Tuesday, March 27, 2012

8 Absentee Parents

In honor of 8 days until the OTH finale, I have decided to discuss the 8 Worst Parental Units in Tree Hill. In an earlier blog post I briefly discussed the "loosey-goosey" parenting that appears more often than not in Tree Hill. Here are our winners!

1. The top absentee parent goes to.....drumroll......Peyton's parents! (all 4 of them). Now we won't put much blame on Anna (no not Anna of Felix & Anna, her mom Anna). After all, Anna died in a car accident when Peyton was 8 so she isn't absentee by choice. Peyton's other 3 parents, however, have got some 'splaining to do....We'll start with Larry. Sweet, sweet Larry. Seems like a loving father, but he is gone 99.9% of the time, only returning when his daughter gets attacked or shot. Dear Larry, if your daughter is getting attacked and shot while you're gone you probs shouldn't be gone in the first place. Leaving a normal 16 year old girl at home alone 11 months out of the year seems bad enough, but leaving Peyton "I hate the world and have so many problems" Sawyer alone is close to child-abuse. Then we have Peyton's birth parents: Ellie "I show up out of the blue after 17 years because I am dying" and Mick "I am a cool drunk 24/7 rocker Dad" Wolf. These two are just as bad, not because they didn't check in over the years (because hello that is the definition of a closed-adoption), but because they came back at all. At least we got to see where Peyton got her love of slasher music.

2. James James (still cannot believe that is actually his name, who they hell were his parents, they should be on this list) and Lydia James. These two are very supportive, if not a little kooky and provide a fair amount of amusement when they are onscreen. FOR THE 5 SECONDS THEY ARE AROUND. It literally seems like they were waiting around for their 16 year old to get married to her boyfriend of 3 months so they could drive off into the sunset in their RV. Who does that? First of all, even if they were Naley fans they should have made the kids be engaged for a bit before getting married. Maybe then Haley wouldn't have run off on tour at the first sign of conflict. (That's right James parents, I'm blaming you for the 2nd half of season 2). I don't care how hott Nathan was, at least keep an eye on your 16 year old bride (for at least a few episodes anyway).

3. Dan Scott and Deb Scott. Oh, Danny boy, you are lucky that you live in Tree Hill where the bar of good parenting is set so low that you somehow managed to only be number 3 on our list. First of all you abandoned your first son for 16 years and as Sister wisely points out moved back to the same town where said son and former lover reside. STUPIDDD. There is like 8 people in Tree Hill, you really think you're not going to run into them?? Then there is how you handled Nate. No, you weren't absent ever; you were just crazy and over-bearing. Still, I can't hate on you too much, you ended up being a great Grandpa, and I never speak ill of the dead. RIP. As far as Deb goes, I won't say a thing but allow a quote from Haley to Nathan in season 4 to say it all: "Your mom, the former drug addict, attempted murder who dropped a loaded gun in the cafĂ©?". Well, put, Hales, 'nuff said. 

4. Mr. and Mrs. Davis. Brooke's parents were literally never around in high school. Literally. We did not even see Mrs. Davis until season 5 (after Brooke was 18 btw) and Mr. Davis until season 9. These two were so absent that it was never even mentioned why they weren't around. Case and point. 

5. Mr. and Mrs. Gatina. Rachel's parents. Ditto to the paragraph above, except their daughter was quite the little party-girl slut in high school and could have used a good time out. 

6. Clay and Sarah Evans. Sarah, we don't blame you since you also died unexpectedly a la Anna Sawyer. However, Clay, you forgot your son? Really? How could anyone forget the adorable-ness that is Logan. Seriously that kid is so freakin' cute. At least he finally remembered and can make up for it with good parenting in the next 12+ years. 

7. Mr. and Mrs. Scolnick. Chuck's parents are alcoholic and abusive. That says it all I think. Thank God he has a pseudo-Dad in Chase. 

8. Karen Roe. Only in season 1 when she leaves and goes off to a foreign cooking school (whattttt??? so dumb. MS I know that Moira Kelley had a baby but you totes could've come up with a different storyline). But other than that goof, Karen was the best parent Tree Hill ever saw. Until the Fab 5 grew up and became parents themselves, that is. 


  1. Love it. I read all of your OTH blogs just now after finding them through fanforum Naley spoilers. I also read one of your blogs about PLL which I haven't been able to see alot of since I got so far behind on but will be checking into at some point. Great Blogs you have some interesting thoughts and I can't wait to see what your next topics are as we get close to the series Finale of OTH.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot to me! Glad you're enjoying the blog and the countdown to OTH