Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PLL 3x01: It Happened That Night

In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, last night's episode managed to creep me out from the very beginning. I thought that we might have a little emotional solace, but that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

Highlights of last night's episode:
  • How I spent my summer vacation:
    • by Spencer Hastings: College classes and ogling my hott boyfriend's abs (we'll get to that later, believe me it was the best part for me)
    • by Hanna Marin: Cooking classes with the other half of Haleb and secretly visiting my ex-bff in the sanatorium 
    • by Aria Montgomery: Photography class and spending time in your ex-teacher/boyfriend's apartment. Oh, and dealing with your parents divorce (Surprise! Byrella is no more). 
    • by Emily Fields: Building houses  in Haiti and attempting to drink away the memory of your dead ex girlfriend(s). 
  • Seems like these girls had a busy summer! 
  • Reunited, they have a sleepover (which, with these girls, doesn't seem like a good idea) but they have one anyways. Which, of course goes horribly. 
  • Someone (new A-duh) lures wasted/blackout Emily to Ali's grave, where it was already dug up. Naturally, the girls attempt to cover it up because no one saw them, right? Yeah, right, that would be too simple and un-dramatic. 
  • Ezria is still alive and kicking, and he has been there for her all summer. They share an adorable reenactment kiss of their first one. They also plan a special dinner together, which Ella oddly enough ends up being the third wheel on. Awkward turtle times. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that dinner. 
  • Haleb is also doing well, and they learned how to make dong po over summer break (whatever that is). 
  • Spoby is happy as well! Yay! Toby has been using Spencer's shower, since he got a loft where the water is not working. Spencer has no problem with this because clearly having a sexy boy with an eight-pack strutting around your room shirtless is not a problem. I thoroughly enjoyed this seen and seeing Keegan Allen (Toby) shirtless the whole time and so did America apparently because #shirtlessToby trending for the text 40 minutes. Ahh, bliss. 
  • In other Spencer news, she has been recreating the creepy A lair on her computer to attempt to figure things out. She and the other girls meet up at The Lost Woods to think. 
  • The girls all realize something doesn't add up, and they finally admit to Emily that the lair was taken down by someone, which obviously isn't good. 
  • Cue creepy music, or in this case Spence's car alarm. The girls run outside and find her car covered in pictures of them with the shovel and by Ali's grave. Crap. 
  • Cue the inevitable A text. Something about Mona playing with dolls and the new A playing with body parts. Lovely, sound like new A should just leave them alone and go to medical school. 
From now on I will be adding this new section to my PLL reviews. This is entitled: "Best Tweets of the Night." (There are too many good tweets to not discuss). 
  • Keegan Allen: "Look  trends worldwide - as you eat a pint of ice cream." says my mother. (HAHHAHAHHAHA)
  • Andy Swift: I've decided that at least one of Toby's abs have to be "A." 
  • Sunny Jacob: By now I’d seriously be like “Emily, you can’t sit with us”. Talk about a liability. 
  • Andy Swift: If I was friends with these girls, I would never go to their sleepovers. I don't like getting dead. 
  • Lucy Hale: So, I mean I don't know how many of you wear a bikini with an overall jumper, but aria did. With knee high hooker boots.
  • Lucy Hale: EM show us your boobs!!!!!!
Alright that's all for tonight. Cya next week for (hopefully) more shirtless Toby and PLL awesomeness. Thanks!

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