Monday, April 2, 2012

2 Days to Go...Here's to my 2 Favorites!

First of all, Happy 31st Birthday to Bethany Joy Lenz! (April is def the best month to be born in).

Second of all, I cannot believe in just 48 hours from now I will be preparing to watch the last ever episode of One Tree Hill (aka I will be sitting in my night class fidgeting and contemplating yelling at my prof that OTH is ending and he better end class by 8 or I will channel my inner Nanny Carrie and go bat sh*t crazy.) Anyways, I am really sad about OTH ending. I am going to miss it so much. And I am going to miss two characters especially.

Haley James Scott and Brooke Davis have been my favorite characters for as long as I can remember (so since episode 6X16, which was the first live episode I ever watched. I attempted to watch it before that, as Sister referenced last night, but I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I would like to further defend myself and say that the first episode she tried to get me to watch was when Nathan was making bets with that Daunte guy on the state championship, so give me a break. I found the concept too ludicrous for my liking-little did I know that was one of MS' "mild" plotlines.)

Sorry for the digression. Back to Brooke and Haley, my two fave Tree Hill gal pals. Seriously, I heart these two and their friendship like no other. They have been there for each other through the good and the bad, the husbands and the babies, the clothes and music and finally, the cafe. :) I will now walk you through the awesomeness that is their friendship, season by season, highlighting my favorite moments.

Season 1:

