Monday, March 26, 2012

9 Days and Counting- What About Love?

In honor of OTH ending, I have decided to do a 9 day tribute with a different topic each day for the last 9 days leading up to the finale. Tonight's topic: What About Love? I have to decided to rank my top fave 9 couples of One Tree Hill (let's see if I can actually come up with 9 haha)

1. Naley: The heart and soul of the show, Tutor Girl and Hott-Asshole turned Sweethart, Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott. Sigh- I could go on forever about these two and their level of precious-ness. They fell in love in season 1 after a beautiful tutoring date on the Riverwalk (who couldn't fall in love in gorgeous Wilmington (er, Tree Hill?). One CrackerJack bracelet, several psychos (of the nanny and tramp variety), one tour gone wrong, two weddings, three dead parents and two beautiful children later, Naley is still going strong. They've survived so much and have done so with an adorable-ness that makes them number 1 in my heart (and each others) (sorry that was cheesy). Always and Forever, Nales.

2. Brulian: Julian "can't high-five without looking awkward" Baker and Brooke Penelope "swore never to love again after Lucas broke her heart" are a close second. These two are so perfect for each other because they both have survived horrible parents and horrible broken hearts. They know how to be there for each other and they always seem to say the right thing to make the other feel better. Julian graced Tree Hill and our screens with his presence starting in season 6, and I have been "on board" (shoutout to sister there) ever since. He has had an ability to understand Brooke that no one else has mastered and his goofy, sweet but awkward personality has been adorbs. Here's to Brulian for making Brooke believe in love again, and having the most adorable twins ever. (Shout-out to my fave Tree Hill bambino- Davis Baker).

3. Clinn (or is it Quay? who knows?) Yupp, I like them better than Leyton, so sue me. Haley's only aforementioned once previously sister and Nathan's hotshot basketball agent joined the OTH fam together in season 7 and within 5 seconds it was obvious to everyone that they would be endgame. (Despite the fact that she was still married. Yeah remember that? Quinn was married to some guy named David who she basically dumped for Clay and then David tried to get revenge by hooking up with sloppy seconds Taylor, but I digress). I have always found these two cute but now that they have the most adorable son ever, Logan, they have moved up on my couple list. (Sorry Leyton, maybe if you had stuck around and I got to see more of Sawyer I would like you better). Congrats, Clay and Quinn for making it through everything you have, including your first Tree Hill psycho-stalker (sorry you guys had to go through that but its like a Mark Schwann hazing ritual or something).

4. Leyton- Lucas "wrong side of the tracks" Scott and Peyton "I hate the world and love black but somehow am a cheerleader" Sawyer have been through a lot. In the first few seasons they secretly hooked up a few times (such as in a hotel room and when she was bleeding in the school library) and then they finally got together at the State Championship b-ball game right before Lucas had a heart-attack (that'll teach you not to waste time, Peyton). Then they almost got engaged a few times, he almost got married, and they finally became endgame. Don't get me wrong, they're cute, I just like the other 3 couples better. But I did enjoy Leyton while we had them (loved their wedding eppie) and wish them all the best in New Zealand (or wherever the hell they are).

5. Mouthie- Marvin "Mouth" McFadden (no not the bar) and Millicent "Millie" Huxtable (no she isn't a Cosby kid). I've always liked these two. They are cute enough that I usually don't get annoyed when they get screen time together (although sister says she has no use for them). Millie is just goofy and nerdy enough to work with Mouth and I'll be happy when they are all lovey-dovey when he is skinny again in the finale.

6. Chia and Chalex: This may seem contradictory but I found Chase cute with both Mia and Alex. I think I probably like him better with Mia, though he and Alex were cute too. Since Jana Kramer is not coming back for the finale (that I know of) I kinda hope that Chia gets another shot (if Kate Voegle comes back).

(This is now becoming difficult)

7. Bevillz (yeah I tried): Skillz and Bevin were hysterical together during high school (who remembers when they were worried about telling their parents about each other because of their bi-racial relationship; and when she "Note-booked" him). Rumor is that Bevin Prince (plays Bevin, in case you didn't deduce that) will be back for the finale so here's to hoping that these two reunite! (for comedic sake).

8. Ummmmm Jamie and Madison? Sureee. They're cute. Go little people!

9. Karen and Keith? Yeah we'll round things out with them. They were extremely cute and were about to make the perfect family (until, you know, his brother shot him in the most-flashbacked to scene ever in OTH) (seriously they show that flashback at least 5 times a year, Craig Shaffer must make bank if he gets royalty rights). But they had their moments, like the only-mentioned once "look for me in the lilies" and when he proposed in the middle of the Cheerleading Competition (or wait-she did) (romantic, Karen).

Well, I managed to do it. The last few were hard. haha thanks for reading and I'll be back tomorrow night!

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