Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I am Always Going to Think of Now When Watching Old OTH

Thinking back on the last nine years of OTH, so much has changed that I can no longer watch the old episodes about giggling about something that is to come. (And I mean that in a good way). Seriously, after all of the crazy storylines MS has thrown at us, I can't help but laugh at the irony of certain situations. Like...

  • The incestuous relationships. Brooke, Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Haley. They have all been involved at one point or another, and by the end of the series its just comical. Like, hey Sawyer, do you know that Daddy has had sex with your godmother? Lydia, did you know that Daddy slept with Aunt Sawyer and Aunt Taylor? Or my personal favorite: Jimmy-Jam, did you know that Aunt Brooke and Dad had a sex tape in high school? 
  • Sad, lonely, scared and upset Brooke. Oh, Brookie, I just feel so bad for you in the majority of the first seasons. You are adorable and try to be fun, yet the world (meaning the OTH writers) just loves to consistently shit on you. Your best friend constantly cheated on you with your boyfriend. I mean I know Leyton are soulmates or whatever, but still, at least wait until he's done with Brooke. I just want to give you a hug and say "JULIAN IS COMING I PROMISE! HANG IN THERE, B DAVIS!" (Also, have faith because Haley will become your bffl later on and be even better than Peyton ever was.) Still, all of that crap has made you a better friend and mother, so good for you. 
  • CLAY YOU HAVE A SON! (The cutest one ever, too) Seriously, dude, maybe if you spent less time in season 7 hooking up with endless girls and then romping naked on the beach with Quinn, you would remember you had a son. Also, I totes found a continuity mistake when I was rewatching 7x01 the other day. Clay gets on the phone and says "Mom, I'll have to call you back." I'm sorry, but if his mom was really around like that she would totes tell him he has the cutest son ever and reunite them. Sigh, but whatever. 
  • Dan Scott is really a good guy. WHATTT???? Now, whenever I watch an old episode, I can't even hate the man. I try to get angry with him for being a tool, but now all I can picture is his Rambo-ing through the Russian basketball lair. That scene really reminded us all that, just like Brooke said, Dan Scott is a "total DILF."
  • Chris Keller helps save Nate's life. hahahahhahahaha Guess its payback for Season 3. 
  • Skillz and Deb hook-up. In the Scott family pool. HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. Can't look at Deb the same anymore without thinking-dude you had sex with your son's high school friend. Wonder if he told Bevin after they got back together?
So, there are obviously many more and I will update if I can think of some. Gives me another excuse to watch OTH :)

Thanks for reading!

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