Saturday, March 31, 2012

4 Days to Go...Let's Get Crazy

Today we will delve into the world of the psychos and re-visit some of the craziest people ever to enter the town of Tree Hill (for such a small town, there were A LOT).

1. Nanny Carrie: This nanny makes every person you've ever had watch your children look like Nanny McPhee (including the one who got drunk and fooled around in your hot tub with her boyfriend). Seriously, she's bat-sh*t crazy. Nanny Carrie became Naley's nanny at the beginning of season 5. After a few episodes of being a good caregiver, the crazy b*tch pulled the switch and immediately hit on Nathan (bad move number one, nobody messes with Naley love and gets away with it). After shamelessly flirting with her employer became too easy, she then decided to sneak in the shower with him (normal). Now I know what you're thinking, "I've seen James Lafferty, I'd do it too!" And while James has the body of Greek god, there is no excuse for messing with Naley. That was just the beginning, though, because after they fired her, she decided she couldn't be away from Jamie and therefore thought it would be a good idea to kidnap him at the Lindsay-Luke wedding. After Dan saves Jamie and threatens her to kick her ass, it seems that she is gone for good (yeah right, we true fans know that all of the real crazies in OTH need to be shot at least 15 times before they even get knocked over). Messing with her was a bad idea for Dan, as in the finale she runs him down with a car and kidnaps him. Then, she sticks around for a season six storyline that spans wayyy too many episodes and culminates in a cornfield chase with Jamie and Haley. Luckily Deb is there to clobber her with a candestick or something and then when that obviously doesn't work because apparently she's immortal, Dan shoots her multiple times with a gun. Bye bye, Nanny Carrie, you will not be missed.

2. Psycho Fake-Brother Derek: In season 4, Peyton supposedly meets her biological brother, Derek. However, no parents (biological or adoptive) were around to tell her that, to quote Skillz, her brother was "a brother." Therefore, she ends up trusting the wrong guy and it comes back to attack her in her bedroom, lock her in a basement on prom night and then tussle with her and Brooke all throughout casa-a-Sawyer. Finally, after many tazes, gun shots, and falls out of windows later, he is caught by the po-po and put in jail. Oh and Peyton's real broski comes to help save her and then have a little boxing training at his military base. Fun times.

3. Crazy-Katie: Since we hadn't seen a sociopath in awhile and Quay hadn't been fully initiated into the OTH-fam yet (because they hadn't been attacked or had a near death experience), MS decided to write in Crazy-Katie. She is a total stranger that looks exactly like Clay's dead wife (can you say It Takes Two?) and dyes her hair and tries to act like Sarah to woo Clay. Because apparently dressing like a guy's dead wife and re-enacting their wedding is a great way to settle down. After she tries to jump off of a bridge (the one leading from Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach by the way) Clay saves her and she gets carted off to the looney-bin. However, she somehow escapes and returns again in the season 7 finale to shoot both Quinn and Clay (which by the way, I was pumped about because it meant OTH was getting renewed for another season since everyone did not have a happy ending). Anyways, she guns them down and escapes, returning again on a stereotypical dark and stormy night to square off with Quinn (little tip Quinn, hiding under the bed is a bad idea, that's where all of the crazies look first!). They fight awhile and then something happens that I can't remember but she somehow goes away. Cya never, Kate-Kate.

4. Stalker Xavier: This guy attacked Brooke, kidnapped Sam (aw Sam I miss you please come back for the finale), killed Quentin, and attacked Brooke again. After doing the first 3 things, the guy somehow got paroled (well, done Tree Hill cops, although I have no faith in you after that one guy teamed up with the Basketball Mobsters to hurt Nathan). After getting paroled, he stalked the crap out of Brooke and somehow got in their house and held precious baby Davis (ohh I was soooo pissed about this). In the next episode, he tries to kill Brooke and they have a throw-down in the (never-before-seen) parking garage. Luckily, rival-diner girl is there to save the day and taze his ass. He finally gets carted off to prison permanently and we assume he will stay there. Congrats go to Stalker Xavier, though, because you get to hold the title of last-ever OTH crazy. Well done.

Still can't believe the finale is only 4 days away :(. Tune in tomorrow for another post! Thanks for reading!

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