Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh Danny Boy, It Gets Better.

Wow. What a great hour of OTH. Seriously, best episode this season! 

Let's start with the cutest reunion ever. NALEY!
Omg they were adorable the entire eppie. But the reunion. I could not get enough. Neither could Haley apparently since she glued herself to Nathan the entire episode. (Can you blame her, have you seen Nathan??). LOVED the "always and forever" reference. Its been too long since they have said that. I loved how they really showed how much these two need each other.

Also, thoroughly enjoyed when Brooke and Julian went to see them and Brooke was covering her eyes because she just knew they would be making out (Again, clearly Brooke has seen Nathan). The hugging between the 4 of them was precious. 

Speaking of Brooke and Julian, they were adorable all episode long. I love how supportive Julian is of Brooke when her parents are soo not-supportive. Best line he said all episode: "There's not room in my tv show for someone who doesn't love Brooke Davis." (I know, TV SHOW? We'll get to that in a bit). But that line was precious. 

Also precious was the ever adorable Logan, who gave Clay the cutest hug EVER and finally accepted his Dad. I think the combo of the airplane toy and Clay promising him he wasn't going to leave again really won him over. Also cute was the scene with Quinn and Logan. They were precious.y

Now onto Dan Scott. Oh Danny Boy. You finally redeemed yourself with everyone. Including Keith Scott and God apparently, because they both agreed to let you into heaven. The scenes with Dan and Haley, Nate, Deb, and his grandkids were awesome. (Enjoyed the scene with Deb especially because those two are funny). Shout-out to Paul Johannson for a great 9 years, we will miss ya!

Before I get into the specifics that is Julian's tv show (believe me I WILL), I would like to say again that this episode was the best one all season, and in a long time. Why, you ask? Can't say for sure but I would like to point out that this one revolved only around characters with the last names (or affiliations to the last names) Scott, Baker, and Evans. Interesting.....the best episode all year includes only the Scotts, the Bakers, and the Evans....hmmm.....HELLO MARK SCHWANN do you get what I'm saying here?? We do not need all of those extra characters and unnecessary plotlines. Give us our Naley, our Brulian, and our Clinn and we are perfectly happy. Please and thanks.

Now onto the tv show. Wow! Julian creating a tv show about the book Lucas wrote! About the high school years of the kids at Tree Hill High. So, just to clarify, he's basically writing about the teenhood of his friends in Tree Hill. Which takes place on the show One Tree Hill. Filmed in Wilmington, NC. Hmmmm....where have we seen this before. Hmm....

OH WAIT! Didn't another show do a storyline near the series finale where a character creates a TV show about his teenhood with his friends?? Wait wasn't this show also filmed in Wilmington, NC??? That's right folks, and it was called Dawson's Creek. (For those of you who haven't seen (God forbid!) in the series finale of DC Dawson creates a TV show based on his teenhood and his friends' teenhood-titled The Creek). 

Okay I know I just called out MS hardcore. I would like to say that honestly I don't care and think the TV show idea is a good one because I loved the movie idea from season 6 and was sad when they stopped it (btw James Van der Beek aka Dawson was the director on that too). Clearly MS is making a nod to the other Wilmington-filmed show Dawson's Creek. Kudos to him. Just found it amusing that they are doing a similar thing.

Favorite quotes from tonight:
-"Always and forever." (sighh Naley)
-"Work on the clothing line has been kinda slow because I was busy with the Cafe and the a psychopath, and my best friend's husband got kidnapped." (Brooke)
-"You know what's cool, Dad? We both got kidnapped and we both got saved by Grandpa Dan." (Don't know why but roommate and I found this extremely funny and giggled for like 5 minutes, way to find that silver lining, Jamie.)
-"Am I in hell?" (Dan after seeing Deb-funny)

I really did love the episode tonight! Thanks for reading!

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