Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Most Disappointing Storylines of Television (In Mel's Opinion)

(In no particular order, they all suck). 

1. Robin not being "the mother" on How I Met Your Mother

  • Ugh really HIMYM writers? You totes screwed up in the first episode. I honestly think they underestimated how popular Ted and Robin's relationship would be and the chemistry Cobie and Josh had. And here is an actual quote from Craig Thomas, the co-creator: "Cobie (Robin) should have been the mother. We screwed up.”  NO SH*T!!!!! They were too presumptuous and trying to fool us too much and they ruined the possibility of her being the mother before they got to know the characters. That being said, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIMYM and find it one of the best comedies on TV right now. It is one of my favorite shows. Even though Ted and Robin aren't together (right now) their friendship and the friendship of the core 5 is awesome and makes the show. Still, I really hope that, even though Robin is not the mother, she and Ted still end up together in the end (i.e. the mother dies, they get divorced, etc.). I really think they should be endgame. I'm with Marshall, it's not over. "Not Yet."
2. Dawson and Joey not ending up together on Dawson's Creek
  • Now I haven't seen a lot of Pacey and Joey together, because I am a diehard DJ fan. However, I do think that they are an okay alternative to DJ being endgame. The problem I have is the way the finale ended things and the route it took. They keep you guessing the whole eppie who she will choose, then they make you think it will be Pacey in the kitchen-spaghetti scene. Fine. But then don't throw that dumb "we are soulmates" crap in there! Sue me, but I think if you are going to call each other your "soulmate" than you should end up together. Whatever.
3. Mike Delfino being killed off Desperate Housewives
  • I find this storyline especially irksome. How dare those writers kill off one half of the main will-they-won't-they couple of the show? Don't get me wrong, I love Carlos and Gabby, and Lynette and Tom (yeah, writers, you screwed that one up, too). But Susan and Mike made the show from the beginning. When they flirted over her terrible mac n cheese in the pilot, you just knew they were going to end up together. That is, until high-and-mighty Marc "I do what I want and what will be cool, not what the fans want," Cherry decided Mike had to go. SERIOUSLY? Even Teri Hatcher is pissed about this. Not cool, dude. 
4. Owen cheating on Cristina on Grey's Anatomy
  • This was just, stupid, unnecessary, and out of character. Don't the writers have enough to do with Owen's PTSD and his disappointment in Cristina not getting an abortion? Can't they have drama over that for a couple of episodes and still come out stronger? I just don't see them recovering from this, which is annoying because Cristina was finally happy for once. This relationship wasn't nearly as destructive as her one with Burke. I am not the biggest Chrisowen (sure?) fan ever, but I personally hate to watch Cristina sob an entire episode. (Seriously, when Sandra Oh cries, it really freaks me out, I don't know why). I guess at least we will get some cute Mer-Cris friendship stuff out of this as Mer attempts to fix her person. But still, stupidd.
5. Lorelai and Christopher getting married on Gilmore Girls
  • This is what happens when the show creator leaves the best show ever in the hands of someone else. UGHHHHH. I literally am still so angry about this, and it happened like 5 years ago. WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY MARRY LORELAI AND CHRIS? It was literally so dumb and just drove Luke and Lorelai together home even more because the second she got home from Paris she looked disappointed with herself. It was just another dumb plot to keep Luke and Lorelai apart for another season. What really got me though, was that we had to sit through that marriage and never even saw Luke and Lorelai get married. All we got was a kiss in the last 5 seconds of the finale and a promise that they would prob be together. Oh, TV writers, sometimes you frustrate me to no end...
Well, this are the five that I came up with right now. I am sure there are more, but right now that's all I got. Clearly, I get irritated when television shows do not go as I have planned. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

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