Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 Days to Go: Let's Get Some Laughs Up in Here!

Hello- “Sister” here.  Mel’s letting me guest blog on the Number 3 countdown because:
1.       I asked her to
2.       I am ALMOST as big of an OTH fan as she is
3.       I was the one who introduced her to what turned out to be like her favorite show ever (I won’t get into her initial reaction here- but let’s just say she didn’t quite embrace the whole married in high school sitch.  Don’t worry though, the girl lives, sleeps, and breathes for Naley now and any fave episode of hers has at least 5 quality Naley scenes).
Since I’m sure that there have been, are, and will be plenty of tears being shed due to the ending of our “little show that could,” I thought we’d take a break from the bittersweet and focus on just the sweet- hilarity that is.  Although OTH is known for its dramatic moments, we can’t forget that as much as it has made us tear up (or for some of us, downright sob), sit on the edge of our seats, have heart attacks, scream at the television, etc., it has also made us laugh.  Several times in the past 9 years in fact, Mel and I have found ourselves squealing with laughter at the things our precious characters say or do, or, in some cases the people our precious characters do (see: Deb and creepy clown, Season 5).
While this list could have been as long as James Lafferty’s (horrendous) hair post 5-year time jump, I’ve capped it at my top 3:
1.       Brooke gets high on painpills: Ahh when we first met our fave girl B.Davis all the way back in Season 1, she was used mainly for a bit of comic relief amongst a cast of otherwise dark, broody, angry-art-making teens.  This whole sequence, from Peyton’s “what is this?” to B. Davis’s “I hear birds” makes me giggle every time. Brooke’s best one liners while under the influence of a double dose of fun given to her by a nimrod doctor college boy include:
·         “This is my best friend in the whole entire world- don’t you think she’s pretty…” (Even if doctor college boy does, he’s getting the hell outa dodge to avoid being accused of drugging minors.”
·         “What is your name?” (Tutor girl, Brooke, duh. An integral part of the love-rectangle-plus-one.”
·         “Yeah I don’t like that name, let’s call you….Brooke.” (Did she secretly somehow know Haley’s middle name is Bob?”
·         “Don’t you two like the same guy, or guys, or something?” (Yes, Brooke, they do.  And as a result, things are about to get very, very dramatic, for like 9 years).
·         “He gave her the nod.” (We saw it too Brooke, we saw it too  And millions of Naley fans everywhere were born.)
2.       The gang plays “I’ve Never” at Rachel’s cabin: The fact that this game is Bevin’s idea is a great start to the quick one-liners that fill this comical 60 or so seconds.  After Brooke calls out Rachel for calling Pete Wentz’s “never have I spent a cool weekend in the woods” lame, we are introduced to the recurring “Brooking-yourself” joke, which is far better slang than Dawson’s Creek’s “walking the dog,” I must say.  (Pause here to bring up the fact that a. it was lame b. Pete Wentz probably has never spent a “cool” weekend in the woods because he likely spent most of his weekends doing whatever, and whomever, rockstars do and c. he probably wanted to take as many drinks as possible to try and forget that awkward, 20 yard walk he took with Peyton).  After Brooke sucks it up and takes her drink of (hot chocolate?) and after we see a look from Lucas that shifts between damn-that’s-hot and oh-crap-am-I-not-living-up-to-my-boyfriendly-err-“duties,” Bevin admits to “Brooking” herself as well.  Other moments worth pointing out include Skills first (understandably) asking Bevin if she even knows what that means and Haley looking slightly appalled because clearly she has never had to Brooke herself because she gets to have not out of wedlock romps in the sack with James Lafferty.

3.       The talk about the ridiculousness that is Tree Hill at Honey Grove Prom: You gotta love a show that can poke fun at itself- and the little exchange between the cast and the luckiest high school girls on earth in Honeygrove, Texas, does just that.  These memorable quotes include:

·         Lucas: So nobody has a fatal heart condition? And a father who was purposely set on fire? (Or a father who has 2 sons by 2 different women in the same town? Or a father who has a brother who is the baby daddy of my yet to be born little sister? Or a father who paid a woman to act like she loved said baby daddy brother? I feel like the Honey Grove chicks got off easy just hearing about the set on fire thing).
·         Nathan: You have fellow classmates who are married right? Wife's pregnant, got married as Juniors... (No, Nathan, they don’t.  Unless of course those things happened in the opposite order than they did to you and they are on an MTV reality show.  Or this is 1850s Appalachia.)
·         Brooke: So I started the clothing line after Peyton and I shoplifted my designs back and got arrested. Girl: Arrested! What did your parents say? Brooke: Oh I haven't seen my parents in like a year! I live with my friend Rachel. She's so funny, she's had all this plastic surgery and she just got suspended and now, she’s kind of missing. (As for the parents thing, see Post 8.  As for how the Rachel thing turns out, see Dan Scott, Season 7).

Well that’s all for me, folks.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip down hilarity-lane.  Mel will be back tomorrow to discuss two ladies who make this show (even the not so funny moments) so amazing.


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