Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just When You Thought He Couldn't Outdo the Last 9 Years....OTH Recap

Well, Mark Schwann, you have officially outdone yourself. Just when we all think we have seen the craziest episode of O.T.H. ever, (i.e. school shooting, Crazy Nanny Carrie) you surpass that all and come up with 45 minutes of mind blowing-awesomeness.

First of all: JAMES IS BACK! YAYYY I missed James Lafferty's beautiful face. Second,  Dan, Chris Keller, and Julian= brilliant. Those three were so funny. Especially the target practice scene. As sister eloquently texted me, "Austin is sexy with a gun." (Well, Austin is sexy always, but yes packing weapons does add to his hottness.

Dan sends Julian home "because he has a family," but makes Chris Keller stay because he called shotgun. Oh, so punny, Dan. Dan is really good at running things and plotting (sister points out: "he learned a lot during his time in the slammer"). Chris is able to create a diversion (by running a car into the building and the guy who made the Kim Kardashian reference) and then runs off, because he is, after all, Chris Keller. Then Dan infiltrates the building and acts like he is a freakin' Halo game and starts taking out Russian basketball mobsters left and right.

Cut to the head Russian Basketball Mobster, who doesn't waste any time shooting what we believe to be Nathan (cue me screaming profanities at the television). However Dan gets him out (unrealistically fast-points out sister) and the two plan their escape. Dan finally ends up taking a bullet for Nate (which I def called) and gives him the gun to shoot the head Russian Basketball Mobster (I know, SERIOUSLY?).

Then the cutest part of the episode happens when Sensitive Julian himself appears and saves Nate from the evil collaborationist cop. (Cue me cheering "YAYYY JULIAN!") at the TV.

Meanwhile, it seemed to be a pretty violent evening in Tree Hill, because Brooke has an extremely scary scuffle with stalker Xavier in a never before seen parking garage. Prior to this, we always have seen characters park on the street. However, as sister points out, "Must have been crowded that day." [By the way a parking garage is right across from where they filmed Karen's cafe, it is where the actors' trailers were kept on location. Know this from when i visited Wilmington 2 summers ago :) ]. Anyways, Brooke ends up okay when Tara tazes stalker Xavier. The two then bond over their hate over the other's coffee.

Haley was barely in this one, just remembering sad flashbacks of her and Nathan. While I enjoyed watching Nathan's speech from Season 4, all I could think about was that Joy was probs watching the Season 4 OTH dvd and just pictured Mark Schwann like popping it in the dvd player. haha.

Oh and Clay and Quinn were skulking around graveyards. Nice, but I want Logan back.

Did I forget anything? OH WAIT! STUPID MARK SCHWANN WITH THE STUPID CLIFFHANGER! I was extremely upset (cue more yelling at the tv) when we didn't see anything else but Haley answering the phone. Sister and I have decided that we better get an adorable Naley reunion scene next week. If we don't I am sure there will be more yelling at the TV and I will NOT be happy.

Still, Nathan's finally back, stalker Xavier's gone, and no one hurt sweet little Davis Baker. Thank God.

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