Monday, March 12, 2012

Follow Me and End Up Like Me (Um, no.)

Oh Pretty Little Liars, you have gone above and beyond in your ability to creep the hell out of me tonight. I will be recollecting that "Follow Me and End Up Like Me Scene" for a long time. (Marlene King if I have nightmares tonight I am totes blaming you).

But first I have to have a little Lorelai Gilmore-type rant:
Dear People who yelled at me over Twitter tonight for tweeting during the episode,
  I totally understand if you can't watch because you are doing hw. That being said, if you are doing hw, get off Twitter and do it! Maybe if you could time manage better you would be watching and tweeting along with me instead of yelling at me for tweeting.

P.S. I wasn't tweeting anything that spoiled anything so back off.
P.P.S. This doesn't include my friend Kristin because I know you were kidding.

Rant over. Now onto the recap. (book and show spoilers lie ahead).

First of all, no Spoby minus one look by Spencer :(. Still, no Wren either, so I'll take it. Especially since Marlene King tweeted about an awesome kickass Spoby kiss next week.

Second, MonA is so obviously A and they are making us think its Melissa to throw us off. Happened in the book and is going to happen again. Second, its obvious that Garrett, Melissa, Ian, and Jenna did not kill Ali since she was killed in the woods and they were all in her room that night. Exhibit A (pun intended)= alibi.

Speaking of Jenna, I now official think she is the coolest person ever. Okay I really don't but I admire the hell outta her for convincing everyone she's still blind because that was just awesome. And I do believe that she does forgive the Liars; I think she is just trying to get some weird revenge on Garrett. Also she's not A either. Hello, red herring.

Ezria- sad. Aria was being a little dramatic though and trying to blackmail her parents was too far. There was no need to hurt her mom like that.

MonA gave Hanna an old cell phone and I bet anything that that's how Hanna figures out she's A. She prob finds old A texts or something on it.

Now to the creepy as all hell doll shop. The owner is apparently in cahoots with A (MonA) and MonA is paying her to help her creep the girls (AND VIEWERS) out. Also she is paying the weird ass kid in lollipops. Who, by the way was def talking about Noel and MonA when he said a couple with dark hair came into the shop.

Back to the creepy part, the combo of doll-lady and MonA def skeezed me out. Big time. And now I feel the need to lecture our Pretty Little Liars. Girls, if some sketchy doll is telling you to follow it in a creep Exorcist (just saw this movie for the first time this weekend and ew) voice. DON'T FOLLOW IT! Like hello have you learned nothing by being stalked for the past year! Run Away! Fast!!!!!! But alas, they don't (of course), and we are all left feeling scared as hell.

My last point before next week. Assuming MonA is A and the show continues to follow the book path (which I think they should because its sooo goood- seriously after I finished the 8th book I could not sleep that night), then it is actually Ali they all have been "seeing." Spencer scene-the door wide open, the pills gone, obvious. It's def Ali (Real Ali, not Courtney.) And if you don't know what I'm talking about then read the books because its too long to explain here.

Mmk, that's it for the night. Prediction for next week: MonA goes away (dies?) next week and new A (Real Ali) begins texting them at the very end and everyone is left with a nice WTF moment to tide them over until the summer season begins. Also, I am pumped for some Spoby love next week. Woooo hooo.

Thanks for readin'!

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