Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 Tree Hillers Who Have Gone To Heaven

In tonight's featured post, we will honor the Fallen of Tree Hill. But first I want to say that it just hit me that next week will be the last episode of OTH ever, and I am beginning to mourn. Usually at this time of the year we are all saying "suck it, CW, we got renewed." However, this is really it this time and I am extremely sad. Now, onto mocking the dead (television-dead only of course).

1. Keith Scott- We obviously have to open with Keith Scott, because he is awesome and because his death scene has been flash-backed to more than any other scene in television history. Seriously, I have memorized the camera angles for that scene and the evil look on Dan's face. Oh Keith, you have been missed, although not as much as we originally thought since your ghost tends to pop up occasionally (kinda surprised you didn't guide Clay through his near death experience, even though you two had never met because that seems like a MS thing to do). You were a great guy, Keith. From selling your only source of income to pay for Luke's medical bills, to wooing Karen for 3 seasons and finally winning her heart, you were swell. You'll always be remembered, Keith, mostly because Sister and I cannot see lilies without giggling about you.

2. Dan Scott- Congrats on getting on our list Dan (as Keith's plus-one). You were quite the little super-villain there for awhile, bud. Still cannot believe you actually married Rachel? Killing Keith I understand (kidding peeps-relax) but marrying RACHEL? c'monn.  However, you always managed to redeem yourself in the end and NO ONE will ever forget the sweet killing all of the Russian basketball mobsters sequence. (Cue Rambo music). RIP Dan, I'm sure if Naley has another boy his name will be Daniel in your honor (oooohh FLASH-FORWARD PREDICTION-you heard it first here).

3. Quentin Fields- Oh Q, I will be forever grateful to you for teaching Jamie the "Oh Hott Damn" song that inspired many adorable dance parties with the Scott fam. You also helped Nate get back into NBA shape, which led to a sweaty James Lafferty on our screens (Seriously, we all owe ya one).

4. Lydia James- First of all, this woman should be a saint for marrying a man with the same first and last name. Second, I was always pleased with her whenever she visited the Scott fam in Tree Hill. She was a Naley fan through and through, and because of her we got to see the only pseudo-Christmas OTH ever had. Lydia, I was a little bitter toward you for dying and leaving an angry suicidal Haley in your absence; however, all is forgiven since things with Hales are hunky-dory again. Also, your namesake is really cute.

5. Sarah Evans- Sarah, it is hard for me to look at you and not see Crazy Stalker Katie, but I should try harder not to because its not your fault OTH has budget constraints and has to have the same actress play you, nor is it your fault that MS has an affinity for psycho-stalkers. Moreover, we will all always be in your debt for having the cutest kid ever since Jamie Scott season 5, Logan. Seriously, your kid is adorbs. RIP knowing that newly betrothed Clinn (Quay?- still can't decide) will take good care of him.

6. Peyton's dead mom #1: Anna Sawyer. Dear Anna, we never knew you (not even in flashbacks actually, oddly enough), but we did know your curly-haired emo daughter. Oh, and I guess we knew you were a cheerleader and loved a man named Larry. Hope you like heaven and have welcomed the rest of the Tree Hill deceased with open arms! Sorry your kid didn't name her daughter after you! (Bummer).

7. Peyton's dead mom #2: Ellie (What was her last name? We'll just go with Ellie Rocker.) Ellie Rocker birthed the lovely Peyton and gave her up for adoption. However, they reunited in season 3 and hung out, drove the infamous Peyton-mobile in the rain, and went to a few rock concerts. Glad Peyton finally found someone who like the same music as her. Hope you and Anna are rocking out in heaven! (Again, sorry your kid didn't name her daughter after you either).

Thanks for reading! Teaser: Tomorrow's post has to do with the "little people."

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