to create a wonderful town with likable characters that make watching enjoyable. Combined with the bantering of a couple destined for each other and hilarious yet endearing storylines, it is no wonder Gilmore was such a hit and that Dixie is proving equally successful. 

Moral of the story: watch both.

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