  • Brooke and Haley didn't exactly begin the show best of friends. Brooke only saw Haley as a possible love interest for Nathan (great insight) and Lucas (boy was she ever wrong!) in the groups "love rectangle plus one." However, they begin to bond when Brooke took too many painkillers, got super high, and renamed Haley "Brooke." (for more see Sister's previous blog entry for her top 3 moments). Although this instance would not solidify their friendship, it would be a precursor for many funny Brooke-Haley moments. Also of interest in season 1 were when Brooke arranged Naley's first date (a fact that myself and every Naley fan will be forever grateful for). One of my favorite lines from that episode was when Brooke asked Haley what her idea of a perfect date was and Haley said "Watching you get hit by a bus." and Brooke replied with "There's that sense of humor." (Don't know why but I have always found the bus line hysterical). Brooke and Haley finally become real friends in the episode where every else does and they all laugh and take pics and play basketball on the River Court with baby Jenny. Fun times (it only took 10 episodes for everyone to become friends too; how speedy!). The other great Brooke-Haley moment of season 1 happened when Haley pulled through for the cheerleaders and suited up (foreshadowing!) to dance in the Cheer Competition (oh how I love the cheerleading competition episodes).
Season 2: 
  • Brooke didn't understand Naley's marriage (assuming that Haley was prego) but she was very supportive and coordinated a wedding party and bachelorette party for Haley (in which she taught her the solid values of lingerie and pole dancing). Another big event was the epic slumber part with Brooke, Haley, and Peyton, where they all (hysterically) call each other out for their bad behavior. That scene is still one of my favorites ever (which is amazing because it took place in the Dark Days of Season 2). While Anna's presence is a little unnecessary, she does sum up the show wonderfully when she says "Man, Tree Hill's got some drama." Understatement of the century, Anna, but nicely put. Brooke also goes with Lucas to get Haley from her tour and tell her to come home. She has a fabulous line about Chris' ego that is both true and amusing. 
Season 3: 
  • In Season 3, Brooke and Haley grow even closer because Brooke buys the Naley apartment of love (which is sadly lacking in love at that point) and lets Haley live with her. They help each other so much this season, whether that be with Brooke's clothing line, cheerleading (foreshadowing from season 1 fufilled), and winning their perspective Scott men back. They succeed at all of those endeavors and realize leaning on each other helps them get through hard times :). Haley also is there when Brooke coins the name "Clothes Over Bros," which she names because Haley tells her to focus on her talent. Brooke is also the perfect maid of honor when Naley gets remarried and makes Haley's wedding dress and throws together the best rehearsal dinner ever. (Seriously, Sister, when I get married I want you and my friends up their re-enacting our love. Either that or re-enacting the Annie-Helen toast scene from Bridesmaids; either will do). 
Season 4:
  • In Season 4, Brooke and Haley remained great friends and Brooke is there when Haley finds out she's expecting little Jimmy Jam. Brooke also doesn't rat Haley out to anyone when Haley is trying to hide her pregnancy. She does, however, jump on a chair and announce to the whole school that Haley is pregnant, not her, (with permission, of course) in a hilarious scene only Brooke Davis could pull off. They do have one minor issue this season, when Brooke steals a calc test and Haley gets fired for it. However, after Brooke admits it, Haley forgives her and simply says "You are on notice, Brooke Davis. Clean up your act." and hugs her. Precious. Also in season 4, after giving birth to what would grow up to be the cutest kid ever, Haley asks Brooke to be godmother, to which Brooke happily accepts, pending she doesn't say "kick-ass" too much around him.
Season 5:
  • At the beginning of the Dark Days part 2 of OTH (aka Season 5), Brooke and Haley have grown apart over the years. However, they soon fall back into the swing of things, after Brooke babysits Jamie and asks him if he has "ever had a wine hangover." Brooke really bonds with Jamie this season, and all of their scenes are positively adorable. My personal favorite is when she buys him ice cream and they discuss Owen and the fact that she is "Brooke PENELOPE Davis."
Season 6:
  • Haley is there for Brooke in season 6 when it seems like MS has nothing better to do than repeatedly kick Brooke until she almost breaks (so rude-thank God Julian comes a calling). Jamie even reminds Brooke when things are hard that she is a part of their family; after all, she is "Aunt Brooke." 
Season 7:
  • Brooke was, in turn, there for Haley when some slut falsely claimed that Nathan had gotten her pregnant (stupid wh*re, messing with Naley like that). Brooke and Haley also have quite possibly the funniest scene ever shown on OTH (episode 7x08), when they both get high as kites on Quinn's weed brownies, call a psychic, and hide under a blanket from a monster that turns out to be Chester the floppy haired bunny. (Seriously if you have never seen these scenes, youtube immediately for hilarity and hysterics). Haley is also there for Brooke when things get rocky for her and Julian, and Brooke is in turn (once again) there for Haley when she becomes all angsty and emo after her mom's death. 
Season 8:
  • Haley is there for Brooke when C over B goes under, telling her to contradict what she said back in Season 3. She tells Brooke instead to follow her heart and focus on her sexy fiance, Julian (because Haley is obviously very good at focusing on her sexy husband-who wouldn't be). Haley helps Brooke plan her wedding and plays the part of her maid of honor dutifully. One of my fave OTH quotes ever comes from this storyline- "This year has been the hardest of my life, and you know who's always been here for me? No matter what? My maid of honor."  Haley gives a great speech about their friendship over the years, too, even recollecting the painkiller incident that started it all :). Brooke also showers little baby Lydia with affection and love once she is born, even though she had just lost her almost baby from the adoption that wasn't (stay strong, Brooke, good things are headed your way!) One of my favorites scenes with them from this season was when Brooke tried to sell the Karen's cafe sign, her car, and Julian's truck for Lydia. 
Season 9: 
  • Brooke and Haley have continued to be there for each other all season this year as well, with Haley acting as godmother for the always adorable Davis and Jude. Both of them had quite the storylines this year, facing Russian Basketball mobsters and paroled psycho-stalkers at every turn. However, they still manage to run their cafe together smoothly and in a fun way (who doesn't love the "Hi Brooke!" and "Hi Haley"'s we hear every episode). Another good moment was when Brooke (who obviously knows her two best friends very well and knew they would be making out) pretends to be grossed out and cover her eyes when going to see Nathan in the hospital. "I don't want to know what you're doing I just want to hug Nate." Oh Brooke, you are too funny. 
These two have clearly always been there for each other over the years, supporting each other through thick and thin and never leaving town and leaving the other to fend for themselves (cough, cough, Peyton). Their friendship has brought about many "aw" moments and OTH, and they no other two can make me laugh like these two. Here's to you, Brooke and Haley, my two favorites over the past 9 years. 

Thank you Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz for bringing these characters to life and making me giggle at least once an episode. Your dedication to OTH and gratefulness to the fans has not gone unnoticed, and I will miss seeing you both every Wednesday night!

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