Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Trips to the Beyond

Tonight's blog post highlights the 5 trips our fave characters have made to either the beyond, an alternate universe, or wherever their little (in Lucas' case literally broken) heart decided to take them while they were in coma-type situations. Let us begin.

1. Nathan (Season 2). After Nathan attempts to commit suicide (I know, bite my tongue!) because Haley abandoned him to go on tour with Chris (SOO DUMBB), he ends up in some sort of alternate universe where he is the boy from the wrong side of the tracks (as if Lucas is really that poor, I mean his bedroom has a separate entrance he and Karen can't be that short on cash). But anyways, in this world he and Haley are besties (though there is clearly something more and a Dawson and Joey type sexual tension in the air). Deb is also "poor" here and runs some sort of restaurant (Deb's Diner I think?). Lucas is the asshole, and I can't remember what Peyton's deal is, but I don't really care so I'll just move on. Brooke is still Brooke though, and attempts to sneak in on Nate in the shower (so funny). I personally enjoyed this episode because it gave us some Naley that we had been sorely lacking in during the "dark days" of season 2.

2. Lucas (Season 4). After the state basketball championship, everyone is getting along like aces. The team has won, Brooke has given her blessing to Leyton, and Naley is happily looking forward to their bambino. So, naturally, everything must be immediately shot to hell. After seeing his bffl (best friend fo lyfe) get run over by an angry basketball better, Lucas has a heart attack. At age 17. Normal, obviously. He then proceeds to have some ghost-like existence throughout the rest of the eppie, where he skulks around with Keith and watches everyone panic about him and Haley. He also enters some sort of alternate universe in which Peyton died in the school shooting and Brooke is now emo and gothic (even in an alternate universe I hated that scenario; happy high school Brooke needs to be decked out in pink and bubbly, dammit!). Still, all was right in the end, as both Lucas and Haley wake up. I found this whole episode kind of dumb, although I am sure Craig Shaffer (Keith) was pumped to have work again.

3. Karen (Season 4). Karen has a brief interlude in the beyond, where she sees their daughter, at this point un-named running through fields of flowers. She then runs into Keith and they have cute moments to appease the 4 Keith/Karen fans out there. Then he tells her to look for him in the lilies, which I still, to this day, don't get. But whatevs, she wakes up and names the baby Lily. Moving on.

4. Quay (Season 7). Quinn and Clay have a lovely time in the beyond and use their time their to have sex in the ocean and lay naked on the beach. However, soon they realize that they are dying and aren't on a freakin' vaca to Cabo and things turn sour. They must figure out to get back to the real world. They take a nice stroll through the Arlie Gardens before Quinn makes it back, wakes up, and leaves Clay to fend for himself. This storyline was acceptable for approximately 5 minutes, then it just got stupid because we all knew their bodies were bleeding in his house for hours and hours and no one noticed and Quinn and Clay were too busy getting frisky on the beach to notice, either.

5. Clay (solo this time, also Season 7). After Quinn leaves him, Clay remains in the beyond solo, for I believe multiple episodes? So dumb. However, we all get a nice PSA about not driving while texting when he meets a man who had that fate in the beyond. Because apparently it gets lonely there and you can find people to chat with (on the roof of Clothes Over Bros, no less). However, Clay finally wakes up and gets better, sleepwalks for awhile, finds his son, proposes to Quinn, and they all live happily ever after.

That's all folks! Tune in tomorrow, where we will take a walk on the crazy side! Kisses!

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