Thursday, April 5, 2012

OTH Finale:

Can't believe it's over :( wahh. So upset. In withdrawal already (good thing I have all of the good seasons on dvd-minus the Dark Days part 1 and 2 aka seasons 2 and 5). But anyways, I want to briefly blog about last night's epic masterpiece.

I loved all of the Naley (obviously) and was squeeing when they brought up the old Naley stuff like always & forever, the bracelet, the crack jax, the mac n cheese, and the rain. OH THE RAIN! That kiss was adorable and sexy at the same time (something only Naley can pull off); what a great last kiss.

Brulian was cute as well, loved that he bought her her old house (on Tattersalls Drive in Wilmy by the way) and glad we got to see a final shot of Davis. Julian "cawing" was also adorable because we were reminded again that Julian is sweet yet dorky.

Quay also stole the show (meaning Logan did). When he called Quinn "Mom," OMG cutest thing ever. I just got disctracted by thinking about how cute it was again and immediately had to youtube and watch again. My Lord, that was precious. Quinn's face said it all.

BEVINNNNNNNN. so happy to have her back. And Skevin (Skillz and Bevin) were reunited- #winning.

My absolute favorite part though, was the second to last part. As soon as I saw Gavin, I turned to roommate and said HE BETTER SING I DON'T WANNA BE! Well, he finally did. That part was seriously the best because the core cast was all together and all belting the lyrics. Right there, for that song, it was the cast onscreen, not their characters, and I absolutely l-o-v-e-d it. They all looked so happy and proud (rightfully so) and I thought it was the best OTH scene ever. At that point, I sat back, sang along (don't judge-you know you did too), and reveled in the last eppie ever.

Thank you, OTH, I love you and will miss you dearly!

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