Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hart of Dixie 2x13!

I just took the worst history exam of my entire life and now am going to poke fun at Hart of Dixie to make myself feel better :) Let's begin!

  • Previously on Dixie
    • Zade is adorable, Lemon loves Lavon, etc.
  • Oh dear Lord, what fresh strawberry hell is this? Unreal, this show just got weirder. 
  • Wait, Fillmore is a rival town? Not a company? Cheez and rice.
  • Apparently George is Bluebell's Dawson Leery and thinks he is film connoisseur. 
  • Oh Zade, eating beer-filled eggs and being in love. But seriously guys, you'll need to be supportive. Go to his damn show, Zoe! Guys who can sing are hott!
  • Annabeth is teaching Lemon about the rules of sex and dating. We've hit a new low. Is it even approps to discuss sex in public in Bluebell? Doubt it. 
  • George and Tom are directing this commercial? Unreal, this outta be good. 
  • HAHAHA they are putting Tay Swift in the video. That's how you win. Good work, guys. 
  • Flu epidemic on everything around Bluebell- of course.
  • Lavon you would be worried about your stupid commercial over the health of the town.
  • Aww Rose yayy! Heart her!
  • Magnolia def does not need a babysitter. But I bet she does not just watch tv and go to bed. Hello party time! No one saw that coming.
  • Aww Rose and your cutie signs. You are adorbs. 
  • Lily-Ann, Wade's "wackadoo ex band mate who used to be in love with you." Grrr.
  • Rose is right, I spy trouble. 
  • When did Rose get so wise anyways? She must be watching more SATC
  • Bluebell has a "border?" Are there going to be SWAT teams invading if someone tries to cross the line? 
  • Lemon is pissed that the quarantine is getting in the way of her sexy times
  • She's not the only one. Apparently Bluebell is so dull that everyone makes plans elsewhere instead. 
  • Loved when Lemon sassed George
  • AB and Lavon are going to film the commercial together. Ruh-roh, sparks will be flying. And not just out of Lemon's head. 
  • Wadester, if you got a flu shot we could've had happy Zade times tonight instead of him at stupid slutty Lily-Ann's. 
  • Lily-Ann, back off. No one messes with Zade. 
  • ·      McKayla Maroney sighting! Hey girlll.
    ·      George is ridic in this episode: “Take 10 minutes while I process my disappointment.”
    ·      George encouraging chemistry. I see this leading to Annavon.
    ·      Awkward Annavon times
    ·      Zoe calling Wade repeatedly and he’s not answering. Oh dear.
    ·      Germ police captain, Zoe Hart is on the prowl.
    ·      Rose and McKayla scored an invite to Magnolia’s party. #winning.
    ·      Lemon just called AB the most loyal ever. I don’t see this ending well.
    ·      Uh-oh, the flu has hit Bluebell. Bad.
    ·      Uh-oh, Wade isn’t calling Zoe back. Badder.
    ·      Uh-oh, Everyone in Bluebell is sick. Baddest.
    ·      Ah, the culprit of it all, Wadester, has returned.
    ·      “Containment strategy.” I don’t see this ending well.
    ·      Did AB get replaced? I missed something.
    ·      I am impressed Cricket can pronounce expository.
    ·      Ah AB is sick.
    ·      Lavon, you are not subtle at all, dude.
    ·      Between the sweater and Ray Bans George is looking a little gay tonight. Hmm.
    ·      Lemon reading 50 Shades hahahaha.
    ·      She and AB are studying up. Looks like AB is faking sick.
    ·      Lemon asking questions about 50 Shades is making me uncomfortable.
    ·      This flu is spreading unrealistically fast. Yet nothing about this show is ever realistic, so who am I to judge.
    ·      Jupiter’s pass? Yes, AB that is a rational excuse. We all know how much Lemon loves astronomy.
    ·      Also, I would like to bring up the question of whether or not anyone actually works in this town. I mean, obviously Zoe is, but what about everyone else? George has been running around with a camera for 4 days. Productive.
    ·      Magnolia is insisting on having a party even though it will consist of her and Rose. Classic.
    ·      Oops, Tom’s lady spills the beans. Wadester is in fact in town.
    ·      Zoe, being the badass she is, breaks open Wade’s door. Dang, girl.
    ·      Wade, you need to let your lady feel needed. Let her take care of you, it’s a plus of having a gf.
    ·      Wade, stop being grouchy.
    ·      Sick Lemon is acting drunk. Girl must’ve taken too much Thera-flu.
    ·      AB is faking sick not to lie to her new man, Lavon.
    ·      I have to say, AB is making me tolerate Lavon and for that she is one of my new fave characters. (Also, fun fact- Kaitlin Black actually tweeted at my sister once! So she rocks!)
    ·      Walt is cute. I approve.
    ·      What a great speech, Zo. I love when they acknowledge that they’re dating and there for each other. Precious.
    ·      Magnolia is being cray cray and sick.
    ·      Lavon is reading to AB? Odd.
    ·      Can I point out that they are reading Garden&Gun magazine? That’s a thing????
    ·      AB if he already lent that close to you and you were actually sick it wouldn’t matter by that point.
    ·      Good commercial, George. That kid’s a cutie.
    ·      Does George really have that much law practice in Bluebell? I don’t buy it.
    ·      I don’t see Lemon reacting well to this good chemistry between AB and Lavon. Although Walt is lovely, so Lemon should ditch Lavon and stick with Walt.
    ·      And Zoe’s down for the count. Considering she was flu-infested all the time, duh.
    ·      I seriously adore AB. She makes Lavon more tolerable.
    ·      Awww Wadester taking care of his girl.
    ·      “Sparky.” Precious.
    ·      “I watched a youtube video I can get it done.”
    ·      Those two are seriously the cutest. If they break up soon I may or may not boycott this show.
    ·      Next week: Sex, sex, and more sex. Because, why not? 

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