Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PLL: Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company. You're damn right. Tonight, all of the miserable Spoby fans are finding comfort in the fact the are not the only ones who had their shipper hearts stomped on by an African stampede of elephants. You think I'm being dramatic? Imagine being Spencer. Tonight she discovered that she is literally sleeping with the enemy. Ouch. But let's get to that in a bit.

Emily is being the quintessential supportive friend/girlfriend this week. She helps Spencer plan for Toby's anniversary surprise, helps Paige by making her a special lunch (#cuties) and helps Hanna by trailing Caleb (which she sucks at by the way- who leaves a tail mid-tail?). Which leads to...

Hanna is suspicious after hearing Caleb talk to someone about getting back at Mona on the phone. Caleb knows Mona is A and is meeting someone to discuss revenge. In the least surprising twist of the episode, we find out that Caleb is meeting Paige, because the two want to help their significant others fight the A team. This is cute, but also sad because it reminds us that one of the other liar's significant others is the A team. Sigh.

Aria, poor thing, was drugged all episode by her father's mistress and then locked in the basement. Oh yeah, Ali finally visited Aria in this episode. Dream? Twin? Who knows? (I think I doo!)If during the Aria scenes this episode, you were confused and thought you had accidentally switched to an old episode of One Tree Hill, you were mistaken. However, I can see your confusion. Drugs and basement combos were just a day in the life in Tree Hill. I digress. Anyways, moral of the story Meredith is bat sh*t cray cray and a complete sketch ball. She leaves at the end though. Byron returns and confesses that Ali was blackmailing him but he didn't kill her. Aria believes him and burns the pages, although he does admit that when he left Ali that night, Melissa Hastings was around. Torrey DeVitto appearance! Hey Torr, missed ya in Hastings-land.

Turning to Hastings-land, Spencer is planning on surprising Toby for their 1 year anniversary. Everyone is in on it, even her mother, who is suddenly so supportive of their relationship. Of course, right before the volcano erupts, Mama Hastings is "on board!" Spencer is busy at Toby's apartment, making dinner and an adorable Scrabble board akin to their first date and full of adorable-ness. In his apartment, we see a Radley Sanitorium ID, which would prove to be the nail in the Spoby coffin. Spencer is a good actress the rest of the episode, not letting the audience know that she knows. Watching the episode again, you can tell, but of course, hindsight is 20/20. At the end, we find out that Spencer had found the ID and sets Toby up to come to her house as A. She slaps him, cries, and Spoby hearts everywhere break.

This episode has definitely put the fire back into season 3, and leaves us all wondering: what next? Surprisingly, if the promo is accurate and not a flashback, Spencer and Toby are seen making out next week. Huh...this will be interesting. Maybe Spencer's Big A? Who knows? All I know that somehow, someway, Spoby better be back together by the finale or I will be a bitter, bitter woman. Kisses!

Top tweets:
@andyswift: Here's what we've learned tonight: Toby = good in a towel, bad in a hoodie. 

@toby: what about us what about everything we've been through. spencer: WHAT ABOUT TRUST? toby; you know i never wanted to hurt you. Liar. (hahhahahh HSM lyrics anyone?)

@MONA IS EATING TOBY & SPENCER'S ANNIVERSARY DINNER!?!? I would kill a hoe. (Me too, me too). 

@: Spencer slapping Toby during the  did more for women's rights than anything prior in history.  

@: Sorry guys I won't be at school tomorrow I have died after that episode. 

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