Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh no they didn't! : Unnecessary Moments on One Tree Hill

I love One Tree Hill. Really I do. A girl doesn't own all of the seasons of a show and take a special trip to Wilmington, NC for a show she just likes. But, I also love poking fun at One Tree Hill. It's fun to love, and fun to make fun of. That is why I have composed this list of REALLY? moments that I can't believe actually happened.

1. Peyton and Lucas naming their DAUGHTER Sawyer (6x24). I mean, come on. Jamie works because he's a boy and that was the first time they did it. I'll even give them Davis, because it works as a boy's name. But Sawyer? For a girl? Poor kid.

2. Having a dog eat Dan Scott's  new heart (6x18). Like, they couldn't use some normal medical reason for not getting him a new heart? Like, the family decided not to donate? Nope, instead a stoned dog has to come into the hospital, cause some guy to trip, spilling the heart on the floor, and the dog eats it. Never mind the plausibility errors here (the cooler would totes be locked, there would never be a dog in the ER like that, and I'm sure that the doctors do not carry the organs just in unauthorized areas like that).

3. The whole storyline with Peyton's dad. 1. The fact that he was a sailor. 2. The fact that he left his high school aged daughter alone at home for long periods of time to fend for herself. I mean it'd be different if she had friends with parents who we're loving, supportive and stable and would let her crash there (i.e. Emily staying with Hanna and her mother on Pretty Little Liars). But. none of Peyton's friends have parents who are around. Come to think of it, what kind of loosey goosey parenting takes place in Tree Hill? I'm going to come out and say that Karen is the only real stable parent in the town. Let's take a closer look:

  • Peyton: Dad- off at sea (see above). Mom (s)- deceased. 
  • Brooke: Dad- God know's where. Mom- God know's where. (Until season 5 when she appears, after Brooke is over the age of 18, makes a lot of sense). 
  • Haley: Her parents are super nice and supportive Naley fans (aren't we all). But letting your 16 year old marry some guy she's been dating for all of 3-5 months and then setting off on a cross-country RV trip does not seem like A+ parenting. 
  • Nathan: Dad- Crazy, horrible father (until last episode of course). Mom- kind of a drunken slut (no offense, Deb.)
So, we can all see that the parenting in Tree Hill is severely lacking. Back to my list.

4. Deb sleeping with Keith (1x22). Not out of character for her (see drunken slut sentence above), but completely out of character for him. And stupid. 

5. Haley leaving Nathan and going on a rock tour with Chris Keller to find herself (2x13). Sooooo dumbbb. We totes did not need Haley to pull a Joey Potter and leave the love of her life to go "find herself." (See Dawson's Creek, season 2). The worst part was when Nate gets all romantic and shows up to surprise her and she is horrible to him. This storyline really ruins season 2, which I like to call the dark days and refuse to watch unless forced. Also, I am especially ticked because this storyline made Nathan break the adorable "Wedding Wall" and burn their first wedding pics. Highly unnecessary. 

6. The whole betting on basketball with Daunte and the weird basketball betting lords (4x6). This storyline was stupid and implausible. First of all, who bets on high school basketball games??? Second of all, Rick Fox your career must have really been in the tubes if you decided to guest star on OTH. 

7. Karen naming her baby Lily (aren't there enough of those on TV?) and saying it was because Keith told her to look for him in the lilies. When did Karen and Keith EVER reference lilies in their relationship before?!? Like when? Would make sense if he always bought her lilies or something, but he never did. Whatever. 

8. Emo Season 5 Nathan. Enough Said. (Especially because they made James have that awful beard and long hair). 

9. Nanny Carrie. Enough said. Love Torrey DeVitto though.

10. And finally, the crazy Nate getting kidnapped by Russian Basketball Mobsters (Season 9). But, I've already written about that (see my "Dear Mark Schwann" letter).

Still, despite all of these REALLY?! storylines, I love me some O-T-H. Don't know what I would do without it and will be sad when its gone :(. 

I'll be blogging about more OTH stuff as things with the show begin winding down. Thanks for reading! 

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