Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Little Liars 2x23, BOOM

Well, after #PLL tonight I am left creeped out and excited for next week. (So the usual).

First of all. TOBY'S BACK! YAYY! My Spoby heart squeed for a sec but then was saddened. (b/c Jenna's back too ugh) Turns out Toby's little hiatus from Rosewood turned him into a scared, angry kid. (sad face). Still, what did we expect? That he and Spencer would run into each other's arms in the hallway at Rosewood High and Jenna would preform their wedding? (if only) Not losing hope on them yet though, especially after that last scene with just the two of them in the hospital. (When Toby asked Spencer if she was okay a part of me died inside). Like helllo, just makeout already.

The most annoying part of tonight's episode was the reappearance of Dr. Wren. Like, is he the only doctor in that hospital?? Why is he always around?? Ughh goo awayy.

In other Rosewood news, Aria has decided to bond with Ali/Vivienne's ex -lover? friend? who knows? And apparently bonding means getting into the tiniest plane ever with a complete stranger who in turn let's her drive the plane. Can't say that that was Aria's best decision, but hey, who am I to judge, nothing bad happened. Maybe if her parents let her date Fitz again, she would be involved in less-dangerous activities, just sayin.'

Turning to the bad things that DID actually happen. Someone (most likely A) lured Jenna into Jason's house for a little smoke out, but Hanna of all people was there to save the day. Everyone's fine, Spencer had a minor cut (ugh cue the Dr. Wren appearance) and Jenna is fine but just scared. I have to say, I actually felt bad for Jenna here for the first time ever. Odd.

Ezra finally grew some balls tonight and mouthed off to Byron, Aria's dad. This was amusing but also scary when you remember that Byron could totes call the cops on him like any second. Oops, watch it there Ezra. Still, happy he called Aria and didn't take the job.

Also, Ali left some sort of trail for them to follow in old newspapers. Huh, very "National Treasure" of you, Al.

Other points of interest:
-I did miss Caleb and the cuteness that is Haleb
-Loved it when Hanna told off Toby. You go girl!
-I didn't really miss Maya, except for the fact that Emily was mopey all eppie long
-Now that Toby's back, the real question is when are we going to see him shirtless again? Bring those abs back out.

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