Thursday, March 29, 2012

6 Cutest Kids in Tree Hill

Tonight's blog post, like I teased last night, pertains to the "little people," aka the residents of Tree Hill under 5 feet that have only added to the awesomeness of OTH since they arrived, beginning in season 5.

1. James Lucas Scott. Oh Jimmy Jam, we have all loved you since you first gave angry bearded Daddy Nathan that precious drawing in 5x01. Since then, you have shown wisdom beyond your years 99.9% of the time you have been onscreen and proved once again that children have better instincts about people than adults (after all, only you believed in Dan after all of these years). Some of your best lines are (but not limited to) "What's under all of those clothes Brooke Davis?" "Brooke PENELOPE Davis." "I have a floppy eared bunny named Chester." "I look like a tool." "I didn't like it!!" and my personal favorite: when Brooke asked how old you were in Season 5 and you looked at your fingers and held up 4, all the while continuing to eat your chocolate ice cream cone. Jamie, you have been adorable for 4+ years, shout-out to Jackson for kicking ass onscreen and giving us so many "awww" moments.

2. Logan Evans: Oh Logan, I never thought we would ever see someone as a rival to Jamie's cuteness, but you proved us all wrong. The moment you spoke onscreen (something about a plane), I was hooked, and immediately wanted Quay (yupp decided on that) to adopt you. Little did I know you were actual Clay's son. (Well done, MS). Ever since then, you have been cuter than cute. I have been fans of Quay for awhile, but you and you alone have succeeded in converting many more fans to that couple-dom, so well done. When you stuck your tiny fist in the air with the Green Latern ring to help your Dad propose, you reached new heights of adorability. Here's to hoping you call Quinn "Mom" in the finale, because I would cry of happiness.

3. Davis Baker: You are the cutest little baby I have seen on television in years. You have been so cute all season long, especially in last night's episode when Brooke said "say good job to Daddy" and you babbled into the phone. You are so cute that MS would have had to deal with a very angry Brooke Davis and ME had he hurt you in the infamous car incident or when stalker Xavier came a'calling. I can't wait to see the 5 year old you in the predicted time jump in the finale.

4. Lydia Scott: Oh Lydia Bob, you are cute as well. While it was confusing for awhile there when you were played by 3 different babies who looked nothing alike, I now am pleased that straight-haired version of you has stuck. Your first steps were precious, as well as when you were playing with your animal toys with your Mommy in last night's eppie. You are one lucky girl, Lydia, not only do you have the best and most attractive parents ever, but you have the best big brother. Also, you will never remember the dark days of your Dad's unfortunate long-haired/bearded wheelchair days, or the horrible time when he was kidnapped. Here's to hoping that you have a happy childhood in the Naley household, but we all know you will.

5. Jude Baker: You are quite the cutie as well Jude. I have to say my personal favorite is Davis (don't judge, I am allowed to play favorites they aren't my kids). However, Jude you are cute too and I have to congratulate you on being the first kid in Tree Hill (minus Logan) to not be named after a last name or a dead mom. Wooo hooo! Go Jude, Mr. Original.

6. Sawyer Brooke Scott: Sawyer, for the approximately 20 seconds you were onscreen in the season 6 finale, you were very cute. However, your parents chose to take you away to New Zealand for no apparent reason, so you got put on the bottom of our list. Hope you're having fun down under and riding kangaroos or whatever the hell it is you and your parents are doing there. P.S. Sorry you have a dude's name.

Well that's it for tonight. Sorry for the overuse of "cute" "adorable" and varaitions of such words. But really, how could I not with these cuties? Thanks for reading! Comments are welcome and encouraged!

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  1. Loved it. Jamie is obviously my fave but they are so cute and adorable :D. I understand why you did six but I wish you'd have made Jenny Jagelski an honorable mention. She was our first OTH baby. :D can't wait to read more blogs.