Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Little Liars 3x03: Deal with the Devil

On tonight's PLL, we had crazy families, relationships falling apart, unlikely alliances, and all around paranoid people. So, the usual. 

    Aria pretended to be bffls with creepy Jenna for the first half of the episode in order to figure out what crazy girl was up to. She did lead them to the right place though, where the liars (well, Hanna really) finally confronted Jenna about her ability to see. More on that in a bit. Right now, however, I feel the need to lecture Aria on her "top-secret sleuthing skills." Aria, sweetie, I heart you. But honey, I feel like I have to remind you that Jenna is NOT blind anymore. Therefore, when you are "surreptitiously" attempting to read her secret notes behind her back, remember she can see you, despite her sketchy glasses covering her newly re-acquired eye site.  Moral of the story, be more careful next time. Also, your BF gets extra points this week for being so cute and helping your Mama and bffl Em out when they are in a bind. Speaking of Ella, Sister totes thought  that she was Jenna tonight mid-eppie. Sigh, dear Sister, is such a PLL amateur. It's cute, really. 

Turning to Emily:
    Em spent all episode worrying about her test score being too good for her test performance. During said freak out, Hanna has one of the best lines of the episode: "Don't go all Spencer on your grades." Love Spencer, but so true Hanna, so true. Anyways she and Ella get out of hot water when Ezra saves the day in his cute adorable Ezra way. Good job, Ezra, scoring big points with your GF's friends and family. Emily also decides to become a bad-ass in this eppie, saying she will not back down to this new A. Considering new A likes to play with bones, body bags and teeth, I don't see this gung-ho attitude lasting much longer. But, good for you, Em, good for you. 

    Speaking of bad-asses, by the end of the eppie, Hanna is done ignoring Jenna's secret eyesight and screams "No Mas!" at the top of her lungs before jumping in front of Jenna's car. Han, sweetie, go you, but you don't have the best track record with cars, so best be careful. Speaking of which, Hanna wins the award for best one liners tonight. I already mentioned the one about Spence and her grades. Later, when Caleb tried to say that Mona hit her with her car, Hanna says technically she went over the car, not under it. She's quite the optimist. Also, later, before confronting Jenna, Hanna states that "We're lying to everybody, everybody's lying to us," to which I just think of the title of the show and roll my eyes. #Duh. In other Hanna news, Haleb it looks like it is on the rocks. To which I say :(, because I find them cute. Also, Mona totally lost her shit at Caleb and went berserk. Oops. Oh yeah, speaking of crazy, Lucas has gone all buckwild on everyone and is setting fire to things and visiting the nuthouse. Maybe he should "visit" there for a few weeks and reclaim some of his sanity and cute shyness that I miss. 

    Spencer is not having happy times at the house of Hastings (so what else is new). Her mom has taken on Garrett's case and Melissa is keeping secrets and being super sketchy (so what else is new x2). During some super secret sleuthing (she really needs to give her pal Aria some lessons), Spence calls multiple hospitals and hotels to track down Melissa's whereabouts in June. The kid is good at this sh*t, and she figures out Melissa and her mom are lying to her and Melissa had a miscarriage long before she pretended to. Hmm, gotta heart those Hastings, always honest, always supportive. Thank God for Toby in Spencer's life, even though his sexy shirtless self was not there this week. Hope we see him and his abs next Tuesday!

Top Tweets: 

Andy Swift: Beard? Garbage fire? Devil-may-care attitude? Lucas, you have become a homeless man-child. 

Starry Mag: Dude, you tried to set fire to my girlfriend! - Caleb 

Andy Swift: I feel like Torrey DeVitto is on every show I watch these days. I half expect to see her anchoring the nightly news.    (Me too, dude).

Norman Buckley: I like that Mona has friends in the nuthouse. 

Princess Problems: Silly aria. I'm sure Ezra has helped you perform many times. 

Norman Buckley: I'd like to see Mona get out of the nuthouse and transfer to secret life high school, just to change things up.

Princess Problems: I know the next secret on ...Caleb's dad is Robert Kardashian too! The middle part gave it away.  (HAHAHA)

Pretty Little Liars: RT if you've ever "untangled spaghetti." (Whatever that is.) 

@ElderPoptart:  I miss nerdy sweet Lucas, but I'm fascinated by Sour Patch Kid Lucas. 


Andy Swift: This principal is such a dummy. Suddenly I understand how Ella went from substitute to full-time teacher overnight. 

@RobynRossTVG: Bitch can drive! 

Norman Buckley: Jenna has yet to relearn the use of a rear-view mirror. 

Norman Buckley: Where the hell did Jenna get that vintage Mustang?

Shay Mitchell: "No mas!" 

Andy Swift: I'm glad  made the blind girl a total bitch so I don't have to feel bad for laughing at all the jokes about her disabilit

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