Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PLL: "4 Girls, One Bathroom:" Episode 3x02

The credit for tonight's title goes to the one and only Andy Swift for tweeting that line during the episode. We'll get to more great tweets later on. The bathroom seemed to be the recurring theme during tonight's episode though because the girls' new rendezvous point is the bathroom. Literally, all the time, they meet there to chat. Whatevs, apparently they feel safe their? IDK.

In other news:

  • Emily needs to pass some tests in order to graduate with her friends. To solve this problem, Aria decides to force Ezra and Em into an awkward tutoring scenario that was highly uncomfortable for both them and viewers. 
  • The tutoring went well, though, until Em started experiencing creepy "That night" flashbacks mid-test. Oops. However, Ella was there to save the day and finish her test for her. I don't see this ending well. It was nice for Ella to look out for Em, but she could totes be fired for that. 
  • Ella's daughter is also up to no good, or was when she was a baby 15 year old with Alison. Considering what happened to Aria, I don't blame her for freaking out about her dad. However, I do blame Byron for is actions. Making Aria apologize to Meredith? REALLY BYRON? Great parenting, siding with your ex-whore over your daughter. 
  • Aria, meanwhile, killed it tonight with the one-liners:
    • "Is she blinder than she was last year?"
    • "Yeah, I don't think my dad is going to be scrapbooking with Ezra anytime soon."
    • "I'm ready to hang a sign- bitch can see!"
  • Turning to our fave blonde liar, Hanna does Mona's makeup, which finally gets her to talk and say (in a sketchy voice, of course) "You're getting them again, aren't you?"
  • Caleb is attempting to be the best, cute, supportive boyfriend and goes with Hanna to see Mona after getting upset that she was lying to him about going to Dr. Sullivan. Hanna, of course doesn't appreciate this, and Caleb's suspicion rises when he runs into Wren. 
  • Dear Wren, 
    • I hate your stinkin' guts. Please stop attempting to mess up the PLL's relationships with their cute boyfriends. I do not like your home-wrecking self. However, as long as you keep staying away from Spoby, I will remain silently annoyed and won't press the matter further.
  • Turning to my fave couple, Spoby, I was very pleased that in tonight's episode we got to see hott for each other Spoby as well as crime fighting detective Spoby. I personally enjoy both because they are great partners. Also, that couch scene was really hott. Damn Mrs. Hastings for ruining that. Awkwardd "hi Mom!" moment. 
  • Mama Hastings also yelled at Spencer for visiting Garrett to try and find out more info. Am I the only one who thought that she was going to try and give Spence an abstinence talk during this scene? That would have been highly amusing.
  • Detective Spoby discovered something very important- Jenna is no longer blind (Bitch can see). The liars prove this with an earring at the end of the episode, in, once again, a bathroom. They decide to keep it a secret though, and use it to their advantage. Our good old plotting PLL's are def back in action!
  • Thanks for reading! 
Now to my fave new section, Top Tweets:
  • Andy Swift: Ezra has worn 75% less vests since he stopped teaching at Rosewood High. I've been keeping track, and my math is NEVER wrong.  
  • @mojotastic: Loving that almost all the girls have people to visit in jails or mental institutions. They need better social circles. 
  • Norman Buckley: "why are you asking me about my blind sister all the time?"
  • @LyndseyNadeau: No big deal, Jenna's just guarding the school like a "blind" gargoyle.
  • Norman Buckley: Caleb is such an ideal boyfriend. "I will support you in your neurosis."
  • Andy Swift: Wtf, Aria? This show isn't called "Pretty Little Girls Who Suddenly Decide To Start Telling The Truth."  (HAHHAHHAHAHAHAH my fave)
  • Norman Buckley: "i'd love to, Jenna, but you're just too weird."
  • Sister: "Why are they getting all of the OTH nut jobs?"

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