Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: UnmAsked

1. I called it! Totes knew MonA was going to be A just like in the books. For people who are disappointed, think about it. It was too good of a storyline not to use. Plus clearly she's part of some crazy A-team since she had a visitor in the last 5 secs of the episode. I'm sure we'll have a new A next season!

2. SPOBY! Oh my heart. Toby you wonderful man you. Thank you so much for delivering the best line ever to be heard on television "Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever had to do." And then I lost it. (#thatawkwardmomentwhen you're squeeing at the tv and your not PLL fan of a roommate is there) Who care though? What a guy. Seriously cannot stop raving about these two. All along, Toby was working hard to find a way to protect Spencer from A. Only he could convince Dr. Sullivan to come back and help save the girls. I mean who wouldn't listen to that adorable face? And their kiss. The smiling and the adorable-ness was too much to bear. Must. find. on. youtube. asap.

3. #Ezriagoespublic. Yes this was one of the many trends from tonight as Ezra and Aria lose their masks and dance to Lady A (Antebellum, not MonA). That was adorable as well.

4. Maya :(. In a scene exactly like the pilot (clever, Marlene) the girls show up at Ali's old house to find the police carrying Maya's body out. As much as I am indifferent to Maya (don't hate) the sight of Emily crying was veryy sad. Kudos to Shay Mitchell for acting here.

5. Mona, Mona, Mona. You tried but you couldn't outsmart the smartest Liar ever-Spencer. I mean the girl's a freaking genius (just ask her about the Wexley scale or whatever she said in the beginning). Spencer figures it out and cleverly secretly calls the liars and pulls the parking break to stop the car and get out. (Note to self, do that if every kidnapped). Then Mona falls off of the cliff and we think she dies, but really she gets carted off to the insane asylum. Poor girl, I'd feel bad for her if she didn't try to throw Spencer off of a cliff and hurt Hanna that much.

A lot more happened, but I could not cover it all in one blog. It was a mind f*** of an hour.

Other thoughts:

Spencer saying "We're team Sparia" was cute and funny.
Toby, you are adorable and awesome and I still can't stop talking about that kiss.
Great acting by all tonight. Everyone was so good. Thought that Ashley Benson played the shock and sadness Hanna would feel perfectly.
Now I must go back and rewatch the first 2 seasons for hints.

P.S. OMG SPOBY. Still cannot stop squeeing about it.

